Glowing Mushrooms

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Minecraft Forge mod
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  • It has 4 Mushroom Biomes
  • Many Plants generated from Glowing Mushroom Biomes
  • Adds 5 Glowing Mobs (Except 1 that not glowing)
  • Many Materials from this Mod
  • More new particles
  • 10 new advancements
  • And More!


Before the player (You) is spawned here, In this world there are so many Mushroom biomes. All the Red Mooshrooms from the Mushroom Fields Biome were still happy until something strange from the Mushroom Field Biome was accidentally thrown a Glowing Potion from the Ancient Builders. Then Red Mooshroom wondered what this thing was. 1 Red Mooshroom Wants to touch it because he's curious about this Glowing Potion item. After 1 Red Mooshroom Touches it, the Glowing Potion immediately breaks and the Glowing spreads everywhere until all Red Mushroom Fields. But some Red Mushroom Fields survived because he stayed away from Glowing's infected Mushroom Fields. And Glowing Mushroom Fields will have different color Mushrooms. That's the story of why There are Glowing Mushroom Fields.


In this mod there are 4 Glowing Mushroom Fields. 2 Glowing Mushroom Fields is friendly and 2 Glowing Mushroom Fields is DANGEROUS so be careful if you here.

By the way, Be careful with your eyes (in real life) if you use shaders so, I recommend do not use shaders or turn off the blooms if your eyes are not good at glowing things.

Yellow Mushroom Fields

This Biome is the first made biome from this mod. It just normal Glowing Mushroom Fields Biome.




Blue Mushroom Fields

This biome is really good for player eyes (not in real life lol) that when every player touch Blue Mooshrooms, The player will have Night Vision Effects




Pink Mushroom Fields

This biome is really dangerous than The End because if you try to enter this biome, The Pink Mooshrom Immediately going to attack you because they're aggressive.




Green Mushroom Fields

This biome is the most dangerous Mushroom Fields ever. If you don't have Poison Defender Effect, You'll immediately getting Poisoning because every you touch the Green Mooshroom, You will immediately getting poisoned. Only 1 Solution that will be easier you can be here by safely, Kill Any Glowing Mooshrooms (Except Green Mooshroom because they really dangerous) until got Glowing Raw Meat, Then go to Green Mushroom Fields and Right click at Green Mushrooms with your Glowing Raw Meat to add Toppings. And then cook your Glowing Raw Meat that had toppings and eat it so you can get Poison Defender Effect.





Oh by the way, This Zombie Mushroomed won't burning at day because they protected by mushrooms



Q: Why the Glowing Mooshrooms Mushrooms at top is not glowing?

A: The Story is, The Mooshrooms took the Glowing Mushrooms for glowing the Mooshrooms lol

Q: How do I get the Poison Powder?

A: It's rarely drops from Green Mooshrooms

Q: How did you make music?

A: I make music with FL Studio, Click me if you want to see it


Thank you for reading my mod page, If you found the something bugs or missing in this mod, Please report it with comment from this mod. :)

Btw, This mod has 552 Mod elemets.


  • Adobe Photoshop 2019
  • Aseprite
  • FL Studio 20
  • Mcreator 2021.2
Modification files
glowing-mushrooms-1.1.0-1.16.5.jar - New Decorations And Blocks5.48 MB

Glowing Mushroom Updates

Version 1.1.0:

  • Adds 37+ Blocks
  • Adds 60+ Recipes
  • Adds 2 Potion
  • Adds 3 Powders
  • Changed All Essences name because previous version was mistake name
  • Essences and any glowing mushrooms now is useful for potions
  • Fixed "Oh no! I Broke my music disc!" Advancements

Looks cool, only with there would be more uses for these mushrooms. Perhaps something like glowing mushroom lamps could be cool :D