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Published by WJB's Mods on Thu, 09/01/2022 - 11:40
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Warning: quite a few features in this mod share names and IDs with stuff from some of my other mods. Do not attempt to run them at the same time.

"Wow, another biome mod?" Yes. I promise my next few mods won't just be biome mods.

So! 👏 What exactly does this mod do? Well, it adds some new biomes, and (at least) one new mob per biome.

But what are the biomes? Well, there's...

Tar Pits!

A Desert sub-biome with pits of viscous Tar. The skeletons of giant beasts litter the landscape, and at night, the preserved remains of long-dead explorers emerge from beneath the sands, firing blobs of tar that blind and slow their targets.


Magma Caverns!

Composed of Deepslate and Magma. The local Creeper population have adapted to their surroundings, becoming more docile, adopting a humanoid stance, and trading their explosiveness for a ring of fire. Prospectors beware - the biome is also home to Pyrite Ore, which may look like gold at first glance, but can only be used for decoration.


Redwood Forest!

This biome is marked by trees that stretch high into the sky. The distinctive two-colour wood of the trees is sure to make your home stand out! Also, keep an eye out for Salamanders, diminutive relatives of the Axolotl.


Nightmare Ocean!

Strange seas, filled with horrifying creatures. The anglerfish will attack anything it thinks it can eat, isopods scuttle around on the seafloor, and octopi are just kinda there to be honest. Also, keep an eye out for oceanologers; the illagers' waterbound forces, encased in giant diving suits.


Pine Forest

Another forest, this one with Pine trees. Also Lizards! (Bonus fun fact: Pine Doors are based on the doors in the flat I live in at time of writing.)


Teak Forest

Yet another forest. Has no new mobs, but does have nice wood!



A subtype of swamp, bogs are composed of Peat, and home to Snails! There's not much else though.


I do have more planned, so stay tuned! And if you have an idea for a biome, let me know!


Know issues:

  • Nightmare Oceans don't generate (this is more of an issue with Minecraft's worldgen than an issue with the mod; hopefully there'll be a fix soon.)
Modification files
yet another biome mod 1.0.0.jar - Yet Another Biome Mod 1.0.0: the basicsUploaded on: 09/01/2022 - 13:15   File size: 312.43 KB
yet another biome mod 1.1.0.jar - Yet Another Biome Mod 1.1.0: Teak 'n' BogsUploaded on: 09/13/2022 - 00:23   File size: 383.76 KB


  • Tar Pits
    • 1 fluid: Tar
    • 1 mob: Tar Zombie
  • Magma Caverns
    • 6 blocks: Pyrite Ore, Block of Pyrite, Raw Pyrite Block, Pyrite Pillar, Pyrite Wall, Pyrite Fence Gate
    • 2 items: Raw Pyrite, Pyrite Ingot
    • 1 mob: Magma Creeper
  • Redwood Forest
    • 11 blocks: Redwood Log, Redwood Wood, Redwood Planks, Redwood Stairs, Redwood Slab, Redwood Fence, Redwood Fence Gate, Redwood Pressure Plate, Redwood Button, Redwood Door, Redwood Trapdoor
    • 1 mob: Salamander
  • Nightmare Ocean
    • 11 blocks: Deep Sand, Deep Sandstone, Chiselled Deep Sandstone, Cut Deep Sandstone, Smooth Deep Sandstone, Deep Sandstone Slab, Deep Sandstone Stairs, Deep Sandstone Wall, Smooth Deep Sandstone Stairs, Smooth Deep Sandstone Slab, Cut Deep Sandstone Slab
    • 3 mobs: Anglerfish, Isopod, Octopus
  • Pine Forest
    • 11 blocks: Pine Log, Pine Wood, Pine Planks, Pine Stairs, Pine Slab, Pine Fence, Pine Fence Gate, Pine Pressure Plate, Pine Button, Pine Door, Pine Trapdoor
    • 1 mob: Lizard


  • Teak Forest
    • 11 blocks: Teak Log, Teak Wood, Teak Planks, Teak Stairs, Teak Slab, Teak Fence, Teak Fence Gate, Teak Pressure Plate, Teak Button, Teak Door, Teak Trapdoor
  • Bog
    • 1 block: Peat
      • 1 mob: Snail
  • Other
    • Nightmare Ocean
      • 1 new mob: Oceanologer
    • Attempted to rebalance biome spawning.
    • Added some blocks to certain tags.

Cool! but i would like to know how are you using the nightmare ocean in 1.18.2?