The Death Realm

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The Death Realm

A mod about conquering hell.

What This Mod Includes:

-New Biome (Death Lands)

-Multiple New Blocks (Cursed Stone, Dead Flesh etc)

-New 'Cursed' Armor Set And 'Cursed' Tools Set

-New Boss (The Devil)

-New Dimension (The Death Realm)

Download Link Here:

ONLY Version 1.12.2 Supported!

I hope you enjoy this mod!

Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files - bytes

wait what is the portal frame made of? apparently for my cheese dimension it didnt work and i think it matters what the frame is made of. The picture says its made of obsidian but i am not sure.

Hmmm... Make the textures better by using novaskin(search on google or baidu or whatever)

and do you want me to help with logos?