Oriental Base Mod

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Oriental mod is a mod that will add some biomes, weapons and creatures from the Japanese and Chinese Culture
This is My First Mod that i post here because i have at least 4 mod that i never posted (Darimorite, New Darimorite, Katana Mod and Meme Mod) and i don't think that i will post them because i lost the workspace but i still have the mod file( i just don't have the MEME mod jar file) and these mods are very strange and unpolished

Modification files
Oriental_Mod-ver1.0.0-1.16.5.jar - Oriental Mod version 1.0.0, Made to 1.16.5 MinecraftUploaded on: 06/28/2022 - 01:10   File size: 127.17 KB
Oriental_Mod-ver1.1.0-1.16.5.jar - Oriental Mod version 1.1.0, Made to 1.16.5 MinecraftUploaded on: 06/30/2022 - 00:01   File size: 173.22 KB
Oriental_Mod-ver1.2.0-1.16.5.jar - Oriental Mod version 1.2.0, Made to 1.16.5 MinecraftUploaded on: 07/02/2022 - 21:26   File size: 237.51 KB

Version 1.2.0

-------UPDATE LOG---------

Fixed Bugs
 +Bo Staff Particles now are a Trail instead of flying in random blocks

 +Explosive Arrow
 +Golden String
 +Raw Rice
  +Raw Rice on Bowl
   +Cooked Rice on Bowl

  +Poor Rice

 +Explosive Bow

---------SAD NOTE-----------

That version should add the spawn of mobs and animals on the biome but i tried it and 546 zombies spawned in 2 ticks, so no spawn in that biome

Version 1.1.0

-------UPDATE LOG---------

Fixed Bugs
 +Fixed Particles
 -Now Bo Staff can break
New Textures
 *Cherry Wood Planks
New Features
 +Cherry Wood now work like wood
  +Stripped Logs added
  -Can't make fuel with it
Version 1.0.0

-------UPDATE LOG---------

+Added English Language
+Added Brazillian Portuguese Language
+Added Cherry Tree Forest
 +Added Cherry Tree
  +Added Cherry Tree Leaves
   +Added Cherry
    +Added Cherry Tree Sapling
  +Added Cherry Tree Logs
   +Added Cherry Tree Planks
    -Can't be used as normal planks
    +Added Bo staff
     +Inflict Glow effect on enemy on hit
     -Low Durability
    +Added Cherry Tree Slabs
    +Added Cherry Tree Stairs
    +Added Cherry Tree Fence
    +Added Cherry Tree Fence's Gate
    +Added Cherry Tree Button
    +Added Cherry Tree Pressure Plate