101 Dimensions

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                                       101 Dimensions

A mod that adds plenty of biomes and dimensions, hope you enjoy!  


i made this mod a long time ago, therefor it's not too good, so I'm happy to announce that i am recreating this mod from scratch (hopefully with actually 101 dimensions) :)


Who knew rubbing two items together in a portal frame could make a brand new world :)



Glass Breaker - a Tool With The Ability To Break Glass Instantly.

Hand Cannon - a Weapon With The Capability To Fire Cannon Balls at A Wide Spread of Range.

Lapis Sword -  a Low Damage Sword With EXTREME Enchantibility

Stone Miner - a Personal Mining Inventory With The Ability to Mine Without Leaving The Comfort Of Your House!

Wood Chopper - Same as a Stone Miner It Just Doesent Mine It CHOPS Wood!

Creative Tool - A Tool That Can Litarally  Destroy ANYTHING (Except BedRock And Of Course Water and Lava)  But It is Limited To ONLY Creative Mode!

Worm - Just A Joke But You can Eat it.

Cloud - A Generated Structure That Hold A Few HelpFull Goodies!

Chicken nugget - just a small chicken nugget to add to the mod

Crusher - Used for crushing multi nuggets into multi ingots

Multi nugget - Crush this into a multi ingot

Multi Ingot - Craft four of these in a crafting table to make a multi block


The recipe's are kind of easy, you could probably figure them out yourself but i recommend using JEI (Just Enough Items) to go with it

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Dirt, Stone, iron, Dark, Gold, Diamond, Wood, Fruitful, Bright, Obsidian, Wool, Emerald, Concrete, Brick, Haybale, Clay, Peaceful, Water, TNT, Prismarine, Pumpkin, Bone, End, Glass, Snow, Sand, Enchanting, Bedrock, Sponge, Ice, Tiny, Slime, Crafting, Multidimension, MOO, BAAHH.


Just find a block and create a dimension!



Modification files
101 Dimensions (1.12.2).jar - 101 Dimensions (1.0.2) (1.12.2) (old)Uploaded on: 12/30/2018 - 22:06   File size: 1.59 MB
101 Dimensions (1.15.2) 1.0.7.jar - 101 Dimensions (1.0.7) 1.15.2 :Old:Uploaded on: 09/06/2020 - 23:07   File size: 1.8 MB
101 Dimensions 1.0.8 (1.16.4).jar - 101 Dimensions (1.0.8) 1.15.2 :New:Uploaded on: 04/09/2021 - 14:02   File size: 1.79 MB
101 Dimensions 1.0.9 (1.12.2).jar - 101 Dimensions (1.0.9) 1.12.2 :Newest:Uploaded on: 04/09/2021 - 14:02   File size: 1.97 MB

added all of the additions from previous versions

re-added multidimension - 1.0.9 only


aternos is free server hosting site for mods and magma is just like forge but you can have plugins as well as mods

This mod showed up as one of the first that you see in Aternos with Forge/Fabric/Magma. I will try to put this into a server along with OpenCubicChunks. Is that a good idea?