I'm stuck on "Loading workspace Data"

Published by CDTheBest on
Issue description

Whenever I start M creator I get stuck on Loading workspace data

Issue comments

Try to reinstall MCreator. You most likely forcefully closed it or your computer crashed while MCreator was open. If you have a workspace with mod elements, go to <intall dir>/forge/.mcreator and you can find backups folder there. Replace your workspace.mcreator with one of the backups to restore the mod.

I made a mod and I'm making another, but one day in the middle of the process the light went out, 
when it came back I tried to start the Mcreator and it wouldn't let me, I followed your instructions and it still doesn't load, 
it stays on the screen load "Loading UI Theme" 
and that I leave it for 2 hours, what do I do