Ruins Mod

Published by GrimScrap on Tue, 01/24/2023 - 13:52
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A Mod that brings difficultness and intensity to Minecraft by adding a dangerous biome and formidable foes

Abandoned Plains - the newest biome to the mix though it may be dangerous the loot and treasures you will find is worthwhile,

New trees called withered trees are now added to show how dead and barren the biome can be but can still sustain life.


Losts: Mobs that are passive at first but provoke it will cause serious damage.

Corrupts: Mobs that will hunt and open doors to seek and kill the player


Lost Campsites: contains many good loots and treasures and a place to camp out for the night.

Corrupted Outposts: these outposts are a good source for amazing weapons if only it wasn't guarded by the corrupts.


Steel - an item used to reinforce diamond armor.

Reinforced Diamond Armor - this armor was created to make you as equal as your enemies for they are formidable.

Haunting Shard - an item worth mentioning for its the drop of the ghost type mobs.


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