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This mod adds an expansive, fleshed-out aquatic dimension with unique biomes, challenging bosses, lengthy series of progression, and overall difficulty curve extending far beyond the scope of vanilla. It's designed to be playable from scratch - with everything you need being obtainable within the dimension - and it can be quickly accessed depending on the player's luck finding a heart of the sea.

Like many of us, before Minecraft's Aquatic Update was released, I felt that Minecraft oceans could use an overhaul. Ideas that I initially had back in 2014 slowly built up over time, and after discovering MCreator I tried to begin working on this mod in 2016. Some things fell through, however; I felt like I didn't have enough to work with, and I later abandoned the project.
I came back to it in early 2020 and thought I'd give it another shot. After a lot of brainstorming- and inspiration from the Aquatic Update itself, I felt like I was finally prepared. And now, two and a half years of on-and-off development, I present Aquatic Craft!


Please note that Minecraft 1.18's terrain generation results in unintentional and seemingly uncontrollable terrain within the Aquatic Dimension. (Mob animations also broke.) The mod was balanced around prior generation settings and is best played in 1.15 or 1.16. If you want to experience the mod as intended, I highly suggest the most recent 1.16 version!



This mod consists of two new dimensions, which themselves contain:

  • 10 unique biomes, as well as 3 sub-biomes
  • A sea level of y=128,
  • 90+ blocks - including stairs, slabs, and walls for 3 different stone variants,
  • 300+ items - including 90 status effect fish (counting both raw and cooked),
  • 18 armor sets - each with a set bonus,
  • 13 weapon/tool sets - most come pre-enchanted,
  • 19 ranged weapons - including 8 tiers of tridents,
  • 25 off-hand "trinkets" - which provide a variety of effects when held,
  • 9 fishing rods - along with a whole new fishing system! (details below),
  • 120+ mobs (excluding those aforementioned fish - which aren't mobs),
  • 18 bosses - 4 being minibosses,
  • Technically 8 new status effects, (details below)
  • And environmental hazards! (details below)

More internally speaking, there are also:

  • 390+ procedures,
  • 640+ recipes - including 175+ recipes for craftable spawn eggs and 135 recipes for different ways of cooking all those fish!
  • 150+ advancements,
  • And a whopping 2,000+ total mod elements!

(I do intentionally want to be a little stingy on details regarding exactly what all is in the mod, since I'd like to give players the joy of discovering things for themselves.
If there are any questions, however, I will be happy to answer them.
I tried to keep things pretty intuitive, but I will also describe anything important that you may want to know before getting your feet wet, in the "Good to know" section below.
By all means play how you want, but I highly suggest playing through the mod in survival mode before playing around with things in creative!)


Getting there:

The portal to the aquatic dimension consists of just a single block, which when right-clicked will transport you between dimensions.

All you need to craft this portal is some iron, glass, prismarine crystals, and a heart of the sea. Acquiring a bucket of water will start a short series of advancements to guide you towards creating a portal and will grant you the recipe to craft one.

In order to make things a little more beginner-friendly, there are "prismarine fish" that spawn in the Overworld at depths of y=45 or below. Locating these will require finding a deeper ocean or some underwater caves, but should prove more convenient than seeking out and defeating guardians.

Lastly, while I haven't made the process of acquiring a heart of the sea any simpler, if you weren't aware, you are able to feed dolphins raw fish and they'll lead you towards the nearest underwater chest - if there are any within their detection range. This feature can help immensely when searching for a treasure map!

...Or if you just can't wait to dive in... "/give @s aquaticcraft:aq_portal_block"


Good to know:


  • Due to the increased height of sea level within the dimension, having clouds enabled makes things look really bizarre. I highly suggest disabling clouds in your video settings!
  • As of the 1.16.5 version, the biome generation got a little funky. I tried re-creating the original look of each biome, but there still a few issues – including biomes within the dimensions generating the same size, shape, and placement in every world save.
  • The vast majority of items have tooltips. Many of them are helpful and hint at the items use, some are just for flavor.
  • The mod has its own advancements tab that guides you through the mod and rewards you with recipes when you collect certain items.
  • Many pieces of equipment have their own built-in enchantments. However, most equipment only gains its enchantments when it is crafted. Meaning that you cannot see their enchantments in the creative menu, and if you were to pull them out of the creative menu, they won't be enchanted! Crafting two of the same item together will cause them to become enchanted, however.
  • This mod adds scute to the turtle drop table. Turtle shell helmets grant the wearer 10 seconds of water breathing each time they dive underwater. Hunting down turtles for enough scute to craft a helmet will greatly help in early game progression!
  • Shark leather armor earns a notable mention as it grants the Dolphin's Grace effect as its set bonus. It isn't very durable, though, and thus isn't suited for combat, but it's your definite go-to for exploring!
  • Each biome has its own boss, and boss progression goes through the mod's biomes as follows: Tranquil Archipelago, Commonwaters, Kelp Forest, Bright Reef, Sea Mount, Algid Brine, Thermal Ridge, Unrelenting Expanse, Abyssal Depths. This isn't to necessarily mean that you should avoid later biomes in the early game, however, as they each offer a variety of resources. The mod's advancements are also displayed in the intended order of progression. They're there to refer to and serve as a guide in case you're not sure what to do next.
  • Recipes for boss summoning items are unlocked as you collect their key ingredients - which are dropped from the rarer, larger, and more powerful mobs of each biome. A fishing rod of Aquamarine tier or higher is also required to catch several of the fish needed to craft boss summons. So I highly recommend using the first Aquamarine Gem you find to craft a rod!
  • In terms of difficulty, I tested the first couple of bosses with Shark Mail armor (comparable to chain mail) and an iron sword, and the last bosses will require near-endgame equipment.
    Be warned, however, that bosses are designed to be challenging and you may need to think outside the box a little in order to defeat them!


