8x8 Biome

Published by lolagain on Mon, 03/25/2019 - 21:24
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Adds in an 8x8 biome to minecraft

Texture inspiration from Magicraft resource pack, otherwise uses normal texture converted to 8x8

Trees - simple forest biome

Log - Oak based, crafts into oak planks, smelts into charcoal

Leaves - don't decay, 5% chance of dropping oak sapling, 0.5% chance of dropping apple, 0.05% chance of dropping golden apple

Grass - top of biome

Dirt - spawns under grass in biome, also spawn underground in 8x8 biome, replacing dirt (12,800 veins per chunk, 40 blocks per vein)

Gravel - same as dirt, but more like gravel, 10% chance of dropping flint, 10% chance of dropping itself when blown up (12,800/40)

Stone - same as dirt, but properties of stone (12,800/40)

Bedrock - same as dirt, but unbreakable, and has properties of bedrock(12,800/40)

Ores - Spawns naturally underground replacing 8x8 Stone (Coal is 20/17, Iron is 20/9, Redstone is 8/8, Gold is 2/9, Diamond is 1/8, Emerald is 2/3)

Secondary ores - Replaces normal ores in 8x8 Biome (6,400/32)

- Basically, ores are doubled, emerald only in Extreme Hills+

Tertiary ore - Lapis doesn't spawn, but is replaced by iron ore


Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
8x8.jar - v2.0.0156.18 KB

Lazy Versioning, massive number change

v1.0.0 Not downloadable, only contains top portion of biome

v2.0.0 Adds stone and stone replacements

Nice mod :)
You should make that 8x8 blocks replace all the blocks in the 8x8 biome. It would look like playing a old rpg but 3d XD

We couls just use a texture pack. I'm actually creating a 8x8 texture pack and it looks extremely similar to your mod.