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Utilities Mod is a minecraft mod based on Dimensions and Exploration !


- Items :


 Titanium Tools, Copper Ingot, Titanium Nugget/Gem, Time Manipulator (WIP), Rotten Apple, Gem Of Time, Backpack...


- Blocks :


Block Of Time, Titanium Grass/Dirt/Leaves/Log/Planks/Chest/Fern/Ore, Time Crystal, Old Monitor (WIP), Time Lamp, Copper Ore...



- Fluids :


Apple Juice, Liquid Titanium, Liquid Copper...


- Dimensions :


Titanium Dimension, Time Distorsion (To avoid the temporal fracture, please have your full life. If you want to access the dimension, have your life below 15 hp)



This mod is in ALPHA phase !

Tell me your bugs in comments !

Modification files
UtilitiesMod - Alpha 0.0.1.jarUploaded on: 11/12/2020 - 11:15   File size: 987.98 KB

Changelog of 12/11/2020 :


- Posted the Mod.


- News Crafts


- New Items


- New Blocks.


- Added Backpack.


- Added Dimensions.


- Added Time Manipulator (WIP)


- Added Old Monitor (WIP)