Status Effects:

The mod adds 7-8 new status effects, depending on technicality: Blood Loss, Crushing Depths, Pulled Down, Cooldown, Disease, Catlike, Vampiric Strike, and Hallucinating.

  • Blood Loss is essentially the same as Wither. While I definitely took some fun, creative liberties with things (e.g. an Ice Skate mob) I wanted to keep some things closer to realism. Most sharks will not be immediately aggressive toward the player. However, if you are low on health, or bleeding, then they will be!
    Higher levels of this effect will increase the rate that the target takes damage.
  • Crushing Depths is one of the environmental hazards in the aquatic dimension (see more below), that involves players taking pressure damage if they dive too deep without having a sufficient armor rating. It behaves similarly to Blood Loss and will deal increased damage at higher levels.
  • The Pulled Down effect causes the target to be forcefully dragged downwards whilst they're in water. At lower levels players will still be able to outswim the effect, but higher levels can make surfacing impossible.
  • The Cooldown effect was created simply as a way to measure the passing of time without needing to constantly add to- or subtract from- a variable, or telling procedures to wait so many ticks and then perform an action. Many things make use of the Cooldown effect to determine when or when not to perform their own action.
  • Disease further inflicts a variety of negative effects on its victim, poisoning, slowing, starving, and at higher levels, weakening them too. Mobs affected by Disease are able to infect others by close proximity, although the level of the effect that the target receives is one less than the mob they contracted it from. Mobs that are considered undead won't be afflicted by the negative effects of Disease and thus won't be weakened or slowed by it, but they can still carry Disease and infect others!
  • The Catlike effect combines the wonders of being a cat: such as increased speed and agility, immunity to fall damage, night vision in the dark, scaring away creepers, and... meowing? This effect forces the player to wear a tiny invisible cat - thus allowing them to scare away creepers. Meowing was an unintentional, but welcome side-effect.
  • Vampiric Strike is as its name implies: a way to heal oneself through harming others. Each level of Vampiric Strike will heal the attacker one lifepoint per attack - with a short cooldown after restoring health - preventing spammable healing.
  • Lastly, "Hallucinating" is where the technicality comes in: it doesn't have a status effect icon and cannot be directly inflicted; however, it works through other means. Being afflicted with Hallucination, players will start to see and hear things that aren't really there...or are they?


Environmental Hazards:

To make things both a little more challenging and interesting, I decided to add several environmental hazards to my dimensions:

  • Poison: A few mobs, including a motionless "algae" mob, are able to poison players (and in most cases, other mobs too) that get too close to them. Beware the box jellyfish! Brine, a white fluid that replaces water in the deepest, darkest regions of the world, (or just the Aquatic Void dimension as of 1.16.5) will also inflict poison unless appropriate equipment is worn.
  • Pressure: At certain depth increments, players need higher armor values to prevent taking pressure damage while they're in water. This effect functions similarly to suffocation.
    The player must have an armor rating of 5+ at depths of 90 or below, 10+ at depths of 70 or below, 15+ at depths of 50 or below, and 20+ at depths of 30 or below, to prevent taking pressure damage.
    Once you begin taking damage you will receive the Crushing Depths status effect (see above) and receive a warning message briefly explaining what's happening. For every 5 armor rating, the level of the effect will decrease by one. For example: if you wear a full set of chain mail armor at depths between 30 and 50, you will be inflicted with Crushing Depths I, rather than Crushing Depths III.
  • Blindness: At depths of 30 or below, players will be inflicted with a constant blindness status effect - regardless of whether they're in water or not. This effect is also prevalent throughout the whole of the Aquatic Void dimension.
    Note that blindness prevents sprinting, as well as "swimming", thus hindering underwater movement. This effect can be prevented with the right equipment.
    Being underwater in the Abyssal Depths biome will also function similarly to blindness without actually inflicting it, due to the blackened water color.
  • Cold: The Algid Brine biome will inflict slowness on players who swim there. This effect can be countered by wearing a piece of Thermal armor.
    The Algid boss inflicts greater levels of cold, which in turn may be countered by wearing more pieces of Thermal armor.
  • Heat: The Thermal Ridge biome will continuously burn players who swim there. This effect can be countered by wearing a piece of Algid armor.
    The Thermal boss similarly inflicts greater levels of heat, which in turn may be countered by wearing more pieces of Algid armor, and/or by having the fire resistance effect.

