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This mod is currently in its very early alpha stages and as such does not have very much content.

The Barsoom mod adds Edgar Rice Burroughs Barsoom series into Minecraft.

I am currently reworking the entire mod from what I had originally. My plan is to go through each book adding content from them one by one. Once I add everything that I can from the first book I will then consider this mod to be in a fully playable release. I guess beta will be somewhere in the middle, I don't really know.

If you want to check it out there is a new dungeon that spawns underground in mesa biomes that will get you the item to travel to the Barsoom dimension. Or you can just grab the item from creative.

Modification files
Barsoom_Alpha_0.0.3.jar - Barsoom 1.14.4 v0.0.3833.35 KB
Barsoom_1.15.2_v0.0.4.jar - Barsoom 1.15.2 v0.0.4267.25 KB

0.0.2 - Fixed intro Barsoom Advancement.

0.0.3 - lowered leave drop rate. Updated block types that do and don't destroy purple grass.

0.0.4 - Now for Minecraft 1.15.2. I've done a complete rework of the mod.