Thendifer Realm

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Thendifer: This mods adds a new dimension to Minecraft called "Thendifer", Thendifer adds a variety of mobs, blocks, tools and items. to enter the Thendifer realm naturaly in survival you must search for the portal which is randomly generated at 1,000 structures per 1,000,000 chunks, the portal will only spawn on the surface of the overworld. The portal igniter can be crafted using 4 iron ingots and 1 diamond, i recommend using JEI to find crafting recipes.


Content: 50 blocks,  12 items, 4 foods, 2 armor set 4 different sets of tools including 3 special weapons.


Mobs: There are 10 functional mobs in this mod, 1 boss, 4 aggressive, 3 passive and 2 neutral.

The Boss "Thendifer Golem" can be spawned by finding a stonehenge themed structure that generates at 1,500 per 1,000,000 chunks and can only be found in the Thendifer realm. When this structure is found there is a block in the center that when broken will summon the golem.


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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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1.0.6 - Added 2 new Imp variants the Imp Brute and the Friendly Imp, 3 new plants, 1 new food, 1 new material, a few new recipes, 1 new advancement and a few other bug fixes. Friendly Imp can be traded with using Flesten.

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