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Basic Materials

Additional Materials

This mod exists since Sep 26, 2019. Older versions you can find on CurseForge.


The mod was almost perfectly balanced in versions 2.1 and 2.7(3.4). Properties of weapons and tools in previous versions may be very different.

 [1.12.2] When launching the world created on versions before 2.1.1 with the mod version 2.1.1 and higher, be prepared for the all elements from the mod will disappear! (This is due to a typo fix in modid of Nonexistent+)

Next update(2.12/3.9):
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Mod reviews:

- Russian - (v2.1.1)
- Spanish - (v1.7)

  • In 1.3 update:

-Added enderium and netherium rods;

-Added netherium tools;

-Some crafts changed.

  • In 1.4 update:

-Added enderium tools.

  • In 1.5 update:

-Added Titanium ore, ingot, shard and sword;
-Added Ultimarium ingot and The Ultimarium Sword.

  • In 1.6 update:

-Added 10 new achievements;
-Added obsidian shard;
-Fixed some bugs;
-Updated Netherium and Titanium swords;
-Changed Titanium Ingot craft;
-Another little craft changes.

  • In 1.6.1 update:

-Fixed bug with distolium and kronolium ores generation in the world;
-Added obsidian craft using obsidian shards.

  • In 1.7 update:

- Added 2 new special swords - Thunderer and Omnivorous;
- Added 1 new achievement;
- Some crafts changed;
- The Ultimarium Sword damage fixed from 50 to 35.
- Added 3 new blocks.

  • In 1.8 update:

- Added the ultimarium and titanium tools;
- Added netherium and enderium-coated iron and golden swords;
- Added fuel function for netherium shards.

  • In 1.9 update:

- Added some new enderium and netherium-coated swords;
- Netherium-Coated Kronolium Sword - new special sword, named The Infernal Wrath. Have special ability that use netherium shard to teleport you to Nether(can teleport into the air or into blocks, be careful using it);
- Changed some swords properties;
- Added one new achievement.

  • In 1.10 update:

- Added 3 reinforced pickaxes;
- Bloodthirsty and Nightkiller - two new special swords, that have a great power of manipulating life and time;
- Added obsidian rod, some crafts changed;
- Added 2 new achievements.

  • In 1.10.1 update:

- Fixed some bugs.

  • In 2.0 update:

- Added 2 new reinforced pickaxes;
- Added 3 sets of armor;
- Netherium shard fuel function was fixed a bit;
- Added titanium rod, some crafts changed;
- Thunderer's special attack has been improved;
- Creative tabs has been sorted;
- Updated localization files.

  • In 2.1 update:

- Added new reinforced pickaxes: iron, gold, diamond, netherium and Ultimarium;
- 2 new achievements;
- Changed some crafting recipes;
- All tools and weapons have been balanced;
- Bug fixes;
- Changed the properties of some special swords;
- Added The Ultimarium Block;
- The properties of many items and blocks also have been changed;
- Added some features.

  • In 2.1.1 update:

-Fixed a typo in modid. Launching the old world with a new version, be prepared for the everything from the mod will disappear!;
-Fixed bloodthirsty special attack;
-Created a consistent achievement system;
-Other minor fixes.

  • In 2.2 update:

- Added some new enderium and netherium swords coated with other materials;
- The Ultimarium Star has been added. Its ability gives you a bunch of buffs;
- Now mod have tags for its materials;
- Added The Ultimarium Shard;
- 2 new achievements;
- New special sword - The Ethereal Ease which ability gives you speed boost and extinguish if you on fire;
- Some bugs fixed;
- Some new sounds.

  • In 2.3 update:

- Updated a lot of textures;
- Updated ability cost for special swords;
- Updated properties of some swords;
- Craft recipes changes;
- Bug fixes;
- Localization fixes / updates;
- Achievement changes;
- Block properties have been balanced;
- Added burn function for netherium tools and block.

  • In 2.4/3.1 update:

- Added Reinforced Emerald Pickaxe;
- (2.4) Fixed damage of tools;
- Added 1 new material: Astral Stone. Can be obtained from completing the achievements of the mod;
- Added astral tools;
- New special sword: "The Death Prisoner", which ability allows user to enter the Astral for 15 seconds;
- Titanium armor properties changed;
- One new achievement, some improvements;
- Reinforced pickaxes properties changes;
- Added mod translation to Spanish;
- Updated the localization files.

  • In 2.4.1/2.4.2 updates:

- Localization fixes;
- Tools properties fixes;
- Other small changes.

  • In 2.5/3.2 updates:

- (2.5) Astral Stone tag changed (stoneAstral);
- Added Enderium and Netherium armor sets;
- Added mod translation to Ukranian;
- Updated the localization files.

  • In 2.6/3.3 updates: 

- Changed damage of diamond swords;
- Added Obsidian-Coated swords;
- Mod translated to Italian and French;
- Updated the localization files.

  • In 2.6.1 update:

- Updated the localization files.

