The Heavens above mod

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Hello, this is my first ever mod, I am sorry if it is not as good as most other mods, this mod features:
- 3 new biomes
- 1 new dimension
- 22 new items/blocks
- 3 new mobs.

The new mobs are:
- The Duck
- The Devil Guard
- The Holy Guard

They all spawn in the Holy Lands dimension, but the ducks also can spawn in the Holyanitan Cliffs biome.

There is a new sword lurking among the new materials, waiting for the perfect being to create it:
- The Holyanite Sword of Legends.
It deals 11 damage per hit, making it quite the power-house.

Modification files
Heavens Above_0.jar - the mod itself.Uploaded on: 10/17/2020 - 21:01   File size: 348.23 KB