Galaxy In One

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Galaxy In One

Basically a dimension mod

This mod adds a few dimensions:

  • Golden Planet
  • Meteor Blast
  • Igona
  • The Dether
  • Canis Planet
  • The Sun

For each dimension you need that igniter and the portal frame is Interdimensional Block.

You also have the Igniter Crafting Table! Grab a stick, a gold block, bone or other things, and create the igniter!

The recipe is with ender crystals and obsidian (I think) for both!

Modification files
gio-forge-1.16.5-v1.0.1.jar - Small tweaks and features255.39 KB
gio-forge-1.16.5-v1.0.0.jar - Official Release242.74 KB
  • v1.0.1 Small tweaks and features
    Added animation to the interdimensional block
    Added functionality to the igniter crafting table
    Added block called Sun Fragment that generates in The Sun
  • v1.0.0 Official Release