Xenoclus One

Published by Mr. Cubist on Sat, 09/28/2019 - 15:30
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Xenoclus One

Welcome to Xenoclus.

This mod is all about exploration. So I'm not gonna spoil much

This mod will add in four expansive dimensions with unique biomes, blocks, mobs, etc...


  •  Four unique dimensions
  • A plethora of new biomes
  • A truck load of structures
  • Many environment improvements to base dimensions
  • Castles with friendly mobs


  • Many unique and interesting mobs
  • One boss fight (more to come)


  • Rare loot
  • New foods
  • New armors
  • A new transportation device
  • Many building blocks
  • New Music Discs


  • With hundreds of new blocks
  • With many unique decorations
  • With many different and alien plants
  • Portals to new lands
  • More interesting structures

Other Info

This mod is being discontinued in favor of a new project: Xenoclus 2


  • Certain flying mobs will blast off whenever touching the ground (this is an issue with MCreator)
  • Mage and other ranged mobs have incomplete projectiles (this is an issue with MCreator)
  • The Abyss can be laggy and look weird when loading in (this is due to the method I used to make the Abyss' biomes actually differ, I may release a version without that though, although it won't look as pretty)
  • The Abyss can rarely crash the game (refer to the above)
  • A certain attack performed by the Creepalisk will sometimes float there not colliding or doing anything (this is an issue with Minecraft)
  • Some structures destroy terrain (this will be fixed in the Protordial Arts Update)
  • Droid kit crashes game (FIXED)


This mod is being discontinued, in favor of a new project: Xenoclus 2



Xenoclus One on Curse Forge



Most sprite work - me

Most new models - me

Some of the code - me

Secret and Cryofuge Sword sprite, Snowmobile model, Chain Chakram - TheDuckeyMomo

Lycan and Fenrir models/textures - Bronze

Music for all dimensions - Junk Jack

The rest of the code - MCreator

Please note that obviously the guide contains spoilers.

Modification files
XenoclusFloodOContentBUGFIX.jar - The ever awaited Azathoth Update, but with a BUGFIX...10.72 MB
XenoclusFloodOContentnm.jar - Same as Xenoclus Flood O Content BUGFIX, but it is for 1.14.4!5.05 MB

New update: Umbra's Last Howl

This update finishes Umbra, adding in lots of new stuff (no boss yet)

Adds in:
  • Multiple new blocks
  • A new biome: The Painted Swamp
  • Two new flying mobs the Vampire and the Moth
  • Four aquatic mobs (they are unfinished because MCreator is currently unable to create proper water mobs)
  • New models for the slug, moth, vampire, and the aquatic mobs.
  • Umbra's boss dungeon (still no boss)

New update: Borealark Update

Adds in a new dimension

Adds in:

  • Ore dictionary entries for all obtainable items/blocks
  • A new vehicle
  • New Weapons
  • New armor
  • New structures
  • New biomes
  • New items and tools

New Update: Borealark fix

Massive bug fix, the fish apocalypse is over!

New update: Flood O' Content

Adds in two new dimensions

Adds in:

  • Many new blocks
  • Many new mobs
  • New biomes
  • New structures
  • New items and tools
  • New armor
  • Creepalisk boss
  • A new npc race that can be traded with
  • Many Achievements
  • Music Discs for ambient tracks
  • Lots more


  • Lycan, Mage, Klight, Hypnorb Weaver, and Cruncher models
  • Umbra textures
  • Umbra biomes and structures
  • Structure loot
  • Removed Vampire mob


Fixed Player Made Droid crashing the game.

New update on the horizon. Check the guide and news for more info, and you may have even spotted the new sneak peak in the images for the mod!

Nice mod :)
The textures in that structure are great! :)
And this is an amazing first mod!
Keep up the good work :)