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If you enjoy going to new dimensions and exploring what they have to offer, this mod is for you. This mod includes 11 new dimensions that you are able to go explore in, but beware, not all of them are nice to you!

Includes new blocks/ores such as: Dark Ore, found in the Dark Dimension; Light Ore, found in the Light Dimension; Cloud Ore, found in the Sky Dimension; Purple Ingredient Ore, found in Purple Dimension (Use ingredients to make purple pie!); Water Ore, found in Water Dimension (gives water droplet which can be used to craft armor!); Fire Ore, found in the Fire Dimension (Can be used to craft fire sword and fire armor); then there's the Sun Block, found in the Sun Dimension (burns you when you step on it); the Cloud Block, found in the Sky Dimension; and Ash Block, found in the Ash Dimension (Can be crafted into Ash, which you use to smelt. It lasts five minutes! Much longer than any other smelting item).

Includes new items such as: the Staffs to ignite the portals, Ash, Empty Water Bottle, Bottle of Blood (Use Empty Water Bottle, and just step in the liquid to fill the bottle), Pink Water Bottle (Use Empty Water Bottle, and just step in the liquid to fill the bottle), Fire, Fire Sword, Cloud Tuft (Get this from Cloud Ore), Cloud Ability (Special Item, allows you to fly until you die in survival mode. You also do not take fall damage), Dark Ingot, Light Ingot, Purple Ingredients, Purple Pie, Sun Bucket, Sun Drink, Sunstone, Sun Powder, and the Water Droplet.

Includes new armors such as: Fire Armor (Applies fire resistance), Light Armor (Applies night vision when you have full set), Dark Armor (Applies jump boost, strength, speed, and invisibility when you have full set), and Water Armor (Applies water breathing when you have full set).

New dimension: Dark Dimension, Water Dimension, Ash Dimension, Life Dimension, Fire Dimension, Pink Dimension, Purple Dimension, Light Dimension, Bloody Dimension, Sun Dimension, and the Sky Dimension.

Recipes for the items(not including the staffs since there is a picture of them): Ash: just put the Ash Block into the crafting table to get Ash; Empty Water Bottle: put glass bottle in middle, then put glass panes all around it; Fire: put ore in furnace; Fire Sword: put diamond sword in middle, then put fire all around it; Purple Pie: put in Purple Ingredients, sugar, purple dye, and chorus fruit; Sunstone: Put Sun Block in the furnace; Sun Powder: Put Sunstone in furnace; Sun Bucket: Put in empty bucket in bottom middle, then put Sun Powder above it; Sun Drink: Put Sun Powder on all three top and bottom slots, put glass bottle in middle, then put a Sun Bucket in middle left and middle right; and the best for last is the Cloud Ability: put in Cloud Tufts in all nine slots. For the Dark Staff, since it's hard to see what blocks there are there are: three obsidian blocks in the top three slots, three coal blocks in the bottom three slots, and black concrete on the two sides of the stick. Also, you can use any type of sapling in the Staff of Life.

Need to know: The Pink Dimension, and the Bloody Dimension currently crash the game, so you can try it if you want to but it crashes my game. Would be nice to know if it does work for you though. Because the game crashes from these, I put the biomes that were in these dimensions in the overworld, but they are pretty rare. Also, the achievements do not work for some reason for entering the Water Dimension, and the Fire Dimension, as well as crafting/getting the fire items, and getting the water droplet. Will try to fix these, but any comments on how to fix them are greatly appreciated.

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