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Elementure is a mod that adds in many new exotic biomes, dungeons, mechanics and more!

The mod provides an abundance of content and a massively expanded survival experience. Explore your world and discover the new passive creatures, new monsters, items, dungeons and biomes!

Welcome to the Elementure’s new biome pack!
“Hang on a sec, what kind of name is that?” you might ask yourself.
Simply put, I couldn’t find a better name for this update. Previous 1.3.x updates were named after the main thing they featured, but since this one featured not only one, but THREE new biomes, we decided starting to call them packs was a better choice overall.
This update is much more refined than the last updates. The quality of the new features is going up and the new items are getting much more special.
Just like before, the experience initially starts off nearly the same, but quickly changes. Explore your world and enjoy the expansive features that are bound to show up with a little luck.

Elementure has its own unique kind of biome! Say hi to Proto-Biomes, a new type of sub-biome. Go to a plains biome or some other biome and find the Proto-Biome tied to it!

Windy shores [Found on beaches – use the wind geysers to jump between layers]
They’ve got a special glow to them at night.


Good Old Mycena Biome [Found in plains – features mushrooms and a cool new cave deep under]


Jelly Pools [Found in cold oceans – most things are nice (except the fish), find the weird pool dungeon!]


Diver’s Crown [Found on top of mountains – have an epic diving adventure and some rimerum]


Nether Star biome [Nether – a classic, ton of mobs and items, might have the coolest stuff]


This update has also added a new dungeon! Complete with some new custom monsters, a bunch of new items, 2 bosses and new weapons. None of them are swords, try swinging an undead-devouring pickaxe for a change!

And a bunch of other stuff was added. If you want to know more, keep on reading a little!

HEY! There's a wiki! Plus,

For other stuff such as reporting bugs or proposing ideas, there's a dedicated tracker in the discord server.

Note that most of the time, many changes are made to generation and loot whenever the mod is updated. The mod can still technically be played in the same world when a new version comes out, but making a new world is recommended.

Discord link!
Elementure Official Discord Server

Upcoming Features :
A small taste of things to come.

Our main focus currently is adding in the biomes which make the basis of our overworld generation overhaul. Eventually, we will start incorporating things like nether surface generation which will only be accessible through the massive Nether Star Biomes.

Known issues :
-Lag :(
Unfortunately, whenever a biome generates, the mod has a tendency to lag a lot. It stops lagging after a few seconds though. At least, you're sure to know a biome generated whenever it lags.

-Various problems with the Blue Key Dungeon. The dungeon is heavily work in progress and players may experience some game breaking bugs when entering the special area. Do not use the Blue Key unless you know what you are doing, you have been warned.

-Capitalization. I forgot to capitalize a bunch of items. My bad, fixing it in the next update.

-Music stops playing when the player sets their volume to 0 and turns it back up again.

-Custom caves or structures sometimes cut into each other.


Thanks to Mudeth, Cryosynchopy, Red&Green and Mattia Cupelli for the songs! Go check them out, they make great stuff!
Just so you know, for the recipes please use Just Enough Items because there are too many of them to keep track of them here. If you want to do a mod showcase, please put a link that sends back to this page. Thanks!

Modification files
1.18.2_elementure_downloadlink.zip - This file contains links to drives that contain my mod files. The files are too large. Curseforge is the other option.Uploaded on: 02/24/2023 - 18:33   File size: 272 bytes
elementure1.16.5_download_link_0.zip - This file contains links to drives that contain my mod files. The files are too large. Curseforge is the other option.Uploaded on: 04/21/2022 - 23:39   File size: 651 bytes
mc_worlds_download.zip - Unfortunately the file is too large so I have to update a link instead. I have to zip it as well because of MCreator rules.Uploaded on: 09/01/2021 - 01:54   File size: 470 bytes
1.12.2minecraft_worlds1.3.0.jarUploaded on: 10/03/2019 - 22:55   File size: 11.53 MB

