FryGuy's Bluestone Ore Mod (Needs bug testing)

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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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My first mod! I was unsure which direction to take so I just made the idea for a simple ore: Bluestone. It quickly evolved into a larger idea, with the slightly useless bluestone tools able to be made into more powerful Charged Bluestone Tools that could act as other materials of tools and even be able to be Super-Charged to make them better than Diamond.


A new ore, Bluestone, which is only slightly better than stone but can be combined with Charged Bluestone Brittle to make Charged Bluestone Tools.

A new biome in the overworld called the Blugelatin Swamps, with a goopy new liquid called Blugelatin available inside.

A fun new block called Congealed Blugelatin that can be walked through, has gravity, and gives Slowness when you touch it. 

A new dimension: the Bluestone Barrens! This very awesome dimension has two unique biomes in it, plus the Blugelatin Swamps, and has a unique progression system in order to find, access, and defeat its final boss: the Blugelatin Beast. Travel to the Bluestone Wastes to collect the Blue Keys and the powerful Potion of the Gelatin Master, and then scale the Bluestone Mountains and unlock the entrance to the Beast's Dungeon.

Also comes with my unimpressive pixel art!

I plan to maybe add more content in the future, including- 

Block variants for Bluestone (stairs, bricks, slabs, etc.)

An upgrade to the Beast Dungeon using variants in above.

A wandering trader's shop in the Bluestone Barrens.

A music disc?

Modification files
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