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Introduction. The global update mod adds new blocks, items and crafts, as well as a 3 new dimensions: Unknown dimension, Magma dimension and Creeper world. In the Unknown dimension four biomes (brown, grey, black and white biome). In the Magma dimension and Creeper world one biome. There are many achievements in fashion, while performing some of them, you can get new crafting on the crafting table and furnaces, as well as experience when performing complex advancements.

Ores. There are nine ores in mod: filfir, lamitium, perotinium, qanonbium, qantium, toxic stone, perianitum, yellow stone and topaz.

Filfir, extracted from filfir ore in the End, is used to craft an effective pickaxe.

Lamitium is generated in the End and is needed for crafting lamitium blocks, from which a portal to an Unknown dimension is built, as well as a flint for it.

Perotinium is generated in an Unknown dimension, it is needed for crafting tools and armor stronger than netherite tools.

Qanonbium is also generated in an Unknown dimension, it is needed for crafting tools. You can't make armor out of it. Qanonbium instruments are stronger than perotinium ones.

Qantium is generated in an Unknown dimension, needed for crafting tools. Qantium instruments are the most durable and strong.

A toxic stone is a block ore generated in an Unknown dimension. The stone itself imposes the effects of poisoning, nausea and weakness on the player. Toxic stone can be neutralized by melting it in a furnace, obtaining a neutralized stone that is needed for construction. 

Perianitum is used to create a stone of power. The stone of Undying is created from the stone of power. 

The yellow stone is generated in the Magma dimension, being a nickel ore. When the yellow stone is melted, a nickel ingot is obtained. Invar can be made from nickel and iron, like a netherite ingot. Invar can be used to make armor, a full set of which imposes a fire resistance effect.

Topaz is generated deep in the ground in an Unknown dimension, used in trading with green dispenser. It can be obtained by trading with green dispensers and a wandering trader.

Mobs and uncommon items. There are two mobs in the mod: a Magma block-boss and a green dispenser.

The Magma block-boss disguises itself as a magma block, has 500 hp, attacks remotely, can kill the first or second time and break all your armor. His projectiles bounce back strongly and explode upon landing. Without the Power Stone, it's almost impossible to kill him. It is invoked with the help of the Evil of the Magma Dimension. When summoning this boss, the blindness effect is applied for 15 seconds. Upon death, a Magma Dimension star drops out of it, with which you can create an Eternal Staff, becoming destructive like this boss. The Eternal Staff has an infinite margin of safety and is created from a Magma dimension star and two yellow stone rods, which are crafted from yellow stone dust obtained from the yellow stone itself using a workbench. One block produces 9 units of yellow dust.

The green dispenser is an analogue of a resident in the world of creepers. You can bargain with him, but each green dispencer has the same 12 deals. They appeared in the 1.3 version of the mod, that is, recently. The trade has not been completed yet, but it will be completed in the future. You can buy a Lightning Staff from them, which, unlike the Eternal Staff, cannot be created on a workbench and also has durability. The Lightning Staff allows you to fire projectiles that create lightning upon landing, causing damage to creatures.

The stone of Undying is created from the stone of power. The Stone of power imposes the effects of water respiration, fire resistance, resistance 5, haste 5 and strength 5. The stone of Undying imposes the effects of water respiration, fire resistance, resistance 10, regeneration 10, haste 10, strength 5, speed 3 and night vision (in the dark), is able to block negative effects.

Mechanics from the mod. The mod adds the ability to craft music discs, but for this you need two blocks: a workbench for records and a generator for recording music discs.
The Music disc recording generator generates music disc recordings for certain items.
A workbench for records is needed to connect the recording of a music disc with a vinyl disc.
To make a vinyl disc, you need to extract shellack from a tropical tree in the jungle, then melt it in an oven, obtaining vinyl, and then a vinyl disc is made from 5 vinyl. The mod allows you to create an enchanted golden apple, gold, iron and diamond horse armor, chain mail armor and saddle. Also with this mod, rotten flesh and poisonous potatoes can be used in a composter to produce bone meal.

Outro. Thanks to the advancements of the mod, it is not very difficult to study. The mod supports two languages: English and Russian. The mod was created using mcreator and supports minecraft version 1.18.2.

Modification files
global_update_mod_v1.0.0.jar - Global update mod v1.0.0Uploaded on: 08/07/2023 - 13:21   File size: 563.53 KB
global_update_mod_v1.2.1.jar - Global update mod v1.2.1Uploaded on: 04/12/2024 - 19:52   File size: 803.8 KB
global_update_mod_v1.3.jar - Global update mod v1.3Uploaded on: 04/12/2024 - 19:52   File size: 920.34 KB
global_update_mod_v1.3.1.jar - Global update mod v1.3.1Uploaded on: 04/13/2024 - 11:50   File size: 919.98 KB
global_update_mod_v1.4.jar - Global update mod v1.4Uploaded on: 04/29/2024 - 17:34   File size: 938.2 KB

Version 1.4

Added a weather control unit that allows you to change the weather without cheats in survival.
An effective pickaxe can be repaired using a filfir.
Two new achievements have been added.

Other minor changes.

Version 1.3.1

Technical changes related to the Creeper world.
One deal with the green dispenser has been changed.
2 new achievements have been added.
The flint crafting for the portal to the Creeper world has been changed.

Version 1.3.

The Creeper world has been added.
Added a green dispenser and trade with it.
A Lightning staff has been added.
Added an ultra-sword that deals 1000 damage and is created from two ultramarines and topaz.
Added ultramarine, which can be purchased from green dispensers.
Topaz has been added, which can be bought from green dispensers, itinerant merchants, or mined from ore in an Unknown Dimension.
Added 6 new achievements related to the World of creepers.

Version 1.2.1.

Minor changes.

Version 1.2.0 removed.

Version 1.1.1 removed.

Version 1.1.0 removed.

Version 1.0.5 removed.

Version 1.0.4 removed.

Version 1.0.3 removed.

Version 1.0.2 removed.

Version 1.0.1 removed.

Version 1.0.0 - the first version of mod.