Update 1.3.4

-Added in Kassems
-Added in Windy Shores Biome
-Added in Diver's Crown Biome
-Added in Jelly Pools Biome
-Improved Nether Star generation
-Upgraded underground biome generation
-Added in ruins to the Deep Slate layer
-Added in pots to the Deep Slate layer and the mycena biome
-Upgraded the Mycena Biome Dungeon
-Added in a bunch of spears and other weapons
-Added in worm enemies
-Added in Glass Bellboat
-Added in Rimerum brewing
-Added in a bunch of new fish
-Added in Magtuna Buster
-Added in Spider Nest Dungeon
-Changed Sword Temple Dungeon to be dimmer
-Changed boss drops to always drop at least one boss trophy
-Changed description of boss items to contain "Boss Trophy" on top
-Added Blue Key Dungeon (WIP)
-Added in Cursed Memory Food
-Added in fishing Points of Interest with custom fishing pools
-Added in Various small structures to populate the world
-Added in crab fishing
-Added in crab pots
-Added in the Fungal Pit to the Mycena Biome
-Added in the Siren Queen Boss
-Added in Umbrasyl, Avatar of Tar as a boss
-Added in the Spider Queen Boss
-Added in the Slumbering General Boss
-Added in a bunch of relics and artifacts
-Added in Boss Scaling with multiplayer
-Fixed a bunch of bugs


Update 1.3.3

Many changes, both big and small, probably missing a few of the small ones.

Technical stuff

-Updated to 1.16.5

-Optimized the generation code for the Mycena biome. The game lags less when it generates.
*Note : recommended amount of ram in single player is 4 gb
-Fixed a few typos and bugs

-The fishing mini-game is less laggy
-Changed a few things to make the multiplayer experience better (optimization + effect changes)

-Cobalt has been replaced by Dazzling ore and is less rare as well
-The Ragdoll mummy and Ice Elemental will be used as biome bosses/mini-bosses instead

-Shiny nether star blocks (they have animated stars)
-Reworked the dungeon gates
*** These are for dungeons that haven't been added yet ***
-Added in aurum bricks and its variants (these are not exactly accessible right now)
-Added in Dire Crypt bricks/tiles (these are not accessible)
-Added in the Haunted Statue block (not accessible as well)
-Added in the Dragonewt Scales block to store Dragonewt Scales better
-Added in all of the Nether Memorials (Crimson Forest, Warped Forest, Soul Sand Valley Memorial, Basalt Memorial, Nether Star Memorial)
-Added in Sharded Glass and Sharded Glass Panes (made with sharded obsidian)
-Added in Purple mushrooms and purple mushroom blocks
-Added in Protection Runes and Dungeon Crystals. Dungeon Crystals are harvestable, but Protection Runes are not. These blocks are used for dungeons. If you want to use these for map-making or something like that, you can find notes on the wiki

Boss Fights
-Changed the Obleck Lord so that his attacks are less hard to dodge/counter
-Changed the Statue Protector. His "Anti-cheese" push-back attack deals knockback now instead of making him explode
-Added in the Twisted Knight and his weapon
-Added in the Greedy Knight and his weapon

-Added in the Caustic Knight and his weapon

-Added in the Cruel Knight and his weapon

-Added in the Candle Knight and his weapon

-Added in the Spectre Knight and his weapon

-Added in the King's Knight, his weapon, his chestplate and the king's order (he drops this as well)

-Added in 13 new entities to the Nether Star Biome. They will be listed below according to the sub-biome they spawn in. Find more detail on the wiki
        Outside : Octolanks (squids that spawn in lava), Nether Quartz Chargers, Blue Blazes (Blazes made of burning star material)
        Prismatic bed : Sny, Crystal hopper + Large Crystal Hopper, Crystal Creeper (these are not the same as vanilla creepers. They don't 
        Inside : Netherum Titan, Netherum Leaper
        Flame Drill : Scrap Guardian, Small Scrap Guardian
        Surface : Blue Blazes also spawn here, Shattered Obsidian Chargers
-Added in the Ghost Warrior, a mob which only spawns inside Sword Temples
-Added in Perineal Botflies, a rare mob which spawns close to purple mushrooms
-Added in Dizmites, a peaceful Obleck which spawns when its bright instead of their aggressive counterpart, the regular Obleck
-Added in the Obleck Cleric, a rare spawn that summons Oblecks and drops a special, obleck summoning relic

-Reworked Obleck spawning. Oblecks will spawn anywhere on the surface at night. However, if the light level is too high, they will spawn as Dizmites instead.
The only exception to this rule is the Obleck Cleric. If you see Oblecks where you aren't supposed to see them, that means there's a cleric nearby.
-Added in Lava bobbers and Void bobbers. Equip these to start fishing in lava or above the void.
-Added in Diseased Fish. Equip purple bait to have diseased fish start spawning
-Added in mob types (some items deal more damage against specific mob types)
-Added in a new enchantment, the Strike enchantment. This enchantment increases your damage against mobs that don't belong to any of the vanilla mob types (such as undead, arthropods, illagers or water)
-Added xp drops to fishing