Not really "hazards" per se, but still worth mentioning are:

  • Time of Day and Moon Phase: The spawn rates of a few mobs, namely different jellyfish and Nightfish, are tied to both the time of day, as well as the phase of the moon.
  • The closer toward midnight and the fuller the moon, the more jellies will spawn - leaving little to no jellies on nights where the moon is emptier and plenty during nights with a full moon.
  • The closer toward midnight but emptier the moon, the more Nightfish will spawn - preventing them from spawning during nights of the full moon, but making them commonplace on new moon nights.



This mod includes its own fishing system - which functions very similarly to, but still a bit different to vanilla. There are nine new fishing rods - each having their own "wait time", "bite chance", and pool of catches. There are also four types of bait that are required to catch the mod's fish. Note that helpful tooltips are provided on both bait and rods.

To try and explain this system: In order to catch one of the mod's fish, you must hold a certain type of bait in your off-hand slot - the type depending on the biome you want to fish in. Fruit Paste is crafted from wheat and tropical berries (uncommonly found in the Tranquil Archipelago), Shrimp can be obtained from killing some arthropods or large filter-feeders, Fish Chunks can be crafted by putting poisonous fish meat by itself in a crafting table, and Zombie Worms can be obtained from killing certain mobs in the Hadal Stretch (Aquatic Void as of 1.16.5).

Each biome has its own pool of potential catches and each fishing rod has its own sub section of 4 items from each of those biomes' pools. Things aren't so specific that you must use x rod in y biome in order to catch z fish, as there is some overlap between what each rod is able to catch, but higher-tier fish are generally restricted to higher-tier rods. You are able to catch every unique non-hadal fish using a combination of the Stone Rod and Aquamarine Rod, however!

A fishing rod's "wait time" is how much time passes between each "bite chance", which itself is a percentage of how likely the rod is to successfully get a bite.
For example, a stone rod has a wait time of 48 ticks and a bite chance of ~1/15. An aquamarine rod has a wait time of 28 ticks and a bite chance of ~1/12. Every 48 ticks a stone rod will run a check with a ~1/15 chance of success to see if it gets a bite or not; whereas an aquamarine rod performs a check with a ~1/12 chance of success every 28 ticks!

How will you know if you get a successful bite? The fishing bobber will suddenly jerk downwards about a block or so and there'll be an audible 'sploosh' noise. Right-click after that happens to reel your rod back in. I tried to make it pretty obvious. Just be patient and you'll work it out!

Now, why would you want to fish, if you aren't already so inclined? Most of the fish correspond to a certain status effect - they're basically like fishing up potions! Some act as loot bags and can give a variety of miscellaneous resources. Those that do function similarly to potions generally provide a level I effect when eaten raw and a level II effect after having been cooked, but not for as long. Some do provide effects of a higher level and I tried balancing them pretty well, but the concept of 'raw = lower-tier, longer-lasting' and 'cooked = higher-tier, shorter-lasting' remains true for most of them.

Several fish are also required to craft items to summon the mod's bosses, and an Aquamarine or higher tier rod is required to catch several of these!


Vanilla changes:

Not much to mention here, but I have altered the loot tables of turtles and dolphins to include scute, and a new item, sinew, respectively.
I don't know what this may mean for any potential incompatibility with other mods that have also altered these loot tables, but I can't imagine too many mods have done this.

Axes and any equipment with the impaling enchantment will also inflict Blood Loss for a short period of time.

Lastly, magma blocks now drop fragments, similarly to glowstone blocks, instead of their whole selves - which now require silk touch. 4 fragments can be combined into magma blocks and magma blocks can be crafted into 4 fragments.


Looking Forward:

At the time of writing, the mod is considered complete in the sense that it has satisfying progression from start to finish. No further content updates are planned, but I'll certainly keep an eye out for bugs and may add or tweak things further down the line.

What about 1.16+? Well, when I started working on the mod again in MCreator, it was being designed for 1.14. At that time I didn't have too much in the mod, so updating it went fairly smooth. Once MCreator was first getting around to supporting 1.16 I did make a backup and tried updating again; however, I just couldn't get biomes to generate correctly, so I stuck with 1.15. I believe this issue was later noticed and resolved; but another problem is that I also have a lot more stuff in my mod now, and quite a bit of it has locked code. While I don't fully understand Java, often times I will tweak existing code, or add or remove something that MCreator doesn't have the option to simply select by default. Essentially, it'll take quite some effort to update versions.
Now that I'm "done" with the mod, however, updating it is one of the few things I have left to do for it; but as of the time of writing, it still isn't a high priority.

The one-year anniversary of the mod having been uploaded to MCreator was coming around and I decided to give updating to 1.16 another shot. I realized that it was better to have a mod- even if part of it were broken- updated so more people can experience and enjoy it, than to leave it stagnate in an older version of the game. After getting over a few large hurdles I managed to re-create something similar to the 1.15 version. Then it just took several weeks after that to make countless smaller adjustments to get things just right…

What about 1.17+? It’s something I’ve yet to look into, but it is planned. Who knows!

