Loot And Ore 2: Clash Of Dimensions

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So apparently the not so well known and very low loot and ore mod has got a seqeul. I don't know why and how but I did. As In the name this mod is about to diemensions The Overworld And The Nether And there are two boss overlords The Overworld Overlord and The Nether Overlord. You also have staffs wich are really powerful you can get. This mod has a lot of content now but isn't very well known wow!

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LootAndOre1.2.jar - First Release Hope You Like It!338.28 KB

Hello Everbody I have The Updates For THis Mod And The 3rd Version Of It All Planed Out!

If The Boss Spawning Is Broken I Have Plans TO Fix And Update This Mod To The Latest Version!

Cool mod! You make a little error in your title: is dimension not diemension.