Demon Slayer Mod

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Demon Slayer is a show where Michael Jackson becomes a demon in feudal Japan. 

He Murders a random kids family for fun which leads that kid on a quest to kill Michael Jackson and avenge his family.


This Mod is in Very Early Alpha




-Nichirin Swords (Kills Demons)

-Demon Slayer NPCs

-Demon Slayer Level

-Demon Slayer Outfit


-Scarlet Ore

-New Blocks

-Dodge Button(Press X to Dodge)

-Talk to Demon Slayers to earn Tomes

Going into battle

Recommend to play with JEI

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Modification files
Demon-Slayer-Mod-0.0.6.jar - -Added Rui Boss Fight, Blue Spider Lily, Some New Textures and Revamped Sword CraftingUploaded on: 07/10/2022 - 23:32   File size: 2.79 MB
Demon-Slayer-Mod_0.0.7.jar - -Updated to 1.19.2Uploaded on: 11/06/2022 - 15:53   File size: 2.87 MB

Please remake it in 1.20.2 fabric or paper mc
Can I modify it for use as a plugins?
I want to make demon slayer server and my all mods are in fabric. so I want to use it with my fabric mod

how do i made an a particle attack swing like in the mod

how did you make the particle animations? I've been stuck for months

Would you mind telling me how you made the slash effects? (like how you make the point in a certain direction etc..)

I want to know how MCR makes such a particle (I can't speak English, so I use a translator)

please can you write how to make impact effects with particles

Thats really cool bro, keep going on this, i trust that's gonna be a GREAT mod! ^-^