The Desolat

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- "Welcome To The Desolat Lands, Explorer!" -

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------About the mod:

The Desolat is a new dimension added in this mod with new building blocks! new features! 9 biomes! and 6 mobs!

the mod will not recieve any updates since something big is coming




added in V.1.1.1:

- added that you can make the mothrur walk

- mothrur controlability






- Desolat Grass Blocks - these blocks are the grass block in almost all biomes.

- Desolat Soil - this is the dirt block in the dimension.

- Desolat Stone - this is the stone block in the dimension and has allot of variants.

- Desolat Cobblestone - you get this block by breaking desolat stone, it has a mossy variant and you can make stone tools with it.

- Desolat Sandstone - the underground block in the desolat deserts and has a lot of variants.

- Desolat Sand - the sand block in the desolat deserts, cuctur trees grow on these

- Tyorite - a stone block that generates underground, it has a few variants.

- Blubosite -  a stone block that generates underground, it has a few variants.

- Desolat tuff  a stone block that generates underground, it also generates in the syphalium geode structure.

- Desolat Calcite - this block generates in the syphalium geode structure.

- Block Of Syphalium - a decorative block that generates in the syphalium geode structure.

- Syphalium Cluster - a crystal block that generates in the syphalium geode structure. 

- Desolat Stone Ores - these ores are currently in the desolat: scarabia, iron, emerald, coal, diamond.

- Hypheria wood - a new yellow orangeish  wood, includes all wood blocks except signs and a boat.

- Hypheria leaves - the leaves block of the hypheria tree, each forest biome has an other color

- Cuctur wood - a new lime yellowish wood, includes all wood blocks except signs and a boat.

- Cuctur Flower - a decorative plant that generates on top of the cuctur tree.

- Cuctur Sapling - the sapling for the cuctur tree.

- Darkwood Wood - a new new blue greenish wood, includes all wood blocks except signs and a boat.

- Darkwood leaves - the leaves block of the darkwood tree.

- Desolat Sandstone Ores - the old ores of the desolat, they generated back when desolat stone did not existed, they are still in The Desolat for nostalgia.

- Desolat Desert Sprouts -  small grass that generates in the desolat deserts.

- Desolat Dead Bush - a desolat version of the dead bush.

- Desolat Bush - a decorative block.

- Smurr Berry Bush - a bush that can be harvested to get smurr berries.

- Block Of Scarabia - a scarabia block.

- Desolat Portal Frame Block - the block you use to get to the desolat.





- Cuctur Sap - a food item that gives you speed 3.

- Totem of Loneliness - the igniter of the desolat portal.

- Scarabia - a gem that you get from the desolat stone scarabia ore, can be used to craft armor and tools.

- Scarabia Tools - tools made from scarabia, just as good as netherite, it has a little more durability.

- Gem Of The Desolat Lands - a special gem, that first belonged to The Sorcerer Of The Desolat Lands.

- Gem Of The Desolat Lands Shard - a special drop from the trollorc, 4 shards combined with a diamond block in a crafting table gives you the Gem Of The Desolat Lands.

- Staff Of The Sorcerer Of The Desolat Lands - a staff used to convert overworld blocks into desolat blocks, and also used to turn weak mobs into desolat stone.

- Sorcerer Of The Desolat Lands Tools - currently there are only a pickaxe and sword.

- smurr berries - a food item, used to tame fennec foxes.

- Sorcerers Wand - a wand that shoots fireballs.





- Desolat Desert - a desert biome with many creatures roaming around.

- Desolat Desert Hills - a hilly variant of the desolat desert.

- Soil Mountain - a mountain biome.

- Darkwood Forest - a dark forest biome with tall trees.

- Siro Forest - a yellow forest biome.

- Trica Forest - a blue forest biome.

- Yura Forest -  a light green forest biome.

- Faro Hills - a magenta hilly forest biome.

- Asha Wastelands - a ashed wastelands biome.


asha wastelands

Yura Forest

Trica Forest

Siro Forest

Desolat Desert

Faro Hills

Soil Mountain

Darkwood Forest



- Lurker - a scary creature with a slender body and long arms, it spawns at night and is super fast, it burns in daylight it attacks players and oroxs

- Walker - a friendly longleg creature that spawns commonly in the desolat desert, it can be ridden and be tamed with a cuctur flower.

- Mothrur - the queen of the desolat lands! it spawns commonly in the desolat desert, it can be ridden and be tamed with a desolat dead bush.

- Fennec Fox - this cutie is loved by Toma400, it spawns commonly in the desolat desert, it can be tamed with smurr berries.

- Trollorc -  a small mini boss that spawns rarely in the darkwood biome, when its day an it can see the sun it turns into stone, when its night again it turns back, it drops the Gem Of The Desolat Lands Shard.

- Orox - this buffalo like cow spawns in the siro forest at night, it drops raw beef and leather.



Fennec Fox




- Desolat Desert Pyramid - a dungeon like structure with good loot in it, generates in the desolat desert.

- Sorcerers Tower - the old tower of the now gone and disapeared, Sorcerer Of The Desolat Lands.

- Syphalium Geode - a geode structure that generates underground.

Syphalium Geode


 Join my discord for info about new updates!


 i might have forgotten some things in the description, if you need help, please comment 

and comment if you like the mod ^^




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Interesting atmosphere. Without pink biome it would be more coherent in style, but I really like the colours nevertheless! Especially Desolat Sandstone and Wasteland look cool :3

I just added compatibility with my mod and The Desolat :D would you like to have it expanded for wood variants? (I will make pillars, lamps and all such stuff from Desolat's wood available once both mods are installed)
Also, it would be great if you could bonemeal normal Desolat sandstone near Yura/Asha/Siro/Trica one, and it would become that second! These "grass" variants are beautiful and it would be nice to make more with bonemeal :3

Nice, thanks a lot for allowing me to do so! I also just added possibility to farm desolat sand using some items from my mod without need to destroy Desolat Wastelands, so when new update drops, it will get a lot of features supporting :D
And about your new mod - sure thing! Just let me know when it drops, and I will do these wood variants as well. I'm curious what you will add to your mods ^^

Best, mod series ever btw how do you make the portal work when you put redstone on it?

you need to go to trigger "redstone on" and then replace your unpowered block with your powered version of that block, then go to the trigger "redstone off" by your powered block and then replace your powered block with your unpowered block

Very nice mod I'm getting blue skies and atum 2 mod vibes

OMG! I cant to download it right now but I gonna when I can. THIS IS SO ATMOSPHERE! ALSO I (builder) VERY SATISFIED WITH TEXTURES! THEY ARE BETTER THEN MINE! U really pro mod-maker! Good luck wth development! ;)