Published by dansamy on Sat, 04/04/2020 - 12:28
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1000 downloads! THANKS!!!

Thanks everybody for your 1000 downloads! im really happy that one mod of mine manages to get that much people playing with it, and i can´t really thank you enough!

Anyways, the description continues down here 

No it doesn´t, past me.

 I want to thank everybody. Those are 2.000 right there! I can´t tell how i did this and im so amazingly greatful, for remembering this mod makes me happy :). Cant make an image right now, but when i can i will. Also, i want to remind you that this mod accepts ideas, dont be scared of writing down there a new disaster to make crazy destruction!

A lot of thanks and Happy Christmas!

Now the description does continue

Still doesn't hahaha

Anyways, this is incredible: 3.000 downloads?!?!

I can't let this pass by like the 2.000, so here we go... I'm making an update! Please, deposit your disaster ideas down below in the comments. As always, they will all be customizable with your own blocks, even modded ones. So there we go, please this time do say ideas, cuz otherwise I'm not gonna be able to do anything.

A lot of thanks! Here is the description.

Ever wanted to destroy the world with a lot of stuff that makes natural disasters happen? Well, that´s a bit scary, but this is the mod you are searching for?








DROUGHT GENERATOR (its a little laggy so be careful)


THEN THE VOID, SPACE AND BLACK HOLE BLOCKS (they dont have anything special, just some blocks to make your disasters look cool :3)


If you ask me for my favourites, then they are the meteor generator and the volcano generator. They were so simple to make and they look awesome!


I hope you liked this mod, and that you use it in minigames or other things (i dont recomend it for a survival). Press the upvote button, althoug i dont know what it does, and comment if you want to ask something :D


If someone wants to know how to make a tsunami, then they only need to ask and i´ll tell them, but please if you publish the mod put my account in the description or in the ¨Proyect roles¨

Thanks! Hope you enjoy!

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Please, the people that have already downloaded the mod, can you rate the mod or say what you like and what not? it would really help me for making mods

Good mod :)
Do the disasters happen naturally or do you have to to trigger them using the blocks?

Thanks! Well, the disasters have to be triggered by the blocks, and also you have to change the material you want the disaster to be made out of. But, now you say, wouldnt be nice to make a volcano biome that erupts in a very random moment? It is a really nice idea!, maybe i make a update

Uh ... Is it normal for the tsunami generator to cause shade? (And lag too :)

Hello :3, im back here to say thanks to all of you. Those are 152 downloads!!! Thats incredible and im really excited that you guys liked my mod that much! Now, i said that i wanted to make a update, and with all of this stuff is happening in the world because of COVID-19 I have been very bussy. But i will try to make It! If you want to tell me an idea for a natural disaster, put It on the comments. I already have an idea for the update, and i really Hope you like It as much as you did with the mod itself. Thanks again!