The Subworlds

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Welcome to my newest Project, the Subworlds. The Subworld is a seperate Timeline from the Overworld, Nether and the End. It can be reached by building a Portal of Purpur Blocks (PLACEHOLDER, GETS REPLACED LATER) and lighting it (Currently not obtainable.). You get a full new Inventory, and must survive from the first Second on. The only way to get back is .?!$"$"§(/? (It's not possible yet.)


By Time-Traveling to the Subworlds, you will get completly reset. But: It's like a restart! You can currently travel through 3 Sub-exclusive Biomes which are inspired by Overworld-biomes. There is a Sub-Plains, Sub-Forest and a Sub-Desert. The current Structures you can find are only Mineshafts, but they are really rare too!

After some Time you might reach the Time to mine. There are Caves. There is currently one Ore, the Sub-Coal Ore. (More will follow)


'''This is just a Testing Build. It wants to represent the Features of the Mod, but it's not the final Version. Textures will change, custom Mobs will come, and more, more, more...


  • v1: 3 Biomes: Sub-Plains, Sub-Forest and Sub-Desert
    • New Blocks: Sub-Dirt, Grass, Sand, Stone, Logs, Planks, Leaves, Sub-Coal Ore and Block.
      • New Visual-Only Block: Sub-Portal (Inner Block texture)
    • New Items: Sub-Coal, Subworld Key, Subwood-Tools and Sword, Subapple (Obtained by leaves)

Biome Pictures are currently not loading, coming soon.

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