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Whether you want to spy on your friend's house on a server, or you want to keep an eye on your village, CCTV Craft will provide you the tools to watch whatever you want anywhere you want. We have used MCreator to make this complex mod from the ground up. The mod is maintained by NorthWestTrees Gaming. Currently we have limited feature but we plan to add more content and release stable builds as the development goes on.

CCTV Craft Pages

Below are other forum topics that have more information on them about our mod.

Official Sites

CCTV Craft - Project Page

Planned Features

Overview 1.2.0 - Next Update


 Router    Routers will allow you to set PIN Codes to your devices. 
 Server   Servers will allow you to turn off or on all connected devices on that network. 
 Monitor   Monitors allow you to view cameras.
 M.D.C.   M.D.C. will allow you to connect more than one device.
 Camera   Cameras allow you to remove view locations in adventure mode.

Basic Camera Setups

 Setup 1   Router   Server   Monitor   M.D.C.  Camera(s) (1 - 4) 
 Setup 2  Router  Server  Monitor     Camera (1)
 Setup 3    Server  Monitor   M.D.C  Camera(s) (1 - 4)
 Setup 4    Server   Monitor    Camera (1)

PIN Codes

Pin codes use a 5 slot system that can accept any wool kind and will store that wool type to a variable number which is the same number your pin for that slot will use.

Devices will be able to use router PIN Codes to sync all devices on the network easily, the device needs to be unlocked first.

Unlocking the device will allow the block to be able to function and or change / add / or remove pin codes.

Router Settings

 Unlocked   if the block is unlocked people can change the settings or link to the block.
 Locked  If the block is locked it will prevent people from changing the settings or linking to the block. 
 Public   Public mode will change all devices on the network to public allow them for public use.
 Private  Private mode will allow you to keep your devices save and not allow people to use them.
 PIN  Allows you to unlock or lock the device. 

Device Settings

 Unlocked   if the block is unlocked people can change the settings or link to the block.
 Locked  If the block is locked it will prevent people from changing the settings or linking to the block. 
 Sync PIN   Uses the router PIN Code
 PIN  Allows you to unlock or lock the device. 


BLOCK | Routers

This will allow to PIN Code your devices, lots of work is going into making this system I have run into some speed bumps along the way but am doing my best to get the pin code system working.



BLOCK | Servers

Currently its going to be a required block to pass variables to sub-devices and act as an updater block to notify all other connections.



BLOCK | Multi-Device Connector

This will link a few blocks together to be used in a parent block for example a block like a CCTV monitor that connects to a M.D.C. then to up to 4 cameras will allow for multi-camera viewing from the same monitor.



MECHANICS | Multi-Camera Support

This update will add support for viewing up to four cameras per monitor. This means you will be able to switch between more then one camera using the NUM 9 and NUM 3 Keys.



ITEM | Link Remote

There will be a new way to link the devices together in 1.2.0, I am reworking the mechanics over again. There will be a "Add", "Remove" and "Clear" mode.


Camera Controls

Use the following keys to control cameras when your viewing them.

Stop Viewing Camera

Press "Numpad 7"

Rotate Camera Right

Press "Numpad 6"

Rotate Camera Left

Press "Numpad 4"

Rotate Camera Up

Press "Numpad 8"

Rotate Camera Down

Press "Numpad 2"

Next Camera (Planned for 1.2.0)

Press "Numpad 9"

Previous Camera (Planned for 1.2.0)

Press "Numpad 3"

Known Issues

No known issue at this time.

Videos and Tutorials

CCTV Craft: How to use the mod | 1.0.0

Tutorial 1



CCTV Craft | Beta 1.1.0 | Forge 1.14.4 / 28.2.16

  • Added | Vyper Camera 1900 Camera View Overlay
  • Texture | Silico Cobalt Chip has been re-textured!
  • Bug Fix | "F5 Bug" due to using the wrong NBT element. (Same issue as the "Camera Pitch Bug")
  • Bug Fix | Potential exploit from Spectator, Now uses adventure with potion effects of invisibility.
  • Bug Fix | "Variable Names" all variables now use "cctvcraft" before there tag or name so its more compatible with mods.

CCTV Craft | Beta 1.0.0 | Forge 1.14.4 / 28.2.3

  • Added | Silico Wireless Receiver (Crafting Item)
  • Added | Silico Cobalt Chip (Lowest Tier Crafting Item)
  • Added | Centro Monitor 2000 (Lowest Tier Monitor)
  • Added | Vyper Camera 1900 (Lowest Tier Camera)
  • Added | Viewing Mechanics to the camera and support for future cameras and monitors.
  • Added | Key binds to move camera and point the direction to view the camera.

Yep! Still lots to do for this complex mod XD. I will be coming out with a tutorial on Wed for this version, at the moment I am working on the router and pincode system, I think I figured out a way to set the pincode so now its just to prevent people from getting access if the pincode is set oh and a way to set the blocks pin code XD that's important too, I may make some minor changes to how blocks are linked maybe using an item would be better then shift clicking we will see...

How did you make the cameras work? I've always wondered how to do it. Nice mod!

Thank's its coming along quite well.

I have a working PIN Code system set up, I have to make the monitors work with it but cameras have PIN Codes now with a 1,048,576 combination system it should work fine for servers I have done some testing and it should not have any problems with linking cameras and provide a security on servers if people want to protect there devices from being linked.