Expanded Structures

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This is a mod that adds new structures to every vanilla dimension, beyond the dungeons, strongholds, etc.

New Overworld Structures:

Hot Cocoa Stand

This is a super common structure, created as a winter variant to the Lemonade Stand. Drink up for some cool buffs!

Pumpkin Lair:

Structure added in PR 3.0.0. in which you can acquire smash pumpkins to make the new items.

Waffle Monument

Structure added in PR 2.0.0. in which you can acquire Waffle Cones and Melted Ice Cream.


Structure added in PR 2.0.0. which holds all the blocks added thus far in the mod.

The Library

This is a decently common structure that is home to a new mob known as the Undead Librarian. You can aquire a enchanting table as well as get the new item called lighting crystals that are used to craft dyed lights.

The Cave

This is another decently common structure, however it is harder to find than the library as it has no light and is smaller. This is used to get new items call Key M's. This is part of the process to getting to a new dimension called The Mineinsion.

Tomb of the Villager

This is a structure that kind of plays off of the desert pyramid. Only found in the Desert. Here you will fight the Mummified Villager, who is a new boss that throws golden daggers at you! Make sure to find the treasure buried with him in his tomb after beating him!

Outcast Villager Cabin

This is a structure that can only be found in Plains biomes and can get you some emeralds and one shulker box.

The Tower

This is a decently rare structure in which you take on floors of mobs until you get to the Keeper of the Tower (another new boss). As you go through this structure you will get the items needed to make a new food item called Rock Candy. This food will give you six hunger bars filled as well as one level.

Lemonade Stand

This is a super common structure, created as kind of a joke for my friend. You can use it to buy lemonade. Be careful, it might make you cry!


New Nether Strucutres:

Fire Den

This structure is guarded by a new mob called the Fire Den Guardian (real creative name.. amirite?). This structure is used to acquire Blazing Flowers which can be used to make a new block called a lantern!


New End Structures:

The End Temple

This holds a shulker box and two of the new ore called Ender Shard ore. Also, home to a new mob call the End Worshipper. The Ender Shard and the End Worshipper are both key to getting to the new Upside Down dimension.

Void Trees

These are just trees that spawn in the end. I just made them structures for them to spawn there, just disclosing.


New Dimensions:


This is a dimension all about mining! There are no new structures here, it is a reward for visiting other structures.

Upside Down

This dimension is also a reward for visiting structures, however this one hold structures of it's own in addition to just being plain... off. Here you will find (as of right now) four new biomes with five (technically seven but) new mobs! This biome will be tweaked and revised as time goes on but it is in a well enough state for now. Happy Exploring!


New Upside Down Structures:

Corrupted Library:

This is an Upside Down variant of the Library structure for the overworld. It includes a new variant of the Undead Librarians as well. This one will grant you an anvil rather than a enchanting table.

Corrupted Tower

This is an Upside Down variant of The Tower structure for the overworld. It includes one of the new mobs The Skid, in place of cave spiders, as well as the variant of the Keeper of the Tower.


New Biomes:

Incidious Biome (Upside Down)

Void Biome (Upside Down)

Wild Forest Biome (Upside Down)

Corrupted City Biome (Upside Down)

Corrupted Biome (Overworld)

Milky Biome (Overworld)


New Mobs:

Undead Librarian

Villager Outcast

Fire Den Guardian

Zombified Miner

Mummified Villager

Keeper of the Tower

End Worshipper





Corrupted Undead Librarian

Corrupted Villager Outcast

Corrupted Keeper of the Tower

Polar Pirate


Corrupted Zombie

Corrupted Skeleton

Pumpkin Gremlin

Pumpkin Goliath



Final note: I really suggest Not Enough Items for this mod as there is a lot of crafting to advance to new dimensions.


Show me what you've done with the mod on Twitter: @The_CryingCloud

Share bugs and feedback on our website (you can also see what's up with Expanded Structures 2) here. 

Modification files
ExpandedStructures_Public V4.jar - Public Release 4 - Download (Final release for Expanded Structures 1)1.82 MB
ExpandedStructures_Public V3.jar - Public Release 3 - Download1.53 MB
ExpandedStructures_Public V2.jar - Public Release 2 - Download1.14 MB
ExpandedStructures_Public V1.jar - Public Release 1 - Download852.04 KB

Changes in Public Release 2.0.0:

  • Added a fence and stair for Corrupted Planks.
  • Added Polar Pirate Mob.
  • Added Corrupted Ship Structure.
  • Added Doubloon and Corrupted Doubloon item.
  • Added Pure Corruption item.
  • Added Pure Corruption block.
  • Added Corruption overworld biome.
  • Added Milky biome.
  • Added Waffle block.
  • Added Tempered Chocolate block.
  • Added Untempered Chocolate block.
  • Added Melted Ice Cream.
  • Added Waffle Monument structure.
  • Added Waffle Crumbs.
  • Added Waffle Cone.
  • Added Vanilla Extract.
  • Added Strawberry.
  • Added Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla Ice Cream.
  • Added Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanillla cone.
  • Added Strawbeing mob.
  • Added Cooling Off advancement.
  • Added Refined Brick.
  • Added Sandy Refined Brick.
  • Added Stoney Refined Brick.
  • Added Museum structure.
  • Added Block "Stand" block.
  • Added Corrupted Zombie mob.
  • Added Corrupted Skeleton mob.
  • Added Worlds Most Useless block.
  • Fixed the woods so that they would be used in wood crafting recipes.
  • Fixed (buffed) Keeper of the Tower and Corrupted Keeper of the Tower difficulty.
  • Fixed (decreased) rarity of The Tower and Corrupted Tower.
  • Fixed Somethings Wrong achievement.
  • Fixed (decreased) Skid mob spawn frequency.
  • Fixed (increased) Blayer mob spawn frequency.
  • Fixed (increased) Corrupted Outcast Villager mob spawn frequency.
  • Fixed corrupted stone being mined with hand.
  • Fixed the spawning of structures to remove the air box.
  • Removed Wild Fruit from the mod.

Added in Version 3:

  • Fixed rotation of key blocks.
  • Added Pumpkin Gremlin mob.
  • Added Pumpkin Goliath boss.
  • Added Smashed Pumpkin.
  • Added Bricked Pumpkin block.
  • Added Smoothed Pumpkin block.
  • Added Pumpkin Sword.
  • Added Pumpkin Lair structures.

Added in Version 4:

  • Added Icescream mob.
  • Added Elflin mob.
  • Added Elflin meat.
  • Added Evily Hot Cocoa Stand structure.

If I may ask, how exactly did you get the Enderman model to work. I have tried Techne and Blockbench, but they do not work correctly.