Better Swamplands Mod

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This mod is my first major undertaking whose goal is to create more interesting swamps that will attract players. All textures and models have been created for the need of this modification. If you want to write what you would like to change or improve and I will try to take this into account. Mod will receive updates until the final version is released. Then I'll start working on another mod.

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Better Swamplands Mod
This mod is all you need to improve the minecraft swamps!

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FlyGreen DragonflyDragonfly GreenRed Dragonfly

Dragonfly redYellow Dragonfly

Dragonfly yellowBlue Dragonfly

Dragonfly bluePumpkinhead


AlligatorAlbino Alligator

Albino alligator

Swamp Skeleton

















Alligator armor










Modification files
Swamp_1.14.4_1.0_0.jar - 1.14.4_1.0 (ALPHA)4.49 MB
Swamp_1.12.2_2.6.jar - 1.12.2_2.63.14 MB


--- 1.0 ---

Added mobs: Frog, Fly, Dragonfly (4 colors), Pumpkinhead.

Added items: Swamp berries, Fuzz-ball.

Added blocks: Rotten log bark, Rotten log, Rotten planks, Moss block, Ashen wool, Ashen hardened clay, Ashen concrete powder, Ashen concrete, Ashen glazed terracotta, Ashen Glass.

Added plants: Swamp berries bush, Fuzz-ball.

Added food: Swamp berries, Cooked brown mushroom, Cooked red mushroom.

Added structures: Rotten trees (7 variants).


--- 1.1 ---

Added mobs: Armored spider.

Added items: Chitin.

Added blocks: Strange pumpkin.

Added plants: Green mushroom.

Added armors: Chitin armor.


Other changes and bugfixes:

(A01)- Dragonflies now drop chitin.

(A02)- Structures now spawn.

(A03)- Swamp berries bushes and Fuzz-balls now spawn.

(A04)- Swamp berries now give slow effect.


--- 1.2 ---

Added structures: Abandoned buildings (4 variants), Underground structure include green mushroom.


Other changes and bugfixes:

(A05)- Green mushrooms now spawn.

(A06)- Now structures are generating correctly.

(A07)- Pumpkinheads no longer generate particles.

(A08)- Pumpkinhead spawns if we place strange pumpkin on emerald block (Testing).

(A09)- Changed some recipes.


--- 1.3 ---

Added items: Alligator leather.

Added armors: Alligator armor.

Added mobs: Alligator.


Other changes and bugfixes:

(A10)- Chitin was removed.

(A11)- Armored spider was removed.

(A12)- Dragonflies no longer drop chitin.

(A13)- Some textures have been changed.

(A14)- Changes in mobs spawning.

(A15)- All creatures have their sounds (except alligator).


--- 1.4 ---

Added food: Alligator meat, Cooked alligator meat.

Added achievements: Charm of the swamp, Only sticks?, So sweet!, Yummy, Pumpkindead.

Added Mobs: Albino alligator.


Other changes and bugfixes:

(A16)- Some textures have been changed.

(A17)- Alligators drop meat.

(A18)- If we stand on the fuzz-ball we will get an achievement "Charm of the swamp".

(A19)- If we destroy rotten wood we will get an achievement "Only sticks?".

(A20)- If we eat swamp berries we will get achievement "So sweet!".

(A21)- If we eat cooked mushroom (red or brown) we will get achievement "Yummy".

(A22)- Alligators now use all legs to walk.

(A23)- Better AI for alligators.


--- 1.5 ---

Added achievements: It's alligator!, Real rarity.


Other changes and bugfixes:

(A24)- Some textures have been changed.

(A25)- Now we cam make cooked alligator meat.

(A26)- Alligators now can attack player.

(A27)- If alligator attacks us we will get achievement "It's alligator!".

(A28)- If albino alligator attacks us we will get achievement "Real rarity".


--- 1.6 ---

Added blocks: Bronze chest, Silver chest, Golden chest.

Added items: Bronze key, Silver key, Golden key.


Other changes and bugfixes:

(A29)- Alligators and albino alligators do not spawn (spawning needs some changes).

(A30)- Few changes in structures.

(A31)- Achievement bugs have been removed.

(A32)- Some textures have been changed.


--- 1.7 ---

Added items: Blinding bomb.


Other changes and bugfixes:

(A33)- Changes in alligators AI.

(A34)- Particles no longer appear when we are on the moss or in swamp berries bush.

(A35)- Loot chests now drop loot if you use key on them.

(A36)- Loot chest print on screen "You need a key to open this chest" if we don't use the key to open it.

(A37)- If you destroy chest you won't get loot.

(A38)- Blinding bomb explode and give blindness and slowness for 10 seconds, 5 damage and knockback 2.


--- 1.8 ---

Added armors: Albino alligator armor.

Added items: Albino alligator leather.


Other changes and bugfixes:

(A39)- Loot chests now spawn in special structures.

(A40)- Alligator and albino alligator now spawn.

(A41)- Albino alligator now drob albino alligator leather.

(A42)- Some textures have been changed.

(A43)- Changes in mobs spawning.

(A44)- Mod now has its own logo.


--- 1.9 ---

Added mobs: Swamp skeleton.

Added blocks: Skeleton with bronze key, Skeleton with silver key, Skeleton with golden key, Skeleton without key.


