Secure. Contain. Protect. in Minecraft

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Secure Contain Protect adds a lot of SCP Stuff in Minecraft, like SCP-096 (Technically works like a Enderman with 096's Sounds), Facility blocks and Intercom Button that plays musics or messages. This mod is based on SCP: Containment Breach, SCP: Secret Laboratory and SCP official site. This mod is in beta, there is a lot of bugs that will be removed later !

Modification files
SCPmod1.12.2-0.1.1b.jar - 0.1.1b Public Beta Release8.55 MB
SCPmod1.12.2-0.0.3b.jar - 0.0.3b Public Beta Release13.99 MB
SCPmod1.12.2-0.0.2b.jar - 0.0.2b Public Beta Release13.84 MB
SCPmod1.12.2-0.0.1b.jar - 0.0.1b Public Beta Release13.25 MB

First Version of the Mod (0.0.1b) adds :

  • SCPs, like SCP-173 (buggy) SCP-096 and SCP-049 with his zombies.
  • Construction Block like Floor blocks, Wall blocks and others...
  • Intercom Button that play messages and musics like the intercom in SCP: Secret Laboratory with not voice broadcasting.
  • Keycards.

Little Second Version of the Mod (0.0.2b) adds :

  •     New model for SCP-173, old biped model removed and model texture changed.
  •     Added new Intercom Button : Femurbreaker from SCP-106.
  •     Added Clear Intercom Button that execute automatically /stopsound for all players
  •     Added MTF and Chaos Helmets
  •     And some bugs resolved

A big Update of the Mod (0.0.3b) adds :

  • Fix bug from SCP-173 texture.
  • Added SCP Confinement/Containment Tool
  • Added SCP Influencer
  • Added more Construction Blocks for Medical Bay and Armury Bay
  • Added craft for some items and blocks
  • Fix name error for the "Chaos Insurgency Access Device" previously named "Urgency Access Device"
  • And some bugs resolved.

Warhead Globally Oriented Update (0.1.1b) adds :

  • Updated a bit the SCP Confinement/Containment Tool
  • Added Custom Intercom Button (Bugged with 'E' Key)
  • Added SCP-1699's Volcano block
  • Added SCP Dimension (Can crash your world !)
  • Warhead Controller added for enabling Warhead and, of course, Warhead Nuke
  • Added Screen Block for displaying Warhead State
  • Added Reset Warhead Command
  • Added About Command
  • Added a debug mode

Jesus, So many cobbled together SCP themed mods made with Mcreator.
This may be the death of the SCP modding scene for minecraft.
I better pump my mod out before it's too late.