-Improved Nether Star stuff
-Improved generation for the Mycena biome
-Improved generation for the underground biomes

-Added in Sword Temples
-Added in Mycena Temples to the Mycenan Depths
-Added in camping sites, they spawn inside forests

-Added in about 30 new fish
-Added in the Dragonewt armor. This armor set makes you immune to both the special burn effect inside the nether star and to regular fire.
-Added in a lot of new relics
-Added in 4 new nether crates
-Added in relics that deal more damage against certain mobs
-Added in a potion that makes you immune to the Fungal burns effect
-Added in the Blackstone grimace relic and changed the Small Oaken blessing. They both increase your armor
-Added in aurum, a special, dark-type material that absorbs light around you and glows when held
-Fixed a bug with backpacks that made them able to store themselves, which could lead to issues
-Added in a book to keep track of the fish the player has caught
-Added a recipe for evil donuts

-Added in 4 new tracks
-Added in a music player. Normally, this menu is opened with F9. Thanks to everyone who provided me with the music. You can find credits in-game inside the music player.
-Added in a music pop-up

Update 1.3.2
This changelog isn't exactly complete, I'm putting what I remember from this update here. If you want a more fleshed-out version, I'd recommend to go on the discord since I keep it updated constantly.

Technical stuff
-Updated the mod to 1.16.5

-Don't think I removed anything important...

-Added in the whole set of Nether Star biome blocks. Added in the Netherum Crust, Netherum Crust Patch, Netherum carpet, Netherum, Active Netherum, Dense Netherum, Blazing Netherum, baby Nether Stars and Prismatic Crystals.
-Added in Starry roots, Nether trees and Scrap trees. These can be found on the surface of the nether. To go on top, you have to go through the the top of the Nether Star.
-Added in a bunch of decoration blocks which can be made with Prismatic Crystals

Boss fights
-The Ice Elemental will be added in shortly
-The Ragdoll mummy will be added back in shortly

-Gave the coal puck a bunch of new rare drops
-Added in 8 new Halloween monsters, each of them with their custom and unique item(s).
These monsters are the Minoskull, the Spirit, the Dark Spirit, the Bright Candle, the Shadow Candle, the Darklurker, the Pumpkin Mimic and the Gnoblin
-Added in 4 new Nether Star mobs, the Dragonite, Dragonewt, Dusty Starry Villagers and Ascended Aspids
-Added in a new fisherman villager in the mycena biome

-Added in the Halloween event which procs automatically when you join a world on the right time for the event to trigger
-Added in custom fishing
-Added in the crate system

-Added the Nether Star biome and its four sub-biomes

-Added three new structures in the Nether Star biome, all of them are found inside. There's the Starry Villager village, the Flame Drill and the Crystalline Structure.


Update 1.3.1
This changelog isn't exactly complete, I'm putting what I remember from this update here. If you want a more fleshed-out version, I'd recommend to go on the discord since I keep it updated constantly.

Technical stuff
-Updated the mod to 1.15.2. I'm going to update it to 1.16.5 soon enough.

-All the old mobs. Only a select few were kept.
-Deleted the lootbags and most of their loot. Some of it was kept, but it was not properly implemented
-Deleted the money system. I deemed it pointless since the base emerald system was easier to work with and to modify.
-Deleted a bunch of random items. I honestly don't even know which anymore, but most of them weren't fully functional or had their functions compressed into other items.
-Connected textures for multiple blocks
-A bunch of references
-Greatly improved on a bunch of old textures

-Repurposed the crystal blocks to crystal shell blocks that will now generate around memory hearts
-Added in memory hearts, a new (and very rare ore) which allows you to make a Memory Matrix to infinitely teleport between "checkpoints" called Memorials
-Added in a bunch of blocks called Memorials which match with their biomes. These blocks are made from those you find in their respective biomes.
-Added in mycenium
-Added in Mycenan shrooms
-Added in mycenan moss and moss bricks
-Added in mycenan vines
-Added in new berries
-Added in a Hatching pod which allows you to duplicate certain resources by consuming Potent Jelly(dropped by the Obleck Lord)
-Remade the berry bush models
-You can now right-click berry bushes to harvest them