  • In 2.7/3.4 updates:

 - Changed special ability, now it trade 19 of your health for power-ups;
 - Added sound effects on ability using;
 - Achievement description changed.
 - Special ability cost increased from 5 to 15, cooldown increased from 5s to 15s, now strikes 3 lightbolts instead of 1;
 - Fixed texture of the sword;
 - Added sound effect on ability using;
Other swords changes:
 - 7 new Titanium-coated swords;
 - 9 new X-coated Titanium swords;
 - Slightly changed texture of Distolium sword;
 - Added new way to create any coated sword in existence;
 - The damage of all coated swords has been changed according to a new formula;
 - Damage of swords on 1.14.4 has been equalized with 1.12.2;
 - Added ignite on hit function on netherium-coated swords.
 - (1.12.2)Fixed bug with Nightkiller's achievement.
The Ultimarium:
 - The Ultimarium Star's ability cost and duration increased. Power-ups were buffed;
 - The Ultimarium Block's power-ups were increased;
 - The Reinforced Ultimarium Pickaxe after-creating buff duration increased from 15 seconds to 10 minutes;
 - The Ultimarium tools stats were incresed.
Other changes:
 - (1.12.2)Changed Enderium/Netherium pickaxes recipes;
 - (1.12.2)Damage of all axes degreased by 2;
 - The mod was ported to Minecraft 1.15.2;
 - Updated the localization files.

  • In 3.4.1 update(1.15.2):

- Fixed the bug with enderium not spawning or spawning very rare.

  • In 2.8/3.5 updates:

 - Added one new special sword - Strengthblessed. Its special ability gives you a boost in defense, but removes your mobility for 30 seconds. Cooldown - 1 minute after activation. Cost - 20 sword's durability;
 - Added one new achievement for Strenghblessed;
 - Added Retorium Crystal and 8 its versions - one for each special sword: 
1)Thundered (Thunderer), 
2)Infernal (Infernal Wrath), 
3)Cursed (Omnivorous),
4)Sanguinary (Bloodthirsty), 
5)Ethereal (Ethereal Ease), 
6)Midnight (Nightkiller), 
7)Astral (Death Prisoner),
8)Enduring (Strengthblessed);
Recipes of all special swords had been changed;
 - (1.14.4/1.15.2)Increased enderium ore spawn rate.

  • In The Ultimarium Update(2.9/3.6):

 - Added The Ultimarium Armor;
 - 6 new The X-Powered Ultimarium Swords;
 - Updated texture of The Ultimarium;
 - Added sound effect on Strengthblessed ability using;
 - Added 2 new achievements:
(22)Overlord - Equip the full set of The Ultimarium Armor;
(23)The Founding Titan - Create The Titanium-Powered Ultimarium Sword;
 - (1.14.4/1.15.2) Added achievement (21)Sword Demon - Get all achievements of Nonexistent+;
 - (1.12.2) Achievement (12)Sword Demon has been succesfully fixed and now can be obtained;
 - Durability of all armor in the mod has been increased;
 - Updated the localization files;
 - The mod was ported to Minecraft 1.16.5.

  • In 2.10/3.7 updates:

 - Added German localization;
 - Added Belarusian localization;
 - Other minor localization fixes;
 - Increased Distolium/Kronolium/Enderium ores spawn frequency;
 - Changed Titanium recipe, now it needs 4 obsidian blocks instead of 4 obsidian shards;
 - Added another way to create Titanium shard: now it can be created of 1 Enderium shard and 1 obsidian;
 - Changed Netherium/Enderium armor's helmet texture;
 - Animated textures of astral, cursed, thundered, midnight, sanguinary and ethereal retorium crystals were made more smoother;
 - Astral Stone no longer could be obtained by completeng achievement "Manipulating Time";
 - Minor bug fixes.

  • In 2.11/3.8 updates:

- Special swords changes:
   - Added special ability - summoning a wither skeleton. Cost - 15 sword's durability and a bone, cooldown - 15s, range - 50 blocks;
   - Added powered lighting strike. Happens on special attack in rain. Gives the player some boost and a new effect - Thor's Blessing. Costs 5 more sword's durability, cooldown is 3 more seconds. Has a double range;
   - Updated passive ability;
   - Added passive ability - gives you speed and night vision when it is full moon;
  Ethereal Ease:
   - Added passive ability - gives you speed and slow falling when in inventory;
  Infernal Wrath
   - Added passive ability - gives you fire resistance and strength when in inventory and you are in Nether;
- Added 3 new achievements:
- (A24)May the Force Be With You - Unlocks when you shot a powered lighting strike with Thunderer's special ability;
- (A25)Like a Werewolf - Unlocks when you receive a buff from the Nightkiller at the full moon;
- (A26)Magic Without Magic Wand - Unlocks when you summon a wither skeleton with Omnivorous' special ability;
- (A12/21)Sword Demon updated with new achievements;
- Added Astral Block;
- Added Reinforced Astral Pickaxe;
- Updated textures of Astral tools;
- Updated the localization files.

it's a little generic. i like enderium a lot (i think they should add a mineral/ore in the end), but "netherium" is already kind of a thing.

Love the mod! but maybe remove netherium and update it to 1.14, also, maybe change the end of the ores names to "ite" instead of "ium"

I see alot of "kinda generic" comments....
But "generic" mods are what can make a modpack great, they add more diversity to minecraft, more options. Not every mod needs to be super original and unique. This mod adds some cool new materials, swords, tools, and armor. With alot of my modpacks I have created for personal use, these are the kinds of mods I look for.
I love the swords, they look super cool.
Seriously, great mod!

cool!i love ender ores and i don't care if it is called a generic name so imma download!