A 1.17 version of the mod has been scrapped. The MCreator versions I have the 1.16 and 1.18 versions of the mod in no longer support 1.17 and due to its lesser popularity, I don't believe creating a 1.17 version would be worthwhile. 

What about 1.19+? I have no intentions of updating the mod to any other versions. As more and more things change in vanilla Minecraft, more things in the mod end up 'breaking', too. I'd love to continue updating the mod if it were quick to do so, and if I had more control over how things look and behave, but it's quite the time investment to update a mod as large as this! 1.18 will be as far as Aquatic Craft goes.

Please feel free to mention any questions/concerns on this mod's discussion thread. And if and when questions have been asked frequently enough, I shall update this post- or the discussion thread- with a FAQ. Feel free to play it in multiplayer, record playthroughs, add it to your own modpacks (hopefully there won't be any conflicts), and all that jazz!

I do now give permission to create and upload custom, public modpacks containing this mod online, however that works! If there are any issues, I'm not to be held responsible for them, and I won’t update the 1.15 version in the event any conflicts arise, but I’ll see what I can do about later versions.
If you do record a let's play/playthrough, please provide a link to this mod's page on Curse Forge or the MCreator website.


Modification files
AquaticCraft_v2.4.1.1_for_1.16.5.jar - Latest 1.16 version!Uploaded on: 09/09/2023 - 16:48   File size: 10.37 MB
AquaticCraft_v2.4.1.1_for_1.18.2.jar - Latest 1.18 version!Uploaded on: 09/09/2023 - 16:48   File size: 7.17 MB

Change as of

  • Fixed issue where players were unable to return to the overworld through the aquatic portal.


Changes as of 2.4.1

  • The health boost effect provided by certain trinkets now functions as intended.
  • Hammerhead hammers have had their level of efficiency enchantment corrected.
  • Hammerhead hammers and activated archaic bludgeons now correctly break the top left block of a 3x3 square when mining eastward.
  • Activated archaic bludgeons now correctly break blocks with the "metal" material type in the northwest corner of a 3x3 square when mining up or downward.
  • Due to the prior harvest level system no longer being used in 1.18, I have added most of Aquatic Craft's blocks to various vanilla and forge block tags. Both the hammerhead hammer and activated archaic bludgeon now check block tags to determine which blocks they can mine. Since these tags do not exist in the 1.16 version, the hammerhead hammer and activated archaic bludgeon continue to use the older system there.
  • Sneaking while using a hammerhead hammer or activated archaic bludgeon will now only attempt to break the block you are looking at- without attempting to break blocks in a 3x3 square.
  • Derelict dungeon blocks have been adjusted to make them more unbreakable.
  • Hammerhead hammers and activated archaic bludgeons should no longer be able to break unbreakable blocks.
  • Depths metal blocks have had their harvest level corrected and now drop when broken by pickaxes with a mining level of diamond or higher.
  • Depths metal blocks now also correctly display their intended particle effects.
  • Heat rock has been renamed to heat stone- its internally-used name.
  • A few more blocks (namely aquatic dirt, grass, farmland, and kelp) now correctly drop when broken by hand.
  • Fixed the goat spawn egg recipe in the 1.18 version. It now requires white wool instead of a goat horn.
  • The algid brine boss no longer attempts to inflict weakness upon players holding appropriate trinkets.
  • Depths armor no longer blinds players holding appropriate trinkets.


