Better Biomes (The Desert Part)

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Better Biomes Mod (The Desert Part)

Skeleton Villager (Deals 3 Hearts of damage and is speedy, will spawn during the day time and spawns in a Ruined Village, drops Bones and possibley a carrot.)
Mummy (Deals 2 and a half Hearts of damage and will spawn during the day time, drops Rotten flesh and possibley Paper.)


Palm Tree
Oasis (Gold Ore)
Ruined Village (Spawns with Chest and Mob Spawners)
Pyramid (Chest Spawns inside of a Pharaoh's Tomb)


Palm Log
Palm Leaves

This Mod is The Desert Part of a mod that I will be releasing called 'Better Biomes' which will bring better Mobs, Ores and Structures to current Biomes in game, Release date is unknown at the time of uploading this part.



Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Better Biomes (The Desert Part).jar - Better Biomes (The Desert Part)110.47 KB

Reported this mod due to the textures used that was from Biomes O Plenty

Nice mod :)
But yeah, if those are BOP textures, then use your own.

Good mod, but it isn't that difficult to draw your own textures. You could also use vanilla or MCreator templates to make the new ones

This is false, it's actually very difficult to make your own texture, you have to get the shadeing right on a specific pixel, the right colors, etc, it's easier to use another one but I did not know this was BOP, I will try to get another texture from some where else.