Muddy Mod

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This mod makes use of mostly useless things like dirt, gravel, and cookies!

 + 25+ Interesting blocks

 + A dimension that's easy to get to early game with... interesting mobs... [Note: Mud Creep is deadly and destructive!]

 + 10+ Food Items

 + Useful plants and machines!

Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments!


Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files


 -Public Release

1.1.0 Let's Get Green Update

 +2 biomes for the Muddy Dimension! 

  +Spoog biome that grows Spoog Trees which can be used to make sponges!

  +Gollge biome that grows Gollge and Gollge Cores which can be used in gunpowder seasoned crackers!

 +2 mobs for the Gollge biome!

   +The Creatainturn, a hostile mob that has cobblestone arm that whack their enemies!

   +The Flatter that is very flat and very cute!

 +More Machines like the String Machine and Dirt crusher and factorys!

 +The gravel house structure that has a hidden bedrock tool that can remove and drop bedrock on a right click. [In survival!]

1.3.0 Unforgotten Update

 +2 biomes for the Muddy Dimension! 

  +Pasatele biome is a very weird place to be!

  +Special Desert with Cyan Cacti and new Bol Dre mobs everywhere!

 +9 new mobs!

  +Bol Dres, little rocks with attitude are gonna get you!

  +Bol Dre Piles which are on their own harmless, but the more they are hit, the more Bol Dres spawn!

  +Mud Man Villagers which can be found in Mud Man Villages!

  +Crazed Mud Man will kill anything in the Muddy Dimension! [Including You!}

  +Mud Hippos and Anteaters are... quite odd for animals.

  +Who knows what Cave Jerry is talking about...

  +Lutoious Extinctorus is extremely dangerous and can spread upon mud men!

  +2 Wip Mobs Mud Coin Mob and Sharp Block Walkers. Suggest what I should do with them!

 +2 Structures For the Muddy Dimension!

  +Mud Men Villages with a very, Very dumb Chief

  +Cave Jerry's house where Cave Jerrys Journal can be found... Please tell me what any of the Journal means...

 +Many Blocks and Items!

 +Muddy Achivements!

 ~I use my beautiful voice to make voice acting for Creatainturns and Flatters

 ~Jerrys now yell at you for trying to give him stuff he doesn't want!

 ~Creatainturn nerfed

Nice mod :)
Some of your textures don't line up well though. I'd also recommend either having them ALL 64x or ALL 16x. A mix of both doesn't look all that great :/