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Minecraft Forge mod
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this modification adds improved tool/weapon hilts, so that instead of just using sticks you may now use stone, iron, diamond ,gold, Emerald, sandstone, Obsidian, Lapis and Redstone

and more to come in the future.

     Tool durability                                                   Hilt Durability adds    

Glass tools-          20                                             Glass hilt-            N/A

Gold Tools-           33                                             Gold hilt-            -10%

Wooden tools-      60                                             Wooden hilts-      0

Sandstone tools-  125                                           Sandstone hilt-    16

Stone tools-          132                                           Stone hilt-            18

Glowstone tools-  138                                           Glowstone hilt-     N/A

Lapis tools-           158                                           Lapis hilt-              24

Quartz tools-         235                                           Quartz hilt-           N/A

Redstone tools-     220                                          Redstone hilt-       40

Iron tools-              251                                           Iron hilt-                48

Emerald tools-      1135                                          Emerald hilt-         284

Diamond tools-     1562                                         Diamond hilt-        375

Obsidian tools-     3452                                         Obsidian hilt-        848

Flint tools-            144                                            Flint hilt-               N/A

Prismarine tools-  174                                           Prismarine hilt-     N/A

Purpur tools-         92                                             Purpur hilt-            N/A

Endstone tools-    503                                            Endstone hilt-        N/A

Netherrock tools-  79                                             Netherrock hilt-      N/A

Netherite tools-     2032                                         Netherite hilt-          N/A


also an upgrade/downgrade system...  (I will work on this after I finish all the tool hilts)

this mod is not finished so there is a lot more that will be added later (hopefully)

so please tell me what you think of what I have so far


-Also don't forget to check out the experimental tab in creative to see some ideas I have had. (these are may or may not's)


-Still A work in progress 

I hope you like this mod, I put a lot of work and time in to making it.
if you have any questions or suggestions ill be glad to hear them.

well made! I will for sure include this in my (unofficial) modpacks. did you make all items manually and the textures as well?
- upvoted

Nice mod its really cool! It would be cool of some of the items with different hilts had special abilities!

I gave my upvote, this mod has a lot of potential and I'm looking forward to seeing what you're going to do, great job :D

It seems as a potentially nice mod :)
As I'm a really fussy person, I just want to tell you that "then" means something different, and I think u meant "than" (I'm talking about the name of the mod). As I said - I'm fussy so don't take it too personal :v
If you want to be a proffesional, u gotta have a proffesional vocab ;pp