Project Increase: Plants

Published by SaucerMage on Wed, 11/20/2019 - 22:34
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Project Increase is an on going project of mine to upgrade Minecraft in small but significant way.

This mod adds some flowers and mushrooms to your world (I know the texture are the worst). There is only 8 of them and I plan on updating. 5 are flowers and the other 3 are mushrooms. They don't do much except for decorations. Soon I'll give them a meaning

If you have any ideas of what to add, put them in the comments.

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Project status
In development
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Modification files
ProjectI_V_0.1.0.jar - Project Increase: Nature Update KB
ProjectI_V_0.1.1.jar - Project Increase: Nature Update KB

 Update 0.1.1

  • Added Plantern
  • Added Glowshroom
  • Added Hydrangea
  • New Textures!!!

This mod does need some touching up, but everything has great potential if you work hard enough on it! Keep up the good work!

Nice mod :D
Some of the textures look a bit too unrealistic for Minecraft, try to make them less saturated and more blurry (use multiple shades of the same colors)