Redstone and Iron

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Minecraft Forge mod
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This mod has alot of Inventions that will help you in your survival 

There is:


Auto LumberJack:Grow and Mine trees

Laser Extractinator:Turn Granit-Diorite-Andesit into something useful

Improved Laser Extractinator: Granit-Diorite-Andesit into something More useful

Improved Pickaxe:Mine and Melt

ChainSaw: Better than Axe

Engine: for Crafting

And More Comeing soon...: for update

Leave your ideas in the comment below and thanks for downloading this mod

(Instead use Jei mod)

Modification files
Redstone and Iron (v1.0).jar - R.A.I Alpha V1.0111.36 KB

hi .. i have released my project files if you want to look.
can inspire you.