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End Tweaks is a mod where the end finally gets a touch of love. You'll find a total of 4 new mobs (including the boss) and even new food.

Hidden in the depths of the end is a rare ore called imperial obsidian. The only way to mine it is if you have 2 or more exp levels and it'll take 2. (Imperial obsidian does not work with fortune) You will need to use imperial obsidian to make the new tools and armor.

Imperial Obsidian

You can craft the imperial obsidian ingots and blocks like this:

Imperial Obsidian ingot and block recipes

In your journey through the end you can find an end cactus which you can pick the fruit and either eat, and get the stasis effect or use it to make a stasis potion from a water bottle In a brewing stand, which makes you immobile for a bit, but mobs can't see you.

End cactus and Stasis Fruit

There are also 3 tools you can make. There is the teleportation wand which teleports you where you are facing. There's also the imperial obsidian throwing axe which you can throw like a trident and has a lot of knockback. Lastly, there's the imperial obsidian drill, which can mine in a 3x3 area, but you have to refuel with ender pearls in an anvil.

The 3 tools

Imperial Obsidian also has an armor type, it's made like normal, but the chest plate takes an imperial obsidian block in the middle.

Imperial Obsidian Amor Set

There are currently 3 non-boss mobs, the End Worm, (Left) End Glider, (Middle) and the End Walker. (Right)

Non-Boss mobs

Lastly, the Imperial Enderman, which is the boss of this mod. To spawn him, go to the top of the end dungeons that spawn in the end, and right-click the totem (shown below) and it'll summon the Imperial Enderman. He might drop some of the new enchantments if you can beat him.

Totem and Imperial Enderman

Big thanks to Epic and OwenFails for helping out with ideas



Official Video

DGaming English

Modification files
EndTweaks-1.0.0.jar - Version 1.0.0 for 1.18.2Uploaded on: 05/22/2022 - 02:48   File size: 1.99 MB
EndTweaks-1.1.0.jar - Version 1.1.0 for 1.18.2Uploaded on: 06/02/2022 - 21:20   File size: 2.64 MB


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  • Added - End CactusAdded - Stasis Fruit
  • Added - End Cactus Flower
  • Added- End Glider
  • Added - End Worm
  • Added - Stasis potion effect
  • Changed - End Dungeon Loot tables



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Cool mod !
I can't wait to see further development.
You should update your images with brighter ones, we can't see very well ;)

hi. i'm working on my own end mod (early stages) and was wondering if you wanted compatibility between our mods. message me on discord. my tag is "ya boi sculk#8961"

for structures and recipes, it's only needed on 1 side of the compatibility. crafting is just a crafting recipe, but you lock the code, go into the code editor, and replace the item IDs required with the item IDs from the other mod. structures require both mods to be loaded, with only 1 person making a structure. usehttps://mcreator.net/plugin/76162/mod-checker as a plugin to make a simple procedure that makes it only spawn when the other mod is loaded