Candle Haven

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"A forgotten dimension awaits for only the most daring of adventurers! Forge your new portal and unlock a whole new array of possibilities!" - Old Journal

Welcome to Candle Haven! Explore a new, late game, candle themed dimension with new friends and foes! This is a solo project by Dreggnaught, so work is slow, and I do my best to make as high quality as I can, but I am still learning. 

Currently offers as of Version Alpha 0.0.1 (Release):

  • An entire new dimension, unlocked very late game after the discovery of Netherite (requires 1 netherite ingot!)
  • A new underground fossilized structure in the Overworld for players to discover the Haven Igniter (the portal igniter to enter the dimension)
  • 4 new biomes (many more to come!!) with their own properties and life
  • 15 new blocks, ranging from different waxes, and slime stones
  • 5 new mobs (two passives, two hostiles, and one boss)
  • New dangerous caverns in the Candlewick Realm that host a large boss
  • 2 new ores with their own armor and tool sets and properties.
  • Much more to come!

Join the discord here for updates, leaks, to submit bug reports, or to get in contact with me:

Enjoy! :)

Modification files

Version Alpha 0.0.2 | 9/18/21

  • New biome: Ashcapped Mountains
  • New block: Ashcapped Waxstone, works as a grass block
  • New mob: Waxram, a candle themed ram who shares a common ancestor with the overworld Sheep.
  • New fossils that can be found underground in all biomes, and on the surface of Ashcapped Mountains
  • New Ashcapped Candelabra plant found only in the Ashcapped Mountains
    • Gives Waxberries when broken, can be eaten or used to feed Waxrams
  • Added both Raw and Cooked Wax Mutton, dropped by Waxrams which when eaten will leave bones behind
  • Fixed Waxcrabs attacking people somehow
  • A few other quality of life fixes to overall improve the mod

Look for more updates soon :)

Textures are quite flat, if judge by screenshots.
There even no basic shading, and that's quite sad.
But idea itself seems nice and weird, in a good way.

This was my first "real project" and I plan to work on more in the future, I am extremely new to all of these tools and therefore have little to no experience. I should also mention this is a completely solo passion project, but I appreciate the feedback!