Changes/Additions as of v2.4

  • Added cooked shrimp
  • Added bad luck mitigation for the unique drops of 'rare mobs'.
    Players now have a tracker counting how many of these mobs they defeat and a unique drop will be guaranteed at least once every three kills. Note that this tracker resets when a unique drop is obtained, or if the player dies.
  • Tropical fish dummy spawn eggs now correctly spawn fish in the 1.18 version.
  • Adjusted the 'ocean floor' spawn conditions in order to try and prevent mobs from spawning in spaces where they suffocate.
  • Fixed an issue where thermal water immunity was checking for the advancement for acquiring the boss summoning item, rather than the one for defeating the boss.
  • Algae gravel and aquatic gravel can now be broken by hand and now correctly use loot tables for their respective drops.
  • Planting tropical berries now checks for grass or earth block material types instead of grass or dirt blocks specifically and no longer plays their placement sound twice.
  • Growing tropical berry bushes now ignores client-side RNG, so they no longer only appear to grow, before reverting back to their previous state.
  • You can now break blocks while holding tropical berries.
  • Custom torches are now able to replace certain other blocks (such as tall grass or snow layers), properly waterlog when placed in water, and no longer play their placement sound twice.
  • The attack strength of scathing jellyfish minions has been reduced from 5 to 4, and their health from 10 to 8.
  • Several instances where the player receives a status effect should no longer fail to remove themselves when their timers reach zero.
  • Added recipe for blast furnace using modded smooth stone blocks.
  • Added recipes for books and item frames using shark leather.
  • Added eidolite, void, and scallop equipment recipes to their own recipe groups.
  • Added blast furnace recipes and a couple missing furnace recipes for smelting blocks of ore.
  • Added recipe for 24 gem tridents using diamonds instead of aquamarines.
  • Added recipe for enchanting tables allowing aquamarines in place of diamonds and hadal stone in place of obsidian.
  • The mining level of hadal stone has been reduced to 4, allowing netherite-tier tools (such as depths and murexium) to properly mine it.
  • Squids will no longer attempt to target boats - as this unfortunately caused server crashes.
  • Obtaining urchin needles or cnidoblaster bolts now rewards the recipes for both cnidoblaster bolts and cnidoblasters themselves.
  • Wobbegong now lose their invisibility while attacking a target.
  • Increased the spawn weight of nurse sharks from 6 to 7 and mossbacks from 3 to 4.
  • Ice stone now drops 3-4 icy fragments (up from 1-2) and requires 3 icy fragments to craft (up from 1).
  • Ice now has a 50% chance of dropping icy fragments (up from 0%).
  • Ice skates now drop 0-4 icy fragments, with an average of ~2.25 per kill (up from ~1.5).
  • Fishing catches are now determined by the biome that the bobber is in, rather than the biome the player is in.
  • Fishing bobbers now despawn when greater than 32 blocks from the nearest player.
  • Eidolite bobbers have had their texture darkened so that their glow texture no longer appears pure white.
  • The buoyancy of eidolite, void, and archaic bobbers while in brine fluid has been slightly increased.
  • The aquatic void dimension now remembers the exact location you entered from and will return you there once you leave. Additional aquatic portals will also no longer generate once you return to the aquatic dimension. The aquatic void portal can now only be used from within the aquatic dimension, however.
  • The dark effigy now checks if the player is in the correct biome or dimension before determining which boss it summons. Previously it only checked for one particular biome. Oops!
  • The spawn rate of a 'filler' mob, used to restrict how many mobs spawned in the aquatic void dimension, has been reduced. Thus, other mobs will now spawn more frequently in the aquatic void.
  • The attack damage of darting shadows has been reduced from 8 to 7.
  • The attack ranges of both darting shadows and deep blue have been slightly reduced.
  • Archaic tridents now correctly call the procedure to enchant themselves. They previously could only obtain their enchantments if the player had another archaic weapon in their inventory.
  • The final phase of the fight against The Biggest Squid is now a little less restrictive.


Changes/Additions as of v2.3 - Dual Versions!

     First, changes made to both the 1.16 and 1.18 versions:

  • Added The Biggest Squid boss. Its summon item is crafted with one of the Derelict Hollow boss’ drops surrounded by eight inky blackness
  • Added a new fish, dropped by The Biggest Squid
  • Improved biome generation within the aquatic dimension
  • The aquatic dimension now uses a different world seed
  • Ice stone now also generates within aquatic gravel within the Algid Brine biome
  • Doubled the tracking range of starfish – allowing them to be seen from further away
  • Added an attempt to fix an issue where sometimes a second portal generates below the first, when traveling to the aquatic dimension
  • Added a “tropical fish dummy” mob – to allow more control over tropical fish spawn restrictions
  • Added a tropical fish dummy spawn egg – with the recipe consisting of a null egg, tropical fish, and any dye. (Note that the color of dye does not influence the color of the spawned fish)
  • Tropical fish now spawn (via dummy) in each of the nine biomes within the aquatic dimension
  • Tropical fish spawned (via dummy) within the aquatic dimension have a random combination of select colors dependent on the biome in which they spawn – including black, in the Abyssal Depths biome. Tropical fish spawned via dummy will also feature different colors if spawned during a select few holidays!
  • The lime green hermit crab dummy mob has been removed, lime green hermit crabs spawn on their own, and their spawn conditions have been tweaked
  • The walk speeds of several mobs have been tweaked
  • The Crowned Jelly and its minions now rise slightly quicker whilst in water
  • Slightly reduced the attack range of Scathing and Toxicant jellyfish minions
  • Reduced the amount of damage caused by The Sweltering Redfin’s burning ability, while the target is out of water, from -2 to -3
  • The Harbinger miniboss now applies Pulled Down V for a few seconds to all those around it when it is summoned, and will continuously inflict Pulled Down II to those near it
  • The Eternal Maw boss now glows as long as there are no players within 24 blocks of it, down from 32
  • The Eternal Maw now also applies its effects within a radius of 12 blocks, down from 16
  • Added an attempted fix to prevent the duplication of throwing stars
  • Brine fluid no longer applies its effects unless an entity is sufficiently submerged within it. No more poisoning you just for getting your feet wet!
  • Turtle Dummies now check for existing turtles within 40 blocks of their attempted spawn area (up from 32) before they spawn a turtle in their place
  • The Catlike status effect now straight-up removes Night Vision when in light, preventing it from flashing
  • Fixed an issue where one Hallucination effect was calling the wrong procedure
  • Eating a glass cannonfish will now immediately set your health to its new maximum value, if it were higher than the new maximum value when you ate the fish. The 1.18 version had a visual bug where your health wouldn’t update after eating one until you took damage, but I decided to make this small adjustment to the 1.16 version too, for good measure!
  • Corrected the tooltips of crimson trinkets saying “…sharks will behave…”, to “…sharks to behave…”
  • The Derelict Hollow boss now correctly triggers a thunderstorm on spawn and cancels it upon death
  • Added a few items to the mod’s main creative menu tab