-Added in a few set abilities
-Added in the mycenan alloy set which includes a rare Katana that can only be looted through secret chests
-Renamed Cobalt ore to Dazzling ore
-Added in a recipe for Brontium ingots
-Added in the complete Brontium Set(this thing exists since the first update almost and only the sword was added in until now)

Boss fights
-I got rid of every boss fight except for the Iron Knight
-The Ragdoll mummy will be added back in shortly
-Added in the Desecrated statue mini-boss
-Added in the Obleck Lord boss. This boss has a custom moveset which includes a swipe attack, a bullet attack, a laser attack, a turret summon attack and a bomb attack. All of them with custom animations.
-Added in the Mycenan Lord, a fungal menace which drops really cool loot like a Mycenan Pouch, explosive throwables and others

-Retextured the elementals
-Kept the Iron knight
-Added in the coal puck, a mischevious coal fairy which spawns undergound, can be set radiantly on fire and drops coal
-Added in the Mycenan Villagers
-Added in a horde of new mycenan monsters
-Added in the Mycenan Shroomals + Shroomlings + Sporelings
-Added in the Mycena Truffloons + Trufflings
-Added in the Mycena Fumoons + Fumoon Shroomals + Fumoon Shroomlings + Fumoon Sporelings
-Added in infected shroom guards
-Added in Mycenan roamers

-Added in the relic inventory and many relics like charms, relics, artifacts, familiars, cores and bags!
-Added in multiple villagers/npcs. The elder will give quests eventually.

-Added in the pitlands (the dimension is accessible, but heavily work-in-progress)(you can't come back yet so don't go there)
-The Hellan still exists, but I'm now asking myself what I should do with it
-Added in the Mycenan Grottos and the Mycenan depths, two parts of the same biome which generate in a very special and unique way. Find these in the plains biomes.

-Deleted a bunch of the old structures
-Added in a house which spawns with you (this house will be made indestructible later, it'll also include a cool secret)
-Kept the sword shrines
-Kept the elemental shrines (made them rarer though)
-Kept the buried sword
-Remade the iron knight arena
-Kept the extra trapped desert temple
-Kept the floating islands


Update 1.3.0
The beginning...

Technical stuff

-Still in 1.9.1/ 1.12.2 but the next update will be in a better version of MCreator
-Glad to say I retextured most of the stuff with much better textures than before
-The mod made its first step towards what I wanted it to be, yay! :D
-I am getting better at java so expect coded stuff for the next update ;P


-All the gems were removed
-Life crystal set was removed (even though the life crystal was kept since it'll be reused later)
-Removed petrol, brass, the spatial jerk, the ryolite stuff, rainbow berries, blood, compact flesh, carbon and the staffs
-The bag opener was removed because it was useless
-Removed tower void blocks
-Removed the elemental ingots
-Removed chaos and order stuff
-Removed all the dimensions except the Hellan which was repurposed into The Abyss and the Hoverlands which might also be repurposed or removed
-The Stamina idea was abandonned and was instead posted as its own mod
-Murk was repurposed into a block variant for the abyss (replaces farmland)
-Remodeled the Berry Bushes
-Connected textures for plenty of different blocks
-A bunch of biomes



-Block variants for the Abyssal Blocks (Grass, Tall Grass, Dreadweed, Corrupt Flower, Murk, Abyssal Fire, Abyssal Planks, Abyssal Logs, Abyssal Leaves, Corrupt Tnt, Abyssal Dew for Lava, Corrupt Ice for Ice and Water)
-Icy Slime Block : a block made from frozen slime?
-Void Bricks : Bricks found in the abyss. W.I.P. will be retextured. Doesn’t generate yet.
-Elemental liquids : elements compressed into a liquid form
-Runic blocks with 3 variants for the elemental dungeons (Base, bricks, chiseled)
-Elemental runes for the basic elements for now
-Spring water : special water with special properties found in special underground structures.
-Element infused variants of granite, andesite and diorite found in underground biomes
-Barriers : Colored barriers found in certain structures
-Elemental altars for each of the five basic elements
-Elemental runes for almost every element
-New ores and their condensed ore blocks ! : Merthium, Ferzium, Flutanite, Noobium (I swear it wasn’t based on the word noob. I was actually thinking of Niobium), Vamite ore Block and Brontium ore Block. All of them contain an element you can wield.
-Also added in ores for the element infused underground biomes : Dustflux ore (void), Lignite
ore (lightning) and Neon (energy).
-Added pitstone. It’ll be used in a dimension that’s currently being made.
-Added ice spikes and cracking ice. These’ll be used for a future miniboss.



