Art of energy

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WE HIT 100 DOWNLOAD !!!! thxs to the guys who downloaded


first of all, i suggest to play with keep inventory on with this mod, cuz you just can't imagine the number of times your are goona die beacause of supergen and energen


Art of energy is a smal project i started alone, its not finished, and its only 25% of the entire mod, i just posted it to have some feed back on it.


the entire mod is around one thing, the energen ore. when you have energen shards in your inventory you take damage, to stock it you can, put it into an energen container, discover what energen can provide to you, its powerful, but if you give it to the wrong person, things gonna go boom boom.


this mod also give a lot more functionalitites to Gold, a lot of crafts in this mod require at least one gold thing.



charging table recipe :



energen containers recipe (when empty its uselesss, but if you charge it, or super charge it, its become very useful for crafts !) :



when you see this GUI, that mean you have to charge it in the charging table !

filled energen container recipe



super filled energen container recipe



Energen bomb recipe (the energen bomb does not deal damage to the player who throws it, perfect for mining or for finding netherite) :





Energen pickaxe (the energen pickaxe when not activated is bad, but when activated to the max, its better than netherite !)



charged energen pickaxe recipe


super charged energen pickaxe recipe




energen swords (the max stage of the sword is better than netherrite but the attack speed is slow !) :



charged energen sword recipe


super charged energen sword recipe



amplification crystal (used to upgrade th energen bomb)



energen core (powerful energy source for powerful things)



Hell's Bomb (i think the name talks about itself)




angelic bomb :

makes the ennemy believe he can fly !



golden armor upgrades :







how to apply upgrade to armor :



energetic batle axe, right click on ground to ground slam



right click in the air to enalbe, fast transportation for 2 seconds

right click on the ground to make epic ground slam (caution cuz the ground slam can kill you)

Energetic Hammer :

mines stone 3x3 (only when activated)

charging recipe


energetic blaster right click in air to fire, some times can overheat an 

lunch an energen at you (totaly a feature and not a bug i can't fix)


iron casing (for energetic bullets)



energetic bullets (ammo for energetic blaster) :



2 new mobs :

energex, agressive mob, slaps you, drops energen at his death 




its like energex but blue and strong (THIS is called INOVATION)



replaced the wither effect energen does by Overvoltage effect :

added new effect for when you have supergen in inventory (kills 4 times faster than energen)

Modification files
Art Of Energy V1.2.3.jar - yo yo, new guys over hereUploaded on: 11/07/2023 - 19:49   File size: 570.39 KB
V1.2.2.jar - this is mostly a bug fixes updateUploaded on: 11/04/2023 - 15:35   File size: 540.24 KB
Art Of Energy V1.2.1.jar - best update for nowUploaded on: 11/02/2023 - 21:22   File size: 500.83 KB
Art Of Energy V1.2.2.jar - first version ever (not fake)Uploaded on: 11/07/2023 - 19:49   File size: 540.24 KB


new energex texture

deleted energexon

added supergex

added energetic hammer mines in a 3x3 area



added new effect : 


fixed bug :

energexon that spawns only in end

fixed energex knock back issue

fixed misc  :

placed items that should be in the mod tab, in the mod tab

fixed resistance effect that the upgraded golden chest plate gives

fixed speed effect that upgraded golden leggings gives

now every weapon that is charged, gives Overvoltage for a short time



added new mobs :



added new effect :


added new weapon :

batle axe

energetic blaster

V1.2.0 - not avaliable (cuz like... breh, i added only 3 things, who would download this thin)

added armor upgrades

upgraded armor

charging station


V1.1.0  :

added all the basic items :

energen shard

energen ore

energen containers (tier 0, 1 and 2)

comrpessed energen

energen bomb

energen pickaxe (tier 1, 2 and 3)

energen sword (tier 1, 2 and 3)

energetic amplification crystal

aplified energen bomb

hell's bomb

energen core

supergen ore

supergen shard



O:, Really nice textures! Sadly, i can't test the mod cuz my computer can't run minecraft 1.19.4 :/

Update is out ! version 1.1.0 is now out and att sum things like MORE BOMBS

nice textures ! good colour scheme, you could work on the shape and the contrast