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This mod is all about exploration! Mine enough resourses to build to new heights!

This mod includes

9 New Dimensions based off of the planets in our solar system (Mercury,Venus,Mars,Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune,Pluto and our Sun)

4 New space food items to get you in the mood

9 New swords crafted from the gems you mine

1 New set of armour better than diamond

10 New ores to mine and discover

29 New blocks to build and craft

Overall there are 60+ items to use in this planet exploration mod.

When mining any new ores, mine the ore and put it in a furnace this will give you the gem or ingot. Craft 9 of the same ingot together to craft a block. Put the same blocks in a nether portal array and light it with the corrisponding lighter. You craft a lighter by puting the gem you want into the top right corner of the crafting table. Then put a stick in the center and then a stick in the bottom left. right click with the lighter on the portal and the portal will open.

In the overworld you will need to mine mercury which is a silver ingot and cook it to get the mercury gem. craft the mercury ignighter and craft all the mercury blocks needed to make the portal. right click the portal and you will be taken to the planet mercury. Here you will mine venite ore and create a portal to venus. you can only mine mercury in the overworld the rest you will have to build portals and mine in those dimensions.

to create the sliced carrot place one carrot in the crafting table and you will recieve 6 carrot slices. To craft the dehydrated apple and carrot place either the apple or carrot into the furnace and wait this will make them dehydrated. To craft the MRE place a dehydrated apple in the top left corner of the crafting table. The place a dehydrated carrot in the top right side of the table. Place a cooked steak in the top center. Next place a water bucket in the center of the table with a piece of cooked pork on the right and a piece of cooked chicken on the left. This will give you the MRE which gives you 30 hunger.

To craft the swords and armour its like vanilla minecraft but instead of using vanilla ingots use the modded ingots or gems.



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