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Published by Kotishe on Fri, 06/24/2022 - 17:43
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The Shopkeeper

Gold Coins

This project is not a continuation/rebirth of the old Dota Items Mod.
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Next update(1.2):
- Runes;
- Tom of Knowledge;
- ...                                                                                                                
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- English
- Russian

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[1.16.5]DotaItems-1.1.jarUploaded on: 07/27/2022 - 14:24   File size: 955.63 KB
[1.16.5]DotaItems-1.1MBE.jar - Minecraft-Balanced EditionUploaded on: 07/27/2022 - 14:24   File size: 955.29 KB

The Dota Items mod is here! After 2 months of development, I'm ready to present you the first version of the mod, containing:
- The Shopkeeper and his house where you can buy items added by this mod;
- Gold Coins(10/25/50/100) which you can use to buy items;
- Quelling Blade;
- Blight Stone;
- Mithril Hammer;
- Desolator;
- Broadsword;
- Bottle.
Every item added by this mod have a 3d model!

  • In 1.0.1 update:

- Fixed a bug with Corruption and Lesser Corruption not working properly;
- Updated Shopkeeper's GUI;
- Changed Corruption armor reduction value(from 6 to 4).

  • In 1.0.2 update:

- Updated Bottle model/texture;
- Updated the localization files.

  • In 1.1 update:

- 6 new items:
  - Consumables: Healing Salve;
  - Equipment: Claymore;
  - Miscellaneous: Ring Of Health, Void Stone;
  - Other: Battle Fury, Perseveranse;
- 7 new achievements:
  - Dota Items(Something from DotA Universe appeared in this world...);
  - Blood Money(Get your first Gold Coins);
  - Good Deal(Buy something from The Shopkeeper);
  - Did You Call The Doctor?(Use the Healing Salve on someone);
  - Now They Will Suffer!(Create the Desolator);
  - Farming Just Got Easier!(Create the Battle Fury);
  - Heaven's Wrath On You!(Kill The Shopkeeper);
- Fixed The Shopkeeper disappearing;
- The Shopkeeper is now susceptible to player damage;
- Added event on Shopkeeper's death;
- Mithril Hammer now identifies as pickaxe;
- Other minor fixes.