Hals Enhanced Biomes

Published by Halbear1 on Sun, 11/28/2021 - 17:25
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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Hals Enhanced Biomes is a mod which adds many new structures to upgrade the vanilla biomes, such as adding leaf carpets and new trees

The goal is to make it looks like it was built by a builder, not by world gen, thus some block choices being off for world gen

📖 Features:

-plains, new trees, ground variation, bushes, structures


-forest(flower forest, forest hills included) new trees, ground variation, leaf carpet, ambient particles, more foliage, giant mushrooms


-birch forest, new trees, ground variation, leaf carpet, ambient particles, much more foliage and giant mushrooms


-taiga, giant new trees, way more foliage, mushrooms, leaf carpet, ground variation


-desert, new giant cacti, ground variation, dead trees


-mesa, new trees, new structures, ground variation


-mountains, new trees,ground variation


-mushroom fields, complete overhaul, new trees, mushrooms, ground variation, plant structures, 2 new mushroom blocks


-Roofed forest, new trees, mushrooms, ground variation


-Swamp, new everything, new trees, new mushrooms, new ground variation, new underwater areas, roots go under the ground


-The end, 3 biomes remade completely, midlands is now the forest, highlands is now the mushroom biome and small islands is now the crystalized islands biome 

👾 Discord:

Join my Discord server to keep up with the mod's development: https://discord.gg/5xBa9ts


🏞 Mod Showcase Videos:







Q:will you update to older versions?



Q:will you update to newer versions?


Q:why dont you add many modded blocks?
A:because the goal of this mod is to be as vanilla friendly as possible while making it look custom built


Q:why is the ground full of different blocks?
A:its to texture the ground, sometimes i find it very boring, and its difficult to texture some grounds(IE: mycelium) so it may look a bit off, but still an improvement


Q:can i use it in modpacks?
A:go ahead, credit is not specifically needed, but id like some


hope this helps clear some stuff up!

Modification files
H.E.B+Release+1.0.jar - 1.16.5 edition1.47 MB
H.E.B+Release+1.0+(1.17.1).jar - 1.17.1 edition1.03 MB

None of these are new biomes. They're just massive improvements to old ones via structures. This is the same for the end. Using the 3 core biomes the end already has, he gave each of them a theme for their new "biome" and made new structures for a specific end biome that matches it's theme.

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