The Games Galore Mod (Beta)

Published by Gamerxlx34 on Wed, 10/24/2018 - 12:13
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Explore many different games with the Games Galore mod!


The Games Galore mod adds many parts from your favourite video games all in one tiny package, allowing you to be even more creative in your worlds. Are you going to play with just Terraria weapons? How about Halo? It's your choice in this world.

All the different weapons and items will come out in waves, meaning new Game-Themed stuff won't come in one go. I'm starting with Terraria for wave one and you can expect a bit of Halo in the future. Overall, this mod is still work in process and will have a few balancing issues. Make sure you enjoy the mod and tell me if there are any problems!

NOTE: This mod is currently only available for 1.10.2. Sorry for any inconveniences. 

Modification files
GamesGalore.jar - Click to download 1.10.2 version!626.93 KB

Make sure to comment if you feel something needs to be added or you've found a glitch!

This may just be a slight oversight or maybe intentional for internal use, however there seems to be duplicate textures for select items, like the Copper Broadsword, Copper Pickaxe, as well as a small internal misspelling of the Silver Block (siliverblock.png) and a name for a texture that might give issues down the road, "Light'sBane.png". Following on what Rockstar has said, some textures do need to be re-worked, like the Corrupt Grass and Ore textures.

Just out of curiosity, why make a mod for 1.10? It has nothing to do with my overall review, just a random question. :)