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GPA WEST aims to make the game more realistic while still keeping as much of the Minecraft feel as possible. I aim to add new ores, alloy systems, plants, animals, terrain generation, biomes, and a new genetic system. Right now I’m working on the ore and soon the alloy stuff as of right now. Currently, I’m on 1.15 but I will be updating to 1.16 soon as it is important for some future features. 

Keep in mind GPA WEST is in early development and please tell me of ANY bugs or requests!

GPA-WEST has JEI Compatibility so if you're having trouble with recipes look there.

Go to my discord for any questions and for the wiki!



Adds many new biomes and a new dimension

Adds many new ores such as Titanium, Cobalt, and more!

Adds the ore dust system, where you smelt dust instead of the ore itself so you can get more

The new endgame dimension is The Durum! Something better than diamonds yep, the Imperiumite set (Armor in the near future) is the only thing that can take on the new Boss, The Imperiumite Creation, and its minions!

Added 1 new tree and 1 new crop, more will be in the future (Yes, I know that you can't obtain corn seeds at this point in time) 


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Modification files
GPA-WEST Snapshot 1.0-01-2020.jarUploaded on: 12/09/2020 - 16:28   File size: 673.85 KB
GPA-WEST 1.0 Ores and More.jarUploaded on: 12/14/2020 - 17:09   File size: 684.45 KB

1.0 Ores and More Update


Fixed the bugs of 1.0-01-2020!

Added Curious API and Patchouli API!