     And now continued changes, only in the 1.18 version:

  • Note that as of version 1.17, all 1.15-1.16 custom entity models ‘broke’. Block Bench allowed me to update them without much difficulty, but I am no longer able to select sub-groups for my animations. And I am not going to go through over one hundred models and re-arrange them. Apologies for the static models~…
  • General fixes/tweaks to accommodate for changes in vanilla Minecraft, from versions 1.16 to 1.18 – primarily related to world generation
  • The values used for biome generation settings have been changed. 1.18 results in vastly different – and seemingly uncontrollable – terrain generation compared to previous versions, resulting in much deeper water in most areas of the Aquatic Dimension
  • Due to the extreme changes in terrain generation, the balance of the mod’s progression was thrown off. Thus, bosses can now be summoned anywhere – so long as you still have the appropriate fluid and space required for them. The Derelict Hollow boss must still be summoned within its arena, however.
  • Also note that custom dimensions still use forced seeds, and the Aquatic Dimension retains its pre-1.18 world height, with bedrock generating at y=0. However, vanilla cave generation within the dimension results in some holes through the bedrock, leading to the void
  • Added an automatic safety net to try and prevent void deaths in the Aquatic Dimension
  • Certain blocks – primarily different types of stone – no longer override softer blocks such as sand or gravel when generating at certain heights
  • Algae gravel, sponges, and ice stone are now able to generate much deeper
  • The frequency of biome “features” – such as trees, sea grass, kelp, and coral – is similar, but may be somewhat different
  • Added limits to pumice, ice, magma, and void coral custom structures to prevent them from generating near, but outside of their respective biomes
  • Bigger squid spawn restrictions have been changed from ‘on the ocean floor’ to ‘in the deep’ – which doesn’t mean too much, but allows for the following change…
  • Giant isopods, bigger squid, and lurkers now spawn below y=30 in every biome within the aquatic dimension
  • Bigger squid now spawn more commonly within the Abyssal Depths biome
  • Mob spawn restrictions have been modified to accommodate for deeper waters. The vast majority of mobs have been organized into four spawn types – restricting their spawn locations to certain depths relative to the surface of the water, or the sea floor
  • Reduced the spawn rate of purple hermit crabs by a whopping 90%, due to larger natural cave sizes
  • Added “dummy” mobs for vanilla fish entities – since vanilla Minecraft now restricts their spawns to a certain height range, like squids (Creating and using new entities allows me to spawn them where ever I want)
  • Added recipes for axolotl, glow squid, and goat spawn eggs
  • Hideous scallops now use their original, previously unused model – thanks to MCreator rearranging some code so the model doesn’t surpass the code size limit. More eyes and tentacles! (Shame it’s not animated, though…!)
  • Mobs and spawners within the Derelict Hollow dungeon have been re-placed. (They broke after the update, too)