-Added in sets for every ore.
-Silver will instead be fused with an element to create its respective elemental armor
-The creeperfied set is now made of Corrupt Creeper Hide and Infected Gunpowder
-There’s a special helmet you can only obtain from a mini-boss named The Iron Knight.
-There’s another hidden helmet that’s pretty hard to get. Good luck finding it! It’s pretty good… It also comes in with a sword you can upgrade three times. I wish you luck upgrading it the third time. You might just die...
-Added the Unholy set. It comes with a working shield! It’s still a little broken though… It’ll be repurposed into a set you could obtain in a pretty big dungeon.


Boss fights
-Added in the Iron Knight mini-boss. A Hunk of iron to whom life has been given to.
-Added in the Ragdoll mini-boss, a sandy mummy protecting treasure you can sometimes find in a desert temple. Be careful though, he’ll be able to toss you around with his sandnadoes.
-Added in the FesterWound boss. It’ll become a mini-boss for that dungeon I mentionned.
-The curser is currently « disabled.» You can still spawn him using a spawn egg, but it can’t be found legitimately anymore.



-Iron knight
-Void beast W.I.P.
-Seafoam slime. A slime which has formed out of seafoam.
-Festerwound Skeleton
-Festerwound zombie
-Endstone minion. A minion you can summon with a Relic of Endstone.
-Infested Creeper for the abyssal corruption
-Weak, regular and strong void granite elementals
-Weak, regular and strong lightning andesite elementals
-Weak, regular and strong energised diorite elementals


-Added in elemental essence. Use it to charge your skills.
-Added in skills. I am still working on that secondary inventory and hotbar thing so you’ll have to use a Skillholder instead to use your skill.
-Added in a few gimmicks. The abyss will poison you whenever you step in without its protective charm. Using a skill related to time will temporarily accelerate or slow you down to then make you catch up on that lost time by slowing you down or by accelerating you.
-Added in the first NPC. A dark friend joins you to help! Feed him apples to get golden apples! For now, he’s the only npc, but others will come.



-Added in three underground proto-biomes
-Added in the abyssal corruption proto-biome
-Will add in the Mycena biome soon enough
-The Abyss is currently being worked on.
-The Pitlands were added but are also being worked on.
-The Hoverlands might be repurposed or might be erased. I don’t know…


-Added in the sword temples. Randomly find these temples in which powerful swords were buried in honor of their masters. You might find a good sword, a really bad sword or a legendary one! You never know.
-Buried swords. Variant of the sword temples.
-Floating islands! Find floating chunks of earth filled with extremely light flutanite ore.
-Elemental shrines. Shrines in which the elements were gathered.
-Underground hot spring. Someone built this? Why?…
-Jumping towers. Abandonned towers used to gilde from using an elytra.
-Iron Knight arena
-Buried desert temple variant.


Snapshot 1.2.2 for update 1.3.0


Technical things


-Imported the workspace file from mcreator 1.7.8 to MCreator 1.8.1

-Started to retexture and remodel everything in the mod

-Started to remake the mod





-Will be removing fossils and petrol, brass, The Spatial Jerk, ryolite (gem, sword,) angel apples, rainbow berries, blood, compact flesh, all gem, every new **vanilla** gem such as sapphire, ruby, cornelian, ectect..., carbon, solar bow, a few of the other bows or staffs, bag opener, tower void blocks, abyssal fog and will remove the elemental ingots but will keep the souls

-Repurposing of chaos and order stuff, silver, creeperfied set, skill books, skycranium, life set, rune table, elemental biomes, whole gernotine Dimension, money, stamina, abyssal gas, berries

-Removed Copper, Tin, Osmium, Steel, Aluminium





-Elemental sets will now be obtainable from the silver set and their respective soul

