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Perpaland Mod is a new mod that adds the Perpaland Dimension!

Currently there are 6 biomes in the Perpaland Dimension: Plains, Barrens, Desert, Forest, Ocean and Deep Ocean. To get there, you will need to find the Perpaland Portal, which are scattered throughout the overworld. You will also need the Perpal Crystal, which is made out of 5 Perpal Crystal Shards, dropped by the Perpal Monolith, a strong enemy that floats, has 60 health and does 10 damage. You can find that enemy underground.

In the new dimension, you will encounter new ores (luminum, olivine etc) and rocks (cotranite), along with a rare intimidating boss: the Perpal Elemental!

The Perpal Elemental can rarely be found in the surface of the barrens biome, or in it's undreground chamber (also in the barrens biome)! Defeat it to obtain angelite shards for strong tools/armor! (or mine underground for the rare angelite ore)

And explore the floating fortresses that host strong, weird enemies that drop valuable loot!!

Pending Additions:


Pending Changes:



Things that need fixing:

1.Crops in structures won't grow

2.Farmland can't be obtained


Credits to NorthWestTreesGaming for his helpful tutorials

Modification files
Perpaland_mod_Indev0.5.1.jar - Latest VersionUploaded on: 08/15/2021 - 03:17   File size: 859.77 KB
Perpaland_mod_Indev0.0.0.jar - Oldest VersionUploaded on: 07/31/2021 - 21:29   File size: 91.24 KB

Indev 0.5.1

-Added Perpalian speech


Indev 0.5.0

-Added Perpal Ectoplasm (rarely dropped by Perpal Ghosts)

-Added Gem/Block of Yore (rare gem crafted with 1 angelite shard and 8 Perpal Ectoplasms)

-Added Tools/Weapons of Yore (4000 durability, much stronger than angelite but a lot harder to obtain)

-Added Fossil Ore (rare ore underground found between y:64-0)

-Added Berry fossil

-Added Weird Fruit fossil

-Added Staff Fragments (rare drop by fossils underground)

-Added Staff of Yore (incredibly rare, crafted by a gem of yore and 4 staff fragments)


Indev 0.4.1

-Fixed issue which caused ores not to drop xp

-Fixed Ancient Cloudian health bar issue


Indev 0.4.0

-Added Cloudian

-Added Ancient Cloudian (boss, drops angelite shards)

-Added Perpal Aircloud

-Added Perpal Aircloud Bricks

-Added Bouncy Aircloud

-Added Angelite Token (gives buffs, but can run out of durability, so use it wisely, made out of 1 angelite block and 8 perpal aircloud)

-Added Aircloud Fortresses (have a ton of mob spawners and the Ancient Cloudian Boss)


Indev 0.3.0

-Added Perpal Shark (has 70 health, deals 7 damage, drops 5 xp and food)

-Added Perpal Raw/Cooked Perpal Shark Meat (food, nutritional values are 3/8 respectively)

-Added Perpaland Deep Ocean (where the sharks rarely spawn)

-Added Artasian seeds/crops/flour/wheat/bread (bread has nutritional value of 6)

-Added Artasian Sandwitch/Blessed Artasian Sandwitch (have nutritional values of 9/16 respectively, the blessed one gives buffs, artasian sandwitch is crafted with 2 artasian bread and one cooked perpal wormfish, the blessed one needs 6 angelite shards)

-Added Perfarmland (unobtainable at the moment)

-Added Perpalian Hut (has small Artasian wheat farm, can be found in Plains)

-Added Perpalian Guard (protects villagers, is a neutral mob, has 60 health and is equipped with an olivine sword)

-Added Perpalian Fortress (has 3 Perpalians and 4 Guards Inside, can be found in Plains)

-Added Rhosium Fruit (nutritional value of 4)

-Added Rhosium Sapling/Log/Planks/Leaves/Tree

-Added Perpaland Forest

-Added Zolite ore/coins (have no use yet)

-Changed Olivine and Angelite armor textures

-Changed some other things too


Indev 0.2.0

-Added Angelite ore (very rare ore, can be found in every biome under y:16)

-Added Angelite tools/armor (tougher than Netherite)

-Added Perpalian (new Plains mob, the corresponding "villager" of the Perpaland Dimension, has 30 health)

-Added Perpal Sandsman (new Desert hostile mob, burns when it's day, hunts Perpalians, has 20 health and deals 4 damage. Can also drop perpsand)

-Added Perpal Wormfish (new passive Ocean mob, has 15 health, drops food)

-Added Raw/Cooked Perpal Wormfish (food, nutritional values and saturation are 2/6 and 0.2/1 respectively)

-Changed Perpal Ghost model

-Fixed Perpal Ghost name problem


Indev 0.1.0

-Added 3 new biomes: Ocean, Barrens, Desert

-Added Olivine ore/armor/tools/block/gem (stronger than stone, weaker than iron)

-Added Luminum ore/shard/block (the ore and the block can be used as light blocks, torches can be made out of this material as well, can also be used as fuel)

-Added Shiny Perprock/cobble/brick

-Added Perpal Ghost (weak hostile floating mob, does 10 damage, has 2 heath)

-Added Cotranite/smooth/brick

-Added Perpal Elemental (miniboss, has 160 health, deals 20 damage, does not take knockback)

-Added porsand/porsandstone

-Added Angelite shard/block

-Added Reinforced Angelite block (new portal frame block, cannot be crafted or broken)

-Added new portal structure

-Added Perpal Elemental Chamber (can be found underground on the Barrens biome)

-Removed old portal structure


Indev 0.0.0

-Added Perpaland Dimension

-Added Perpaland Plains Biome

-Added Porgrass

-Added Pordirt

-Added Perprock/cobble/brick

-Added Perpal Crystal Shard

-Added Perpal Crystal (Igniter for the Portal)

-Added Perpal Monolith (Hostile floating mob, does 10 damage, has 60 health)

-Added Diamond Portal Structure (Diamonds are a placeholder, will be replaced in a future update)