Other changes and bugfixes:

(A45)- Keys now drop from skeleton blocks.

(A46)- If you right click on Skeleton with key it's drop key and replace by skeleton without key.

(A47)- Changes in mobs spawning.

(A48)- Some textures have been changed.


--- 2.0 ---

Added food: Frog legs, Cooked frog legs, Swamp berries pie.

Added structures: Skeleton with bronze key, Skeleton with silver key, Skeleton with golden key.

Added achievements: Bronze!, Silver!, Gold!, Did I eat a frog?, Sweet pie!, We are the champions!, Spooky skeleton.


Other changes and bugfixes:

(A49)- Frogs now drop frog legs.

(A50)- If you eat cooked frog legs you will get achievement "Did I eat a frog?".

(A51)- If you eat swamp berries pie you will get achievement "Sweet pie!".

(A52)- If you eat cooked alligator meat you will get achievement "We are the champions!".

(A53)- If you open bronze chest you will get achievement "Bronze!".

(A54)- If you open silver chest you will get achievement "Silver!".

(A55)- If you open golden chest you will get achievement "Gold!".

(A56)- If you fight with swamp skeleton you will get achievement "Spooky skeleton".

(A57)- A lot of textures have been changed.

(A58)- Many new sounds.

(A59)- A lot of changes in spawning.


--- 2.1 ---

Changes and bugfixes:

(A60)- Changes in mod logo.

(A61)- Disable forge version check.


--- 2.2 ---

Added blocks: Swamp berries bush (without berries).


Other changes and bugfixes:

(A62)- Alligator attack speed has been decreased.

(A63)- Berries can be harvested without destroying the plant (right click).

(A64)- Pumpkinheads now drop strange pumpkin, not normal pumpkin.

(A65)- Skeleton blocks now drop bones correctly.


--- 2.3 ---

Added languages: Russian by magical_pheonix;


Other changes and bugfixes:

(A66)- All mobs have animated legs.

(A67)- Mobs speed bug was removed.

(A68)- Sound changes.


--- 2.4 ---

Added blocks: Alligator nest.

Added items: Frog spawner, Fly spawner, Green dragonfly spawner, Red dragonfly spawner, Yellow dragonfly spawner, Blue dragonfly spawner, Pumpkinhead spawner, Alligator spawner, Albino alligator spawner, Swamp skeleton spawner, Baby alligator spawner, Baby albino alligator spawner, Swamp zombie spawner.

Added mobs: Baby alligator, Baby albino alligator, Swamp zombie.

Added creative tabs: Better Swamplands Mod Mobs.

Added structures: AlligatorNest1, AlligatorNest2, AlligatorNest3, AlligatorNest4.

Added throwable items: Alligator egg.

Added food: Cooked alligator egg.


Other changes and bugfixes:

(A69)- Pumpkinhead is no longer a Flash.

(A70)- Changes in spawning.

(A71)- Some textures have been changed.

(A72)- Green mushrooms now spawn on the surface.

(A73)- Alligator egg can be used to make cake and pumpkin pie.

(A74)- Mod was converted to 1.9 version of the MCreator.


--- 2.5 ---

Added blocks: Crayfish traps (6 variants), Copper ore, Tin ore, Copper block, Tin block, Bronze block.

Added items: Tin, Copper, Copper and tin, Bronze ingot, Bronze nugget.

Added tools: Bronze sword, Bronze pickaxe, Bronze axe, Bronze hoe, Bronze showel.

Added armors: Bronze armor.

Added throwable items: Bomb, Poison bomb, Fire bomb.

Added plants: Griffith spurge, Purple geranium, Calla, Marsh marigold, Broad-leaved marsh orchid.

Added food: Crayfish, Cooked crayfish.


Other changes and bugfixes:

(A75)- Structures now spawn correctly.

(A76)- Changes in spawning.

(A77)- Some textures have been changed.

(A78)- Cooked alligator egg now can be crafted.

(A79)- Copper can be patinated.

(A80)- Traps can catch crayfishes.

(A81)- Full polish translation.


--- 2.6 ---

Added blocks: Snail shell block, Smooth copper block, Smooth tin block, Willow log, Willow planks, Willow stairs, Willow leaves, Willow fence, Willow fence gate, Mangrove root, Mangrove planks, Mangrove leaves, Green mushroom block, Green mushroom stem.

Added biomes: Mangrove Forest, Willow Forest.

Added mobs: Ogre (WIP), Green snail, Gray snail, Brown snail, Piranha.

Added food: Raw piranha, Cooked piranha, Swamp berries juice, Pumpkin soup, Green mushroom soup.

Added items: Snail shell, Swamp berries seeds, Moss.

Added creative tabs: BSM Food, BSM Armors, BSM Nature.


Other changes and bugfixes:

(A82)- Pumpkinheads now moves correctly.

(A83)- Growable swamp berries.

(A84)- Growable fuzz-balls.

(A85)- Fuzz-ball drops 3 items.

(A86)- Bonemealed green mushroom spawns big green mushroom.

(A87)- Some textures have been changed.

(A88)- New swamp zombie model.


Elements: 431


Amazing mod, I like how you used custom models for the creatures. I think its a little lacking in quantity, though.

You should submit it for MOTW
I think this is the best mod in the minecraft community that improve swamps :)