-Still working on rebalancing the sets to make the game fair





-Vamite ore

-Maelstrom sapling

-Magic maelstrom sapling

-Murk : some kind of mud

-Villager statues : might give good loot :O

-Chest mimics : what is there to say :l

-Big chains : for a hanging prison-style kind of dungeon in the hellan

-Dungeon bricks in the works : one for every basic element plus the void type, dungeon variant, negative variant and rainbow variant

-Gates : for the future dungeons

-Dungeon exitor :A dungeon exitor

-Added to the abyssal corruption : dread weed, corrupt flower, corrupt grass, corrupt ice, corrupt grass plant, corrupt log, corrupt leaves, abyssal planks, abyssal TNT and abyssal flames

-Stars : one for every effect in Minecraft

-Rotten demon heart : altar for obtaining the aforementionned effects





-Brontium : tough steel, nothing more

-Vamite : speedy metal



-Geramium : control plants

-Promethium : prime power

-Nitrium : basic abyssal ingot

-Neocite : steel of ressurection

-Erebium : damaging shield

-Cimium : very unstable, might explode

-Yttrium : made with the sap of the tree of life

-Stagnite : stops any entity in it's tracks if touched

-Baryum : found in the middle of nowhere

-Anthracite : looks like chocolate  = )

-Processed steel : metal that looks smart? I didn't know metal could have an IQ of 300?

-Proctanite : flaming like a quasar gone supernova... even though that's not possible... still!

-Berylium : space steel... cool.

-Enchantium : magic metal that will boost enchants tremendously

-Elementum : used for the forging of the elements

-NegativeX : don't be so pessimistic

-Ferzium : metal of anger

-Merthium : under the sea...



Boss fights


-Going to add in many new mini-bosses on the field

-A new challenger will maybe approach : the Slime mind busts through

-Plasma wraith : shhh, it's a secret...





-Icy slime

-Mega slime

-Mega icy slime

-Mimics = )

-Weak water elemental

-Murky corpse


-Corruption spreader

-Ambrosium soldier

-North wind


-Possessed maelstrom log

-Maelstrom ent (might be one of my best models so far, I think...)

-Lost elementals for a specific structure : weak, troop, big, speeder, beamer, healer and bomber

-Still working on making the blockius take the texture of whichever block it's standing on





-Stamina bar will be replaced by a STRAIN chart, doing anything will put a certain amount of strain on your body (using the incoming skills, mining, sprinting, walking, attacking...) and if you strain your body too much you'll start taking damage.

-Relics and others are soon to come...

-Skill inventory, the skills are currently books, but will soon be changed to be selected in a second hot-bar. The menu is opened using "G"

-Skills will strain your body and cost EXP to use

-Using magic items will now be seen as using a skill





-I plan on making the demon biome have an underground made of massive and complex cave systems and cannot spawn next to or under of an angel biome

-The angel biome will now be a variant of the sky biome (btw, this biome is located at about 200 blocks in the air) and cannot spawn next to or on top of a demon biome

-Making a light-dark to void-energy dimension that can swing between both types any time it wants

-Then, advance the hellan dimension and give it multiple sub-biomes





-The elemental biomes will be converted into structures

-Added my 2 million block dungeon in the nether, fairly rare as well

-Added a sky house dungeon, not as rare



  • Snapshot 1.2.1 for update 1.3.0




-Creepy wood

-Some recipes, they'll be added back soon enough

-Voidium set has been replaced by the void set

-Energy blocks have had their texture changed to the default style of elemental biome blocks

-Remastered many textures





-More to elemental sets now (custom speeds, effects and armors, though not complete)

-Working on rebalancing the sets to make the game fair

-Many, many sets coming in the next snapshot with the planified ingots





-Mushy slime: very poisonnous and thick, step in it and you're slower than a snail, but agonising faster than the speed of light...

-Maelstrom wood: wood for the hellan dimension that is currently getting reworked

-Retextured crystals

-Darmstadium and flutanite ore with many more in the plans

-Blade pedestals (with only one currently for an OP blade called the Wraith's Wrath(60 damage and 6 speed rather than 1.6))

-Void blocks

-New dungeon bricks in the works for every elemental biomes: currently has five types and only for a single element yet

-Sky stone, bricks, path and pillar for the hoverlands

-Added the abyssal corruption. Includes: abyssal singularity, abyssal corruption, abyssal spawners, abyssal spotters, abyssal fog (3 types) and a dead abyssal singularity.

