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Welcome to Chroma!

Chroma is all about past-End content. You will have new ores such as Gurrium which spawns in the overworld or Crystal which spawns in the end. You will need all the ingredients to get to the Chroma Dimension!
But don't be so confident, Gurrium is pretty rare and requires a Diamond Pickaxe or better to be mined. Better get mining! Gurrium requires Gold Ore and a special Gurrium Furnace to be turned into Gurrium Ingots. (Recipes will be added very soon!). You will need to make Crystalized Gurrium blocks using Gurrium Ingots in the middle surrounded by Crystal Bits (Drops from Crystals)  and make a portal frame out of them. Next, you will need a Chroma Key. (The Igniter) which is made by using a Nether Star in the middle., 3 Gurrium Ingots and 3 Crystals in the corners. And BOOM! You are in Chroma. But Chroma isn't a super safe place to be in. Lots of islands...lots of Vexes and a new enemy..The Lurker! (They act like Vexes but are ranged). You will be able to find Platinum Ore in Chroma which is used in making Platinum Ingots (Regular Furnace) and White Diamonds (Using a Gurrium Furnace and Diamond Ore) to make Platinum Armor with a set bonus! You will also need White Diamonds to make the summoning item for the Broken God (New Boss) that drops a neat's broken! The artifact! I guess we will have to repair it somehow. Oh only uses 4 quartz in the corners, the Cracked Orb (The Artifact Dropped From The Broken God) in the middle and diamonds everywhere else. You will be able to make powerful items with this newly Restored Orb, like a Purity Sword..or a Purity Staff! Or even an infinite fuel source! 

IMPORTANT: The mod "Just Enough Items" or JEI is recommended for this REALLY recommended.  Trust me, you will need it.

((P.S: This is a very early mod and it doesn't have much content, has a lot of little inconveniences that I am working on to be fixed.
Also, credit to MCreator, as this mod was made using it.))

Please leave any bug reports, suggestions and opinions in the comments!

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