The Aetherian (Alpha, Feedback is welcome)

Published by Cevin_2006 on Mon, 01/25/2021 - 19:59
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The Aetherian(maybe not final name dunno) adds a new Dimension with new Biomes Ores and Mobs to explore. Some new Ores, Weapons, Mobs and Bosses are also added. Some being Dangerous while others aren't.

Everything thats like this isn't Added yet.



-The Swamplands: Biome filled with trees and Vegetation

-The Aetherian plains: Biome with not much in it.

-The Aetherian Forest: Is the same as the Aetherian Plains but filled with Trees.

-The Darklands: Biome filled with Dangerous Flaming Ants.(Screenshot will  be added soon)

-The Phantom Plains: Biome where Phantoms spawn all the time. Its also the Darkest Biome.

-The Volcanic Biome: Biome filled with Volcanic Geysers and Volcanic Stone that can be turned into Bricks.

-The Corrupted Plains: Biome filled with Corrupted Skeletons, always tries to spawn next to the Aetherian Plains Biome



-Xefralt: Powerful yet very Rare Ore

-Phoenium: about as Strong as Iron (Utilities to the Phoenium aren't added yet)

-Phantom Mana: Ore found in the Phantom Plains. Used to make Powerful Wands

-Sparkling Jewel: Ore found In The volcanic Biome on Volcanos. Used to summon a Boss at the altar of Growth.



-Flaming Ant: Dangerous Mob can set you on Fire.

-Aetherian Ant: The Aetherian ant won't attack you and will run away. It will also be attacked by Flaming Ants.

-Swamp Spider: relatively strong mob poisoning you.



-Glowing Crystal: A Flying Boss with 2 Phases. Drops a Glowing Crystal Shard, used to make the time Wand or break a piece of bedrock by right clicking on teh bedrock. 




Xefralt Sword: Strikes Enemies with Lightning(only when Hit)

Xefralt Pike: Costs less and doesn't strike enemies with lightning and attacks pretty fast

Phoenium Pike: Doesn't do much damage but attacks pretty fast.

Slime Sword:  Slows enemies and does about as much damage as an iron Sword.



Lightning Wand: Fires Lightning in a  10 Block radius around you. (you get fire resistance cause the Lightning may also hit you)

Fire Wand: Fires Flaming Bullets.

Time Wand: Speeds up Time.

Freezing Wand: Freezes Enemies Enemies.

Note: All wands require Phantom Mana to work :).

Modification files
TheAetherianAlpha4.jar - Probably The Last Alpha.Uploaded on: 02/15/2021 - 11:51   File size: 964.46 KB
  • added new Volcanic Biome
  • reworked some Old Stuff
  • fixed Phantom Plains and the Phantoms in it (spawnrate)
  • fixed phantom MAna Spawn
  • added Volcano (structure)
  • added Fire, Freezing and Time Wand
  • added Xefralt and Phoenium Pike
  • made Volcanic Stone Brick Pillars Rotatable
  • added new Biome: Corrupted Plains
  • added slime sword
  • added glowing crystal(boss)
  • reworked wands
  • added boss drop capable of breaking bedrock