To control this corruption, the player will have to attack the abyssal singularity at it's core and right-click on it using an abyssal eye to kill it and deactivate the spreading of the abyssal corruption.Currently, this method doesn't work, so don't put abyssal corruption on stone because you won't be able to stop after, since, right now, it spreads too fast. Though, the next snapshot will only come out when they'll be a bit slower and with the ability to spread on multiple blocks or on every block except a few like bedrock or air or itself(to reduce lag.)








-Geramium, control plants

-Promethium, prime power

-Nitrium, basic abyssal ingot

-Neocite, steel of ressurection

-Erebium, damaging shield

-Cimium, very unstable, might explode

-Yttrium, made with the sap of the tree of life

-Stagnite, stops any entity in it's tracks if touched

-Baryum, found in the middle of nowhere

-Anthracite, looks like chocolate  = )

-Processed steel, metal that looks smart? I didn't know metal could have an IQ of 300?

-Belodmime will have it's texture remastered

-Proctanite, flaming like a quasar gone supernova

-Berylium, space steel... cool.

-Enchantium, magic metal.

-Elementum, every element in one

-NegativeX, don't be so pessimistic



Boss fights


-Custom soundtrack for the curser

-Minions for the curser

-2nd stage for the curser

-Fixed the pillars

-Now going to work on the Mega Mech





-Functionnal pillars

-2 guardians for the curser

-2minions for the curser

-2nd stage for the curser

-Working on making the blockius take the texture of whichever block it's standing on





-Stamina bar, does nothing yet

-Skill inventory, the skills are currently books, but will soon be changed to be selected in a second hot-bar. The menu is opened using "G"

-Made textures for every mechanic, including a wheel to charge your skills and boost them if needed

-Skills will cost EXP to use

-Mega spawner: used in dungeons to spawn a horde of annoying monsters

-Curser summoner, used to summon the curser's minions. Will soon be deleted and the ability will be given to the Curser himself.

-Barrier: an indestructible door that can't be broken unless it is opened using a barrier key

-Planning to change Mana to a form of energy for magic items





-Working on finishing the elemental biomes

-Then, advance the hellan dimension and give it multiple sub-biomes




-Working on 2 million block structures and planning to add them if MCreator would allow a maximal block limit higher than 64K blocks(is 1,6K without a splitting method.)



  • UPDATE 1.2.0

-The multi-update




Maple grove

Acid biome

Acid block and liquid

Disappeared and vanishing block

Corruptive stone

Copper lamp

Demon dirt

Silver gun and bullet

Clockium ore

Trading mana

House emblem (boss now spawns randomly in The Dimension of Gears)





Silver set

Dragon set (no bow)

Metalite set now accessible (special craft)

Lead set

Steel set

Brass set

Osmium set

Voidium set

Emerald set

Zinil set

Dullahan set (only armor and mob drop)

Bows for adamantium, cobalt, creeperfied, curser, gold, diamond, lapis, iron, brass, copper, cobblestone, lead, steel, tin, aluminium, osmium, neon, silver, metalite

-(completed sets will now have bows)






Added blocks for every ingot

Fire, water, earth, air and lightning blocks and underground blocks for biomes


Corrupt block

Galaxy block and brick

Energy block and compact energy block

Strawberry, Beesting berry, Perryberry, Blueberry and Rainbow berry minibush and bushes (the berries are food)

Weak shield block (skill block)

Xenophin stone

Treasure grass

Xenophin gate (secret use :o)

Mushy slime (poisonous slime)






Metalite (boss drop)






Time ingot (boss drop)


Ruby (gem)

Onyx (gem)

Saphire (gem)

Garnet (gem)

Cornelian (gem)

Amethyst (gem)

Tourmaline (gem)

Allgem (gem combining diamonds, emerald, ruby, saphire, onyx, amethyst, garnet, cornelian, tourmaline)

Air, fire, water, earth, lightning, chaos souls with ingots 



Boss fights


Nothing new yet





Void Knight

Stuff Mob (mechanical use)

XP mob (mechanical use)



Meteor eye



Grass crawler

Plain soul

Dark soul


Desert blockius

Blockius -> Plains blockius






Cobble golem

Infected shroom

Void slime

Dullahan (Dullahan head, Dullahan, Dullahan horse)



Wraith (Wraith, Wraith shard, Wraith thorn)


Mushy slime

Cryo Carpet





Wooden, Iron and Diamond mana generators

Bag Opener

Summoner table (made to summon bosses)

Ingot fusionner (mixes ingots into new ingot dust (2 ingots -> 1 dust))

Spawner cage (weak - XP and Stuff spawner)

Forge (Re:textured and transforms item dusts to ingots)





Energy biome

Galaxy biome

Fire, water, earth, air and lightning biomes

Gernotine dimension



I left some stuff out to leave suprises for you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


UPDATE 1.1.0

-Repaired and added codes 


-Bug fixes

-Mod no longer always crashes

-Models aren't broken anymore (at least not as much.)


