Red Wood Forest Dimension

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This is my first mod i've ever made. The portal is made with at least 10 Blood Stone. 10 Blood Stone are made with 10 redstone blocks. you need to use a blast furnace to change the redstone. You need the Redwood Forest Portal Igniter which is made of redstone and two red sticks. The red sticks are made with one blaze rod and one redstone. Once you do get to the dimension, you can chop the 30 block high tall trees to get Red Wood Logs! You can craft them into Red Wood/Planks. You can use that wood to craft sticks, swords, pickaxes, axes, shovels, hoes, and crafting tables! There is a secret dimension that adds different variants of the Red Wood Items. One hint. Coal.

Added ores to both dimensions.

Removed DJ_Twizel

Modification files
Red Wood Dimensions-1.0.0-neoforge-1.20.4.jar - Version 1.0.0Uploaded on: 06/16/2024 - 07:12   File size: 1.71 MB
Red Wood Dimensions-1.0.1-neoforge-1.20.4.jar - Version 1.0.1Uploaded on: 06/16/2024 - 07:12   File size: 1.8 MB
red_wood_forest_dimensions-1.1.0-neoforge-1.20.4.jar - Version 1.1.0 AlphaUploaded on: 06/17/2024 - 02:36   File size: 2.48 MB