Colony Survival MC Remake

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Recreates Colony Survival in Minecraft.

I recommend using JEI or NEI to find out the recipes (All of them are shapeless and some of them are different from the recipes used in the actual colony survival, for multiple reasons)

The mod is only the blocks and items of Colony Survival (and even then some blocks and items are still not implemented.) more blocks, items, crafting blocks, colonists, monsters, science, and more will be added in future updates.

Optionally you can use realistic lighting shaders to make it look more like the game.


Pipliz: (for Colony Survival It's blocks,textures, recipes, and ideas.)

Mojang: (For making Minecraft)

Vazkii: (For making Quark, the glass item frames were used to display items in the image showing everything added in the mod)

Modification files
Colony Survival Mod 1.12.2.jar - Colony Survival Mod Alpha 1 12.2.2Uploaded on: 11/07/2018 - 05:27   File size: 1023.75 KB

Alpha 1

- All Natural Blocks

- All Uncolored Blocks

- Most Items