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this modification adds improved tool/weapon hilts, so that instead of just using sticks you may now use stone, iron, diamond ,gold, Emerald, sandstone, Obsidian, Lapis, Redstone , Quartz and Copper

and more to come in the future.

     Tool durability                                                   Hilt Durability adds    

Glass tools-          20                                             Glass hilt-            N/A

Gold Tools-           33                                             Gold hilt-            -10%

Wooden tools-      60                                             Wooden hilts-      0

Sandstone tools-  125                                           Sandstone hilt-    16

Stone tools-          132                                           Stone hilt-            18

Glowstone tools-  138                                           Glowstone hilt-     N/A

Lapis tools-           158                                           Lapis hilt-              24

Quartz tools-         235                                           Quartz hilt-           44

Redstone tools-     220                                          Redstone hilt-       40

Iron tools-              251                                           Iron hilt-                48

Emerald tools-      1135                                          Emerald hilt-         284

Diamond tools-     1562                                         Diamond hilt-        375

Obsidian tools-     3452                                         Obsidian hilt-        848

Flint tools-            144                                            Flint hilt-               N/A

Prismarine tools-  174                                           Prismarine hilt-     N/A

Purpur tools-         92                                             Purpur hilt-            N/A

Endstone tools-    503                                            Endstone hilt-        N/A

Netherrock tools-  79                                             Netherrock hilt-      N/A

Netherite tools-     2032                                         Netherite hilt-         N/A

Copper tools-        204                                           Copper hilt-            36

Bone tools-           64                                              Bone hilt-                N/A

Amethyst tools-    170                                            Amethyst hilt-         N/A


also an upgrade/downgrade system...  (I will work on this after I finish all the tool hilts)

this mod is not finished so there is a lot more that will be added later (hopefully)

so please tell me what you think of what I have so far


-Also don't forget to check out the experimental tab in creative to see some ideas I have had. (these are may or may not's)


-Still A work in progress 

Modification files
Better then sticks 1. 18. 2 (v.14).jarUploaded on: 01/02/2023 - 19:11   File size: 3.22 MB
Better then sticks 1. 18. 2 (v.15).jarUploaded on: 01/06/2023 - 15:09   File size: 3.5 MB

I hope you like this mod, I put a lot of work and time in to making it.
if you have any questions or suggestions ill be glad to hear them.

well made! I will for sure include this in my (unofficial) modpacks. did you make all items manually and the textures as well?
- upvoted

Nice mod its really cool! It would be cool of some of the items with different hilts had special abilities!

I gave my upvote, this mod has a lot of potential and I'm looking forward to seeing what you're going to do, great job :D

It seems as a potentially nice mod :)
As I'm a really fussy person, I just want to tell you that "then" means something different, and I think u meant "than" (I'm talking about the name of the mod). As I said - I'm fussy so don't take it too personal :v
If you want to be a proffesional, u gotta have a proffesional vocab ;pp