Xenoclus One

Published by Mr. Cubist on Sat, 09/28/2019 - 15:30
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Welcome to Xenoclus.

This mod is all about exploration. So I'm not gonna spoil much

This mod will add in four expansive dimensions with unique biomes, blocks, mobs, etc...

Current Content

Many new blocks and items.

Multiple new mobs.

Two dimensions (Umbra) (Borealark)

A new over world tropics biome

Many unique structures.


Other Info

I plan on adding 1 new dimension about every month, maybe longer. (There will be 4)

Mobs and bosses will take me a while because modeling takes time.


Just updated. Check the guide and news forum topic. 

Xenoclus One on Curse Forge



Most sprite work - me

Most new models - me

Some of the code - me

Secret and Cryofuge Sword sprite, Snowmobile model - TheDuckeyMomo

Music for Umbra and Borealark - Junk Jack

The rest of the code - MCreator

Please note that obviously the guide contains spoilers.

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Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Xenoclus One Borealark_0.jar - Borealark update + Massive fix7.47 MB

New update: Umbra's Last Howl

This update finishes Umbra, adding in lots of new stuff (no boss yet)

Adds in:
  • Multiple new blocks
  • A new biome: The Painted Swamp
  • Two new flying mobs the Vampire and the Moth
  • Four aquatic mobs (they are unfinished because MCreator is currently unable to create proper water mobs)
  • New models for the slug, moth, vampire, and the aquatic mobs.
  • Umbra's boss dungeon (still no boss)

New update: Borealark Update

Adds in a new dimension

Adds in:

  • Ore dictionary entries for all obtainable items/blocks
  • A new vehicle
  • New Weapons
  • New armor
  • New structures
  • New Biomes
  • New items and tools

New Update: Borealark fix

Massive bug fix, the fish apocalypse is over!

ooh. It looks awesome. Keep on going, as i would LOVE to play it!

Cool mod, well done for being your fist mod :)

Can you add ore-dictionary support?
(I want to make an extension for this mod if you agree)

Just write a dictionary name in the column of the block/item. And make all stuff crafted by ore dictionary entries, and I will ask for the dictionary names I need to craft them using items from the extension mod