  • UPDATE 1.0.0 (broken)

-The beginning



Redstone set (only a staff)

Lapis and diamond (only a staff)

Adamantite set

Cobalt set

Creeperfied set

Neon set

Aluminium set

Tin set

Copper set

Wood armor

Stone armor

Vanadium set

Metalite set (not accesible yet)

Curser set (no armor and boss drop)

Life set

​Silver set (no sword, pickaxe, axe, hoe, shovel)

Dragon set (no sword, pickaxe, axe, hoe, shovel)


Acid (block and liquid)


Adamantite (ore, block, ingot)

Aluminium (ore, ingot)

Bloody stone (cobblestone, stone, dirt, grass, biome)

Burning Hellstone


Carbon ore (smelt what you get to get carbon)

Chaos stone

Clock block

Clockium ore (get time essence(not accesible yet))

Cobalt block (ore, block, ingot)

Copper lamp

Copper ore (ingot, ore)

Disappearing block

Creepy wood (log, leaves, sapling, planks)

Demon dirt (dirt, grass, biome)

Dimension Gear

Mega  gear (Dropped by Mega mech, portal to a new dimension)

Corrupt stone (infectious)

Emeraldium ore

Fossil (smelt it to get petrol)

Hard air

HP cristal (ore, gem)

Maple wood (biome, log, leaves, planks)

Marble (stone, cobblestone)

Meteorite (ore, ingot)

Moa grass

Neon block (block/ore, ingot, drive)

Order stone

Petro l(liquid)


Ryolite (ore, block, dust, gem)

Silver (ingot, ore)

Starium (ore, gem)

Steel (steel block, ingot, no utility yet)

System block

Tin (ore, ingot)

Vanadium (ore, ingot)


Brass (no utility yet)

Steel (no utility yet)

Starium (amo for staffs)









Metalite (not accesible yet)

Lithium (gem and ingot)

Mana (Weak Mana, Mana, Strong Mana, Trading Mana)

Angel feathers (For special blade and for food)​

Skycranium (makes Life eye)

Life eye

HP cristal

Boss fights and invoker items with drops


Mega Mech               Invoker:The gear of gears               Drop:Mega gear

The Pillars (4)               Invoker:Rare talisman               Drop:Ender, lava, Ice and Solarium ingot - rare:Rare Talisman

Gearmaker               Invoker:House Emblem *Note Spawns first the Gear trader right-click him to spawn boss               Drop:Timeless sword

Curser               Invoker: "Do not spawn the Curse"               Drop:Curser set

Metalicana (once every 200 days he will spawn somewhere on your world)



Mechanical eye



Lava Pillar, Wolf, Spawner

Ice Pillar, Wolf, Spawner

Solarium Pillar, Wolf, Spawner

Ender Pillar, Wolf, Spawner


Gear Trader


Mega Mech

















Rune table (Right-click with a blank-rune to get a rune(Heavy work in progress))

Forge (no utility yet)

Miner (It works like the observer and makes Cobblestone)

XLMiner (It works like the observer and makes 64Cobblestone)

Petrol Reactor (Right-click with petrol and spawn a structure)

Steel-shifter (Right-click with iron to get steel)


Demon biome

Angel biome

Chaos biome

Order biome

Living Flesh Biome

Acid biome

Fire Biome

Dark biome

Air biome



Hellan Dimension (Bloody Stone as frame and "Hell is alive" as lighter)

Hoverlands Dimension (Adamantite blocks as frame and Hoverlands Insignia as lighter)

Dark Road (Dark block as frame and "The ultimate darkness" as lighter)

The dimension of gears (Mega Gear as frame and "the clock" as lighter)

I'll be retexturing the underground biome blocks since they're kind of invasive. I'll also add in connected textures for them and upgrades to generation to smoothen how the caves look.