Dream dimension and nightmare dimension mod

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Dream dimension: The dream dimension has pink grass and pink waters it also contains a mob called "Dream mob" that is passive and upon killing you will get a ranged item that shoots pink dye and pushes mobs back when hit a mob.

Nightmare dimension: This dimension has black grass and grey waters and a mob called a "nightmare mob" which is extremely strong and will drop the "nightmare sword" that is very powerfull. Other than water the nightmare dimension also has a liquid called the "nightmare juice" that acts like lava.

Portals: The nightmare portal is built like a nether protal but instead of obsidian it is built with polished blackstone and can be lightid with its portal igniter.

The dream portal is also built like a nether portal but instead of obsidian it is built with pink concrete and lighted with it's own lighter.

That is it for this mod!!

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