Gemstones and Voids

Published by Mayravixx on Tue, 11/03/2020 - 09:49
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Gemstones and Voids is a mod that includes armors and tools for materials such as Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire, however that's not all that lurks in this mod.

Long lost and forgotten, there now exists a dimension far below the void known as the Voidlands, where dangerous creatures and treasure await.


To enter, one cannot simply fall into the void from the Overworld, instead you must construct a portal made of Onyx blocks and igniting it with a Flint and Onyx (placeholder)


The mod is still very early in its infancy, I plan to add much more to it. I've already spent about 14 hours making it so far and to be perfectly honest, it's fun. I'm having a lot of fun doing this so stick around to see what new updates come out.

Modification files
gemstones_and_voids_v013.jar - v0.1.3 of Gemstones and Voids, the first uploaded version.Uploaded on: 11/03/2020 - 09:52   File size: 8.92 MB
GemsAndVoids014.jar - v0.1.4 of Gemstones and Voids, view changelogUploaded on: 11/19/2020 - 07:24   File size: 8.99 MB
GemsAndVoids015.jar - BUGFIX FOR 0.1.4!!! See changelogUploaded on: 11/19/2020 - 09:09   File size: 9 MB

Version 0.1.5 BUGFIX!!!

  • Fixed Ruined Towers not having any loot, this was my fault entirely as I had forgotten to reimport the structure.
  • Changed sky color to pure black
  • Added a mob that's currently being worked on called the Ghost, a passive mob that drops soul sand (placeholder) on death.


Version 0.1.4 Changelog

  • Added Amethyst Armor and Tools, along with their respective ore
  • Replaced Void Wood tools with Onyx
  • A new structure called the "Ruined Tower" will now spawn with random loot
  • Removed Void Water and replaced it with regular water
  • Added a new bow
  • Added Void Twine for new bow
  • Added Onyx Ore
  • Onyx Blocks will no longer spawn naturally
  • Fixed the Portal Igniter issue
  • Fixed advancements for Ruby and other gems not giving recipes
  • Added a new biome: The Void Highlands
  • Replaced regular stone with Void Stone in the Voidlands dimension

       Bear in mind: Amethyst will only spawn in the Voidlands dimension at Y=14.



  • Replace the Void Grass Block texture
  • Add new hostile and passive mobs
  • Add more gem types and various uses for them
  • New structures
  • Replace the Emerald Sword texture
  • Add new plants
  • Add saplings for void trees
  • Another new dimension maybe?
  • Add pylons to Ruined Towers
  • Find a way to implement ambient music and sound effects
  • Replace the Stalker death sound
  • Add animations to the Stalker and other mobs to come


Version 0.1.3 Changelog (first version)

  •  Added Emerald tools and armor
  • Added Ruby ore, block, gemstone, tools and armor
  • Added Sapphire ore, block, gemstone, tools and armor
  • Added The Stalker, a monster unique to the Voidlands
  • Added the Voidlands
  • Added the Creep Flower, a bio-luminescent plant unique to the Voidlands
  • Added void variants for wood and stone building materials
  • Added Void Wood tools


One thing I would like to add, for some reason the portal to the Voidlands won't activate with it's igniter if you right click the bottom block, it only seems to do it for the top.