Fantastic Biomes

Published by KWYKWY_999 on Tue, 08/02/2022 - 01:05
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This mod adds 19 NEW BIOMES by using blocks that already exists on minecraft, and they also have their features too (like the yellow grass from the snowy birch forest, or the pine trees from the taiga mountains).

Have Fun!


Planned to add on the next update:

Sparse Forest


Birch Woodland

Sparse Birch Woodland

Wooded Grasslands



Modification files - First VersionUploaded on: 08/05/2022 - 19:40   File size: 38.83 KB - 1.3Uploaded on: 08/06/2022 - 14:31   File size: 319.5 KB - 1.4.1Uploaded on: 08/07/2022 - 14:13   File size: 324.97 KB - Last VersionUploaded on: 08/07/2022 - 14:13   File size: 344.42 KB


 - Added 5 biomes into the overworld:

    Tropical Savanna

    Mushroom Taiga

    Blue Forest

    Snowy Birch Forest

    Tulip Plains


 - Added 3 biomes into the overworld:

    Subtropical Forest

    Fern Meadow

    Vivid Plains

 - Added 1 biome into the nether:

    Blackstone Shore


 - Added 2 biomes into the overworld:

    Temperate Jungle


 - Added 1 biome into the nether:

    Warped Plains


 - Added 3 biomes into the overworld:

    Dry Forest


    Mushroom Plains


 - Added 2 biomes into the overworld:


    Old Growth Grasslands


 - Changed the Grass tint color of two biomes:


    Old Growth Grassland


 - Added 2 biomes into the overworld:

    Dry Plains

    Taiga Mountains

So I have translated.
Go to here:
Download the "de_de.csv".
Then open your workspace, go to "Localization" (It's somewhere on the left side)
Then make a new localization, search for "German" (make sure it's de_de and not de_at or something like that)
Then click on "Import CSV into current language" select the de_de.csv and then you've added the language successfully.

Also I'd recommend exporting the mod, instead of sharing the workspace.

If you don't know how to export, on the top right side there is a icon that looks like a paper with a arrow on it.
Click on that and you have sucessfully exported the mod.

(Just a tip)

Hey just wanna let you know that I'm "retiring" from mod development.

If you want, you can use one of my vanilla-like biomes (like the Taiga Mountains) from BioExt. I don't mind that.