Changes/Additions as of v2.2 - Continued Fixes

  • Adjusted biome generation parameters. Now biomes are generally larger and generate next to their intended neighboring biomes more frequently
  • Upped the Aquatic dimension's sea level two blocks to actually be 128 again. Whoops!
  • Increased the height and scaling of the Tranquil Archipelago biome - allowing for more islands to generate
  • Tweaked scaling for the Algid Brine and Thermal Ridge biomes
  • Decreased the height of the Abyssal Depths biome by a few blocks
  • Decreased the upper generation height for hadal stone by two blocks
  • Added an upper height limit for Thermal Ridge magma block structures
  • Corrected 'soft stone' aquamarine ore generating in hardened stone
  • Corrected the amount of bioluminescence that blue and green jellyfish drop; back down to one
  • Upped the drop rate of nautilus shells from nautili, from 1/10 to 1/5
  • Increased the chance of lancetfish dropping fish meat, as well as the amount they can drop, up to two
  • Also increased the number of sharp teeth and fish fins lancetfish drop
  • Upped the number of needles sea urchins drop by default to always drop at least two
  • Upped both the chance and amount for algid and thermal spider crabs to drop additional loot
  • Re-added a loot table for the big squid; I don't know how it ended up getting removed...!
  • Added shrimp to the copepod loot table and adjusted the rate of their drops
  • Removed phantom membrane from the goblin shark loot table and upped the amount of tough shark leather they may drop to 3-5
  • Removed fish meat from the hagfish loot table and upped the amount of fish chunks they may drop to 1-6
  • (Re?)added red bioluminescence to the stoplight loosejaw loot table with a 50% chance to drop
  • Adjusted the bloodverm loot table so that three zombie worms are always dropped
  • Added 1-2 fermented spider eyes to both the bloodverm and vampyre squid loot tables
  • Slightly increased the chance for starved parasites to drop slime balls and slightly decreased the chance for them to drop fermented spider eyes
  • Adjusted the 'ride height offset' for certain entities
  • Added an attempted fix to prevent a particular boss from spawning more versions of its next phase than it should...
  • Tweaked the spawning circumstances of two very rare mobs to allow them to spawn from spawn eggs
  • Restricted the random spawning of hadal mobs to the Aquatic Void dimension
  • Added a loot table for the mod's sponge block. It now correctly drops itself when silk touch is used, and drops a vanilla wet sponge otherwise
  • Upped the devouring shovel's efficiency enchantment from III to V
  • Changed most archaic weapons to "uncommon" rarity so that they become "rare" once they're enchanted
  • Adjusted the relative location to the player that most bosses are summoned, in order to prevent them from suffocating. Their space requirements remain unchanged.
  • Fixed an issue where several sources of status effects were not checking to see if their target had equipment that would negate the effect trying to be applied.
    (Such as the blinding depth environmental effect, poisonous brine fluid, and players or mobs inflicting certain effects)
  • Corrected an issue where some mobs were checking to see if their target had weakness instead of checking themselves
  • Upped the level of hunger inflicted by attacking an entity holding a cursed cube from I to X
  • Adjusted how the 'stone mob weakness' procedure deals damage and it now takes the strength status effect into account
  • Iron golems have been added to the mod's 'stone mobs' tag
  • Adjusted the movement (walking and/or swimming) speed of the following mobs: seahorse, starfish, box jellyfish, kelp snail, weedy sea dragon, all four types of spider crab, sea urchin, rock lobster, fire shrimp, krill, giant isopod, insidious urchin, sea spider, skeleton shrimp, ghoulfish, channel snaggletooth, sullen thrall, and flamboyant mantis shrimp
  • Added the pulled down effect (I) to the flamboyant mantis shrimp when summoned
  • Sullen thralls now burn in daylight
  • Re-added animations to the following mobs: algid spider crab, thermal spider crab, brown, blue, and red hermit crabs, sea spider, and the crowned jelly
  • Adjusted the animations for the following mobs: hammerhead shark, mesmerizing phantasm (phase 1)
  • Updated the textures of several armor sets and their item sprites to better reflect each other: algid, thermal, and all six sharkskin armor textures were updated, as well as turtle, aquamarine, depths, murexium, eidolite, scallop, and archaic armor inventory sprites


Changes/Additions as of v2.1 - The breakthrough into 1.16:

  • Added three new items: Colorful Bagfish, Brown Mooshroom Spawn Egg, and Derelict Hollow Dungeon Spawner.
  • The new terrain generation forced me to move the Hadal Stretch – which formerly made up the bottom layer of the Aquatic Dimension – over to the Aquatic Void dimension. Everything within it has been adapted to function within the Aquatic Void, but largely works the same as it did.
  • Numerous general tweaks, changes, and rebalancing to try fixing errors caused while attempting to update versions.
  • A few more new changes include: The Mantis Maul having its mining level increased by one, Cnidolith armor and several weapons having increased durability, and the Algid armor set bonus now creates snow layers when sneaking!


Changes/Additions as of v2.0 - The Hadal Update:

  • Tons and tons of tweaks, changes, rebalancing, etc. Far too much to note down here!
    Notable changes include: doubling the duration of status fish effects, decreasing the number of resources required to craft algid, thermal, scallop, and void equipment, making ore more common in dark stone, increasing the chance of aquamarine rods catching rare fish, and some major player (re)spawn issues having been fixed!
  • Notable additions include: hadal mobs, hadal bosses, the derelict hollow dungeon with its mobs and boss(es), and endgame equipment - including powerful tier 3 off-hand trinkets and fun endgame weapons!


Changes/Additions as of v1.6 - AV fixes:

  • Adjusted the rotation and scaling of Derelict Socket blocks so they aren't huge in-hand, dropped, or in item frame
  • Updated the Insidious Barb's description to mention it can be used as a tool rod for Eidolite and Void equipment
  • Added recipes for the Slated Shield and Goblin Clump trinkets
  • Changed the Slated Shield's Resistance buff from a flat Resistance II to Resistance I plus a bonus level on top of whatever other level Resistance you have, stacking up to Resistance IV
  • Adjusted the descriptions for the Wobbe Clump, Goblin Snout, and Slated Shield to mention the ability to combine them, and their changes respectively
  • Sorted all of the new 2.0 recipes into recipe groups
  • Changed the Derelict Hollow advancement from "NYI" to "WIP" and allowed it to be triggerable
  • Immortal Jellyfish no longer revive when killed while having a Wither effect

     Slight weapon/armor tweaks:

  • Buffed Hardened Stone Pickaxe from 3.5 damage, to 3.75 damage
  • Buffed Depths Axe from 16 damage to 18 damage
  • Buffed Eidolite Axe from 6 damage to 7 damage
  • Nerfed Void Axe from 1.2 attack speed, 16 damage, to 1 attack speed, 18 damage
  • Buffed Void Shovel from 1.4 attack speed, 10 damage, to 1.2 attack speed, 12 damage
  • Buffed Hammerhead Hammer from 6 damage to 7 damage
  • Added a space between "bone" and "meal" in the Overgrowth Hoe's description
  • Adjusted Eidolite tools/weapons' Smite levels
  • Eidolite armor's armor rating has been buffed to prevent players wearing it from taking pressure damage

     Trident changes:

  • Adjusted trident attack speeds so their melee DPS isn't crazy anymore - can't believe I forgot this before releasing 2.0...!
  • Forced Depths Tridents to not have the enchanted glow
  • Removed enchantments from all tridents - Eidolite Tridents still smite undead through another means; Void Tridents still Wither and Bleed!
  • Reoriented trident recipes to point the same direction tridents do
  • Added trident recipe rewards to several advancements


 Changes/Additions as of v1.5 - The Aquatic Void Update:

  • Everything should have sound effects now, woo!
  • A few mobs have had their colors tweaked or re-done; small squid are a notable example
  • Most mob textures have also been updated to include some noise
  • Minor adjustments to a few mob models - including adding more animations to some mobs; giant isopods now have proper legs!
  • Shifted the spawn locations of a few different colors of hermit crabs, and now light gray, purple, brown, blue, and red ones can spawn!
  • Expanded the Aquatic Void dimension with a few mobs, new ore, some "bright coral" structures, and two equipment sets!
  • Added Trident weapons!
  • Rudimentary Hadal fishing system (with just two new fish at the moment) - will be revised in the Hadal Update
  • Reorganized the mod's creative inventories to reflect their eventual, final appearance
  • Some other miscellaneous tweaks and changes here and there to pre-existing content - notably updating the Crushing Depths status effect and giving aquamarine armor a set bonus

I appreciate how long the description is :D I really like the idea of water dimension, it was probably the only one missing in my modpacks by far ^^

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)

Your mod was also promoted on our official subreddit ( and Facebook page (

I used for all of my artwork. The background of the logo image was simply a bunch of screenshots resized to fit different cut-outs, using multiple layers to mask them. The font was a somewhat lengthy process of trial and error to make it look good.
There are some websites that can generate a custom Minecraft logo for you but I didn't quite like how they looked, so I settled with trying my hand at it from scratch.

What I did first was I started out with a very small canvas, I replicated Minecraft's blocky font by drawing each letter within a 9x14 pixel space. Then I scaled the image up 400% so each 1 pixel would now be 4x4 pixels.
Then I used my custom stone texture and copy/pasted a wall of repeated stone textures and masked that to texture the font. I did the same kind of thing for the cobblestone outline, drawing an outline around each letter and masking cobblestone. ...

After that, to give it the 3D look, I made a 'full cobblestone' font, copy/pasted it in multiple layers behind the main font, and moved each letter a few spaces apart, then darkened each layer behind the main font. So the result you see consists of three layers of the same size font with different textures, slightly displaced.
I then touched it up by adding some weathering. I scribbled in a bunch of cracks in the letters in black, and then turned the transparency on the black way down until you could just make it out. Then I scribbled all over the letters randomly with a brown color and turned the transparency on that way down to make them look a bit scratched and weathered. You can barely see it in the logo unless you zoom in, but it helps make the letters look less like a repeated texture by giving them some variety. Next I drew on some greenery and added noise to it. And finally, I used a gradient of sea green to dark blue to give the font a bit of an underwater look to it.

oh can i also ask how you made the biomes bc i tried doing ocean biome an one of my mods and i didnt work

It depends just how much you're talking about. If you just mean the water level, then there are two things that factor into that:

If you go to create/edit a biome, in the "Biome generation" tab at the end you'll see "Biome base height" and "Biome height variation". (If you were to edit the code for the biome, these two values are called "depth" and "scale" instead.)

The shallowest biome in my mod, the Tranquil Archipelago, has a depth of 3.375 and scale of 0.0385, the deepest, the Abyssal Depths, has a depth of -1.62 and scale of 0, and the Sea Mount has the greatest vary in scale, having a depth of 1.875 and scale of 0.64.

Now, normally most of my biomes would generate more like mountains or plateaus if I didn't scale the sea level up. If you go to edit one of the .json files for a dimension you can search for the word "sea" and find the value for the maximum height water will generate in your dimension.

In order to get water to generate in your biome like an ocean, river, or so on, the base height, or depth of the biome needs to make the terrain generate below the dimension's sea level. Since most of my biomes are so high, I'm not very familiar with what depth a normal ocean would be, but my aforementioned Abyssal Depths biome sits at around 35-40 ish blocks on the y coordinate. That's comparable to a deep ocean I'm pretty sure?

It'll take some trial and error to get right, but I suggest copy/pasting several of the biome you want to make and give them a different block or water color to easily identify them. Make each of them with a different depth, but all the same scale, until you get the depth you want. Then you can make them all the same depth, but different scales until you get the scale you want.

Ah heck. Sorry, but is there any way to delete my lengthy comments here? I forgot